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Relate the Growth of the Soul to the Growth of the Universe

Question: Please relate the growth of the soul to the growth of the Universe.

A. You should think of an individual on this planet as a cell, a single microscopic cell with the Earth, the planet itself being the smallest portion of a small gland in a great body. Even your solar system should be taken to relate to nothing more than a small organ within a much greater body.

The planets in their orbits, in relation to the Sun, might even be seen on such a small scale as the elements of an atom, a single atom in a great body. From that perspective, see that the body itself, that is greater than what you know as a Universe, the Universe of Universes, is a body which grows and which has initiations of its own.

As there are initiations in the growth of each soul, so the planet herself, has initiations. Thus all that happens upon this Earth is of relative insignificance to the growth of the entire Universe of Universes.

#9460, Given in Tokyo as a Public Source Reading

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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