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Describe How to Distinguish a False Savior From an Authentic Savior

Question: We are told that in the near future, after worldwide disaster that a savior will come. What kind of person will that savior be? Please describe in a specific way, when will the savior appear and how to distinguish a false savior from an authentic savior.

Answer:  First, as relates to disasters or catastrophes which occur before the savior comes, we would have it seen in this manner, that there are three witnesses to His coming. Two of the witnesses or brothers, have come.  One symbolized by the swastika and the feminine side, and another symbolized by the sun .

And we must warn you here, that we will answer these questions on both symbolic and literal levels. So you must consider that there are also three individuals who will come.

Those which have already come and and to which we have referred are world events of the nature of destruction and catastrophe. The coming of the third witness also bears a relationship to a world war, and you will look for the signs in these ways.

That is, there is destruction on the Temple Mount and the beginning of reconstruction of a temple. And as there is a worldwide religious war, you will know that these events are upon you.

There will come two, then, who appear as saviors. This, then, will be the difficulty, to distinguish who is the world savior. During the time of this bloodshed or confusion, look for another event which will distract the attention of the entire world. This is a celestial event, the coming of a light from the sky. This event will be so great in magnitude as to distract the attention of the world from war and from fighting. It will give to all men common cause, greater than that which is the concern of the war. For it will seem to every man that the very existence of the Earth will be endangered.  This light, as it comes in the sky, will be brighter than that of the sun. Because of the magnitude, the sun will appear to turn black. It will be as if it had collapsed giving its power to that which comes.

Then two will stand, one drawing attention to himself as it he were a savior of the world. He will seem to have answers and means of protection. His approach will be one which will attempt to destroy the incoming object.

Then you will know the savior by the fact that his attention is turned to the individual. It will seem foolish to most that man will be invited to accept and to welcome the incoming light. But keep in mind the ancient prophecy of His coming. You are warned that when others say, "Lo, He is here. He is there," you will then know, it is not correct. For to point here or there is to point with-out yourself, outside the self.

As the true savior comes, He comes within you.

This does not mean that there will be no presence among you which can be identified. It means rather that your identification of Him will come from inner recognition rather than looking without to some other man. For He is the embodiment of the light which will come, and He will establish a new manner of living, a New Order of the ages.

And His manner will be one of living together in peace, harmony, not only with one another, but with the heavenly bodies on which you stand.

It would do well that you understand the nature of a space vehicle or space ship. For many will interpret the incoming light in that manner. It has been seen by some as standing as a great ship over Jerusalem.

For your better understanding of that you might call a space ship, think of the planet itself as a great ship. For that celestial body which comes will be similar in that manner. Not as if it were a craft, but as it were a celestial object, having more similarity to a meteor than that you think of as UFO.

This will be the coming of His light in the sky, and will bring the dawning of a New Age, a new Eden. The Earth will be renewed.

Look toward the building of the new temple as your most important sign of the coming of these events.

#9460, Given in Tokyo as a Public Source Reading

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation for the Paul Solomon Source Readings,  ,
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