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A Sleeping Man
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"John Peniel -
Part 1"

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Source Readings 0101, 12/21/72  & 0850
, 4/4/76

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#0101 - Question: Is there a great spiritual leader, age l4, born in Jerusalem on this plane named John Peniel?

Source: John, the Beloved, lives, and is this day on your plane. That which would identify him would not be given at this time.  For he will present himself to you at such time as is expedient, both for his welfare and for yours. Seek that you prepare yourself. Be worthy of such visitation.

#0850 - QUESTION: When will the work of John Peniel become recognized? How and when will the work of John Peniel manifest itself in the United States? Where will his work centralize in the United States?

Source: Now, the one of whom it is spoken . . . is already on your plane and in the East.  (He) has already attracted some attention to himself by proclaiming, as a child, that he was and is the return of David, once king of Israel.

The son of a teacher . . . has spoken of the poetry of the ancients,  has astounded those who have seen him already with his proclamation of self as a teacher. In that sense (he is) already discovered.

You'll hear of his work first in the East, not speaking so much of the work of the Christian, for he is a Hebrew of the Hebrews. For it is said among the prophets, "I will send one for the remnant of Israel, for those who have not believed that in the latter day they might be brought." And so he will appear among them as one of their own, but will establish an understanding of the ministry of the Son of God in a new and acceptable manner to those.

Not that there is a new word or new message, but a greater understanding might be brought. He will come then to this land as a teacher . . . and (people) will marvel at his words. He will be called John. The last name is not by birth Peniel, but that name adopted for its meaning "where I met Him face to face." And (he) will use that name in the ministry and will be known of men not because of his use of the name, but because of his teaching and his work among men.

(He) will appear at a time of great fear, of great frustration, great confusion, particularly because of the dangers of the politics of those who will have rallied the many, mixing, as it were, religion and politics in this time.

Then he is known already among you. His work will be established. . . . Look unto him, for this is the one of whom it was written, "He will come."

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation

Topic Posted 5/14/98

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