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The Ultimate Religion

We would describe the vision you have seen as the vision of the development of a global consciousness.  There have been different periods in the development of your planet.  The development of mankind's mind and spirit have taken quantum steps in the evolution of the mind in its relationship to body and spirit.  In these steps individuals have become self-aware.  In becoming self-aware there is an eventual result of breakdown of the tribal instinct, or herding, to individuality, and the swinging back again when this has reached an extreme. You come only now to the point where the swinging back again to a tribal instinct begins and yet it must be taken to a new and higher level.

There have been periods as the mind was opened to art, medicine, philosophy, science, and such. There were the development of the powers of the mind, both involution and evolution has occurred. You come to a time now when the literal salvation of man and the planet is to take a step in thinking which reaches beyond the brain-mind, the individually contained mind.  For the challenges which are before you on this planet are too great for the comprehension of the bicameral brain.

When there is that arc of electricity, energy, or light from one hemisphere of the brain to the other, there will be produced a cap of light, and an enlightened mind will rest upon the crown.  There will be a knowing that is born of Spirit, or Universal consciousness, or the Superconscious.  There will be a Spirit of awareness, the attunement to the Source.  All these are the same.  This was described by the ancients as enlightenment, or Christ consciousness.  The leaders of your groups, your nation, of the planet itself, must be of enlightened beings  to simply comprehend the challenges which are before you.

The manners, the means and the techniques for the lifting of the consciousness to form such a crown of light have often been written about in the various cultures and schools through time.  Yet to understand it would require searching many, many teachings concerning this arousal of consciousness.  And it is not sufficient to seek through one or another of the ancient traditions, but the understanding of each one adds a bit of recognition, comprehension, to the techniques of the other.

Yet, it is not set before you to search all these techniques and practices, teachings and such, for this has been done.  Then they must be digested and you must see for the self a means of communicating these in ways that those about can understand.  And we would turn you toward these Sources [the Paul Solomon Readings] for your own comprehension.  Not that they are ultimate understanding, but a basis, a stimulus through which your understanding might well come and develop.

First to that channeled work, The Course in Miracles, it would do well that you spend time with it. Inner Light Consciousness should be considered as a way to take many of the concepts with which you are familiar to another step into the spiritual dimension .  Much of that channeled by Cayce will add to the comprehension of enlightenment, or the spiritual dimension of the mind, and should be absorbed as well.

Having absorbed these along with the teachings of the many from the different cultures, civilizations, places and times, you will begin to reach beyond the result mind.  You will begin to tap and connect with the Source mind, the Source of the brain- mind, the Universal Superconscious, which contains in its memory the Akashic records from which we read.

Now this time of absorption and putting together is a first step.  You then need to bring an advanced study to those who remain hungry.  Then bring these advanced studies to those of your nation heavily influenced by religion.  It is still possible to teach of higher consciousness even with references and quotations from Jesus the Christ and from others, and to point out effectively and repeatedly that these are not in conflict with any truth of any religion.  But the knowing of the truth and the communication with the Source will add to the depth and the effectiveness of any man’s religion.

The ultimate religion is to understand that the Child, the one Child that God ever had, was that Force of Light that you call Love, which brings to all men who feed upon it peace, contentment, and healing.  And its opposite force is fear, which is expressed through worry and concern.  Fear breaks down the body and spirit, and is destructive. 

These, then, references to good and evil, or Christ and Satan, are timely.  It is the time when those can begin to understand that Love personified is the Christ.  This is the Child that God gave birth to, and can be known as a friend, a companion, and a personal Source.  In the personal communication with living Love, there can be developed the perfect relationship with God and the crowning of the self with God Consciousness.

In doing so, you will introduce much that is of healing and can very well be a Source of healing.  Not so much with the hands, for the mind is far developed in the ability to see and to hold the image of an individual to cause a change in the very chemistry of the body being visualized.  This ability should be practiced by focusing, attuning to an individual needing assistance. See in the body to understand the conditions and to begin to cause the body to respond in specific ways according to guidance within you by listening and using the mind to cause the results.  The only requirement is the person receiving the healing be receptive and allow themselves to be loved, to be cared for.  It can be one to one directly, or at a distance.  This can and should be taught to others.

Come to identify that Source as well as you can.  Many have the difficulty in understanding the nature of God as pure Love without fear, but instead think in terms of an all-powerful, all-manipulative God.

This effectively understood is the best means for understanding the nature of God, and coming to know that personified Love.  One knows not just a concept, an energy, but a living Being, Love alive.  Thinking with the mind of Love will transform the mind of man.  Bring together the bicameral halves of the brain and allow for the whole mind to function in contact with its Source.

Reading 9278, 7/16/88

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation for the Paul Solomon Source Readings,  ,
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Wisdom of Solomon

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