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Skin Rash Due from a Lack of Self Expression

Question:   Please give guidance for the cause and remedy of my allergies in which my skin breaks out in a rash.

ANSWER:  Yes, let us point to two things here in the mind and in the body. 

First, there is a sense of frustration from denying the expression of  your ideas to others.  There is a tendency to repress your own power and ability.  There is a tendency to be quiet when you may have information that might be of benefit to others.

At the same time, when you are among other people you consider powerful, you become quiet.   These are the times the skin rash occurs because you feel you are being denied the power of expression due to a sense of being poorly compared to these others.  Let this go, discover your own ability to share that which you know, that which you have been given, that which you have studied.  Speak of yourself, your personal discoveries and what they have brought to your personal growth.

Don't always be afraid to share your teachings with others.  Speak of that which has been inspiring to you and why.  Speak even of yourself, for you are your own best illustration of that you have to give.   And it is through that experience of self that you know the efficacy of what you have discovered and been exposed to.

In addition, let's take a look at what can be done for the body.  The skin rash comes directly from a build-up, or an overload, in the kidneys.  The lack of the expression of power causes a holding within the kidney that affects the eliminations and the skin attempts to take on the function of the kidney causing the rash.

It is well that the kidney be flushed.  This can be assisted with lemon water, or with watermelon seed tea.  Brew the cracked, dried seeds of watermelon into a tea.  It will flush and assist to cleanse in this way.

It is helpful to take a supplement of alfalfa, or parsley, concentrated in the diet over a period of a year.  This will expose the histamine system to that it reacts to in allergic response and build the strength of the immune system in the body.  This is only a homeopathic remedy for the body.  The greater concern, or challenge, is to be willing to speak that which is in the heart, giving to others, whether it is healing, teaching, organization, inspiration, or encouragement.

It is too easy for those who have a nature of introversion, of listening, of being quiet, to be inspired and led by others when there is much ability within them for leadership and teaching.  There is sufficient self-confidence within you, but insufficient self-expression.

Become a channel for that you know and have discovered.  Begin to teach, and only through the teaching, through expression of that you have already discovered will you be open to discover far, far more.

Reading 9278, 7/16/88

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