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More on the Age of Aquarius

You stand on the brink of the dawning of the day you have called Aquarius, the day having been described by the ancients as a period of time of peace, the heavenly peaceful kingdom in which the lion will lie down with the lamb, and there will be no more war. All men shall know peace, a peace that passeth understanding.

Know that, as surely as the men of God have completed their trials and come through great tribulations, in the dark night of the soul and the period of crucifixion, so this ball of Earth herself, a living being in relation to God, enters now into her travail. The time of labor in the womb has begun.  The process of birth has begun. Blessed are ye who live through these times of the groaning of this Earth in bringing forth her seed. 

Can you not realize that these changes of which you have spoken, the ripping asunder of the surface of the earth, will deliver a birth? Did He not say, "I will come again as you've seen me go." And He came in the womb of a virgin. But this time, the macrocosm becomes the giver of the birth, as the microcosm did in that day. As Mother Mary brought forth her first-born child and laid Him in a manger, so this Earth on which you live will bring forth that Presence that is Christ Consciousness as a result of the period of labor. And you shall see that you've looked for, that men have talked about: His light in the sky, His coming.

The hardships, the travail, the shortage of food, the concern for money, all these things as they enter upon you, will come little by little, a bit at a time, so that men may scoff and scorn. And as you begin to build your community, saying, "We are building for a time of collapse," you will feel like the man described as Noah, who stood building his ark as men laughed and jeered and pointed the finger. And will you have the faith of Noah? Will it not be easier for you to build the temple, the tabernacle in the wilderness, after the troubles have started? But then, how much will you accomplish?

Enter this period, this Divine Plan, in this manner: saying that, without regard to shortage of food or money, without regard to the changes in the surface of the earth, with regard only to the choice for attunement to the Divine, "We will remove ourselves from these places of false value and the
expression of false value. And we will turn our time and attention to the things that are of great value. And we will love one another. Rather than accumulating that we can draw to ourselves, and own, and spend, and be possessed by, we will rather give, give, give to one another."

Know that one selfish choice will remove all that is the glory of God.    The eye must be single. The purpose must not be for adventure, for self in any way, but singly focused upon becoming one with God. The purpose must not be the fear of earth changes, or getting yourselves apart for fear of collapse of this or that or the other. The purpose must be a single setting apart to become one with all that God is.

There will come a period both of development and destruction. That which is of little value will be torn apart, ripped asunder, burned, will suffer.  And those who care about such things and are fastened to them, must need suffer with them, for it is natural that they would do so. For that their
hearts are attached to, they will cling to with their minds. Now, at the same time, it is a period of cleansing. And the changes come for the cleansing.  The changes come for the establishment of strength. Let the people who are aware of His Presence, His face, His name, stand strong.

As the changes are upon you, men all over this earth will seek His face as never before, for there stands not a single one on this Earth who hasn't heard. All men alive in this day have been touched by His message, in one time or another in the cycles of return. All that they might know of God and Christ is now written on the tablets of their hearts.

As His Light becomes seen in the sky, as the Earth begins to groan in travail, men will cry out in great numbers. Those who are enlightened will speak of these things, and God will give them utterance. You will see prophets as this Earth has never seen before. The mouths of men will be
opened and from their lips will fall, will tumble, great truths. The manner of expression, the beauty of expression, the life within the words, the opening to Divine understanding, will be great in this time among the prophets.

It is a part of the Plan that His people, called by His name, should set themselves apart, turn from all other things, and focus the consciousness upon knowing Him so personally that He would come with the touch even to the raising of the dead. Know that as you set yourselves apart to study and understand these things, establishing a community of people, establishing a retreat, a place where these might come for healing and attunement, and establishing the School of the Mysteries, the School of the Prophets, so you will cause to happen in this day all those things you've called miracles that happened in that. Men shall call you Therapeutae. Be used then in His name.

Begin concerning yourself with the manner in which you will be fed and you will feed one another. Take care concerning these things, yet let them not take precedence among you. Take care most that you learn to listen and know His Divine Will, far beyond the words of this channel or any other. Lift the consciousness until all of you are channels.

The Divine Plan is one of preparing in these last days to separate yourselves from all that is of lesser consciousness, focusing the mind and the eye on those qualities that will last through eternity, and wanting nothing else, accepting only that, until you become only that.

You have at hand all that is needed for building a community of those who've set aside all other things and who look to learning how to live from the land. The land is impregnated by the Presence of God, and the challenge is to become masters over it, causing the land and nature to respond to your presence, your wish, your touch.

Let there be a hospital, but more than just that, a place where those might come for attunement of all levels of self, for treatment in manners that will lift the soul as well as the body. And let there be a school, hidden, apart, untouched by those uninitiated, a cloistered place of those who set themselves apart for all hours of every day to be attuned solely to the message of the Master, until such message be established to the point of channeling, teaching, becoming the prophets, the School of the Prophets itself, like unto Carmel.

Know that when that school is set apart on sacred ground by those who will give their lives as surely as to spill their blood, all their lives, to His teachings, when that school is established, and those words are spoken of the dedication of that place, that hallowed ground, surely know that that one who established that school, Elijah himself, will return and will touch that place and walk among those who give their lives without reservation as a living sacrifice. And John will come to Elijah, just as surely as he did in that day. John will be drawn to that blessed place. And blessing it, he will invoke in that place the Divine Presence of the Master of Masters. And so, that place of the mysteries will be alive with the Presence of the One whom John saw and touched in that day.

Peter will be drawn there and will walk among you. Matthew will stand in that place and teach. Nathaniel will grow to touch those ones with his presence. Philip will be drawn from across the water. Thomas will bless the work and the Order. Holy women, as they were called in that time, will be drawn to you. And the place will be known for its reputation of healers, prophets, Therapeutae.

Yet this place will not be touched, will not be desecrated by those not dedicated in sacrifice. For it will be set apart, not avoiding the Earth or the masses, but as the Heart of Hearts, the Holy of Holies. Such a relationship will it bear to the remainder of the community there. And it will continue until a man walks forth from that place doing all things that ever the Master did, and greater.

Then it shall dawn, a new day, a kingdom of peace, living first in the hearts of the believers. Those from that sacred mountain will go walking forth into the world, a world that will have felt the pains, the sorrow and hunger, the fear and darkness. These will go out and will heal the land. And the light will be the light of beauty. The sons and daughters of God will rejoice. The morning stars will sing together. As if a new creation, the earth will be born again. His Light will be seen in the sky. His message will be carried to all men of all nations. There will be established a New Heaven and a New Earth.

Paul Solomon Source Reading #854GdR July 23, 1976

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation for the Paul Solomon Source Readings,  ,
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2000, Daniel Emmanuel/
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