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A Soul Changed by the Presence of Jesus

We would find that this one was a servant in a house of the one, Zebedee, who served even the Master at the Last Supper. Not that this meal were served, for it was taken and served by the Master and those who were at the Supper, the Apostles. But this was one of those who brought those pitchers and service articles that prepared the room set so lovingly by the family of Zebedee. This one, then, was at the entrance of the Upper Room and saw the Master. This one, as would be remembered, was a Zealot in that lifetime. And in that particular day, there might be the reference to that which would be the persuasion there, as extreme right wing. Or, that is, that this one was a protector of the law, that which would be the following of the letter of the law, the insisting on the following of the very difficult disciplines as given in the sacred scriptures.

This was one of those, then, who applied much energy and tried hard. And in the trying hard, under direct application of the letter of the law, lost the ability to simply relax and be. That which comes as karmic implication in this lifetime, that there is so little ability to let the self relax, to turn loose of the letter of the law or that that would be the instructions. This one would need to follow a set of rules or instructions as were given in that day. But on the seeing of the Master, there was stirred within the heart the realization that this man is more than man. For He has overcome that which is man. And there was almost the worshipful attitude that was built up in the heart at this moment. And then the rejection again, and the anger within the self, the condemning of self for falling away from such close attention to the law. Then there was tension. There was confusion, even in that lifetime over the coming to serve the Master.

Then we would see this one observe the crucifixion even from afar off, and in that moment came the realization of knowing the Master, of accepting those disciplines of the Master. And we see the heart of this one, even in that moment, about to burst. And there was the giving of self, in that lifetime, as an herald, as an evangelist. Not that this one would be recorded or known, but this was one who stirred the hearts of those in the early church in Jerusalem.  Was one of those impulsive young speakers that stirred others to action for Christ in those times when there was much disturbance there and there was the scattering abroad of those who were in Jerusalem.

Now those energies have been inherited and are within this one in this day, and there is the inherent ability; there is almost the instinct to be the preacher in this lifetime. And there should be the curbing of the overflowing, or the effervescence of the telling of these things as they come as realizations in the heart. That there would not be the stirring actively of that which would be excitement in these things, but the restful attitude, the turning inward. Learn meditation. This would be the cardinal teaching for this one. Learn meditation. Learn to turn inward, and remember Him as He was, even there. That look that thou didst see in His face on the Cross, as the eyes were seen, as the attitude was seen, as there was the overwhelming feeling within this heart of truth being revealed, even in that day.

Now see that which has been given and learn prayer and meditation. Understand Him who was the Christ. Understand the abilities to relax, to be alone, to turn within, and see self as able to give comfort to others. For one who was so close to the Master, and even shared the vibrations of His auric field, could not help in all incarnations, in all lifetimes, to carry some of that strength that was His and that memory of His Presence. And you could give even His comfort to those who would be about.

Now see self as containing this inherent ability. And as there is the seeking within to attune to His vibration, to recall the memory of His Presence, to depend on Him who knew thee in that day, to know thee and work through thee in this day, He will not fail to comfort those on whom you would lay your hand or give the care of your heart. Give your attention then to those who would need attention and comfort from self and be His servant in this manner. And will He not share with thee even the blessings of that day.

We are through for now.

Reading #104, 1/3/73

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