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A Technique to Create Better Focus in Meditation
and Quiet an Active Mind

The purpose of this lifetime would be the centering of the activity, the bringing together of the scattered energies of the many interests of this one. And we would find this being available to this one in this manner: That there would be a period, at least three times daily, when there would be the quieting of self.

Now there would be the need for a physical object on which to fasten the attention for this particular one. The flame of a candle would be sufficient, or a particular spot where the attention would be focused. But focus the mind as well on.that which is the intent, the ideal, the purpose of the soul. Fasten the mind on a particular thought, a particular growth process, a particular direction. Be aware of who I am, that is, the self. Be aware of the God-self within. Be aware of the Christ, the Christ-consciousness, that which you develop toward. Be aware of your purpose.

As you would center the focus of the eyes on the object of attention, focus the mind as well on the intent, the ideal of the soul. As you focus the self and interests of the soul on soul growth and the unfoldment within Christ,  still all that is about the body and within the body. Cause those body processes to become slower and as there is the rest and peace within, as there is the centered focus, the eyes may fall closed, though this is not necessary or important for this particular one. For there need be a centering of all that is and bringing into alignment those bodies that would be the centering of interest of attention for this one, that there might be following a single line.

Now see that you study those materials for spiritual growth, particularly in Scriptures to find that which may be learned about that particular Master, Christ, rather than finding the various disciplines of soul development and studying the many different doctrine, . And there may be taken the many different translations of your Scripture, but as these are taken search for the truth within.  As you would direct the attention within that focal point while in meditation, as you would direct the soul to that which is Truth within, call that point Truth and verify. Affirm that this is the focal point on which you would concentrate all attention, the seeking, the desiring of Truth.

We would find, then, that these would be the important lessons for this one in this lifetime. The learning of ability to relax is very important for this one. For there is the tendency towards tension inside and hyperactivity. For this one, a constant need to go here or there to find those things on which to focus the attention. The ability to relax, then, need be developed. The ability to turn within, to quiet the self.

We would find, then, these things being the purpose of this lifetime. The ability to relax, the ability to center, to focus the attention, the ability to turn within and realize the true self.  Realize that all those interests that are so widely scattered, and with which the sharp mind would deal so well, lead always back to that one central focal point. And in this focal point is rest. In this focal point is peace. This is that which must be found. Not that a career would be given from this source. For it is not the purpose that we would come for this particular one to say this or that is the career that should be the concentration of this lifetime. For this will be found through the centering of attention.

Reading #104, 1/3/73

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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