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Will the World Disaster Come at the End of the Century as Prophesied by Nostradamus

Question:  Will the world disaster come, as prophesied by Nostradamus, at the end of the century in July 1999. If it occurs, how can we survive it?

Answer:  Understand that according to the prophecies, the three will come, the true White Brother and the two witnesses. Should they succeed in their missions, the destruction of the earth will not occur, but rather a rebuilding. Much destruction already has come and more will be seen. That final event you speak of, the heralding of the Second Coming, will be at the end of the century.

Would be difficult to date as July 1999, for the reason that many events occur. Understand that we speak of a great war as well as a celestial event. The date to look for the building of the new is May 5, 2001.

#9460, Given in Tokyo as a Public Source Reading

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