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How Can I Be More Receptive to the Christ Presence

Question: In times of prayer, I feel a confidence that I feel at no other time. I feel this to be the blessing of the Presence of Christ, yet it is not always with me. How can I become more receptive to His Presence so that I may be instilled with His strength throughout my daily activities?

Answer: Yes, we have records, the witnesses and the consciousness of the soul in its purpose in manifesting this time in relationship with Universal Forces.

First understand that the presence of the Master is continuous with you and about you. It is the attention that is different. When your attention is diverted to other things, you are obviously less consciously aware of His Presence.  When your consciousness is turned to the enjoying of that Christ Presence apart from all other things during meditation or prayer, the Presence already there is magnified and enjoyed.

Now better than coming to use the Presence for moments of solitude and uplifting, better that you involve the presence in your daily activities. It is not so difficult. In putting together a meal, stirring or blending food, participate in that activity with the Christ.  Be aware of the Christ participation and it will make a difference in that you produce.

Then let that become a moving meditation in all of your activities.  Let your awareness entertain that Presence of the Christ again and again until the Presence becomes involved in all that you do.  Then the conversation, awareness of and with Him becomes a continuum, a part of the life that is real until you are able to be as aware of the Christ Presence during activity as during those times of silence and meditation. And receive that same energy at all times so that the diversion to other things is the rare experience, rather than during the entertainment of His Presence during meditation or prayer.

#961, 7/1/77, Given to a person attending the "40-days in the Wilderness Retreat"

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