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Who is the Paul Solomon Source?

Question: Who is the Source and by what authority does it speak.

Answer:  Now in this particular situation, and for those particular questions that you bring,  there is much co-operation on inner planes.  There is not the identification of a particular person because as self is lifted to higher planes and becomes highly evolved spiritually, it becomes one with the Higher Selves.  Therefore there is a co-operation, so the information known to one mind is known to all minds.

There is a sharing, there is a linking between minds to bring this information back to these levels on which you speak.  There will be nothing brought here that would not already be known in the Higher Self of the seeker, were the seeker able to tap this knowledge.

This is to say that all knowledge that would be brought through your Higher Self is available as well to all others.  That all knowledge is available to Higher Self if there is found the means for reaching the spiritual plane for interpreting these records.

We would say then, that the akashic records is not an entity, or entities.  It is not an identifiable personality or person.   It is that which is written on the record of the Soul.  It is then being translated in the higher mind of this channel, then retranslated in the super conscious of this channel to be programmed into the muscles of this channel's body that would speak. 

This is a complicated sequence of events in which there is translation of symbol, meaning and idea that is attempted to be put into your words.  There is much metaphor.  There is much symbology. There is much that need not be taken literally.   These come as ideas, as impressions, as catalyst to awaken in your own heart that which needs to be brought down from your Higher Self to you.

You should turn within yourself to try to listen to the Higher Self interpretation that would come from within you through this Source.  However faulty these words may be, they speak the realization that will be born in your own heart if you are attuned to that which you seek. 

The seeker then is responsible for the quality of the information.  This channel's body and mind, which operates before you, is only the tool to bring that which is needed for your own growth.

Reading 264, 1973

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation for the Paul Solomon Source Readings,  ,
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1999, Daniel Emmanuel/
Wisdom of Solomon

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