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Obtaining Faith

Question: How do I obtain faith?

Answer: You already have faith—much faith. You will not meet one who needs greater faith than you. It is rather a matter of where your faith and your confidence are placed, for what you have faith in will manifest.

Those who, for example, express their faith that this world is terrible and getting worse will experience the result of that faith and the confidence that they have placed in evil and fear.

All have faith—faith enough to create that which they image. You have faith, and you have courage. Place that faith in a newer, better, loving brighter world. Your faith will allow you to experience that you place your faith in—that which you have not yet seen with the physical eye, but that you know is before you—the greater, brighter, shining world.

You must also have faith in yourself to correct, to build, to teach, to heal. How will you have faith in yourself? Faith is always the result of that you care about, what you are fascinated with, what you believe in.

Faith in evil is the expression of fear. Faith in the good in yourself is an expression of self-love, self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence. On this foundation God will build his school, his expression, his collection of individuals. Have faith in yourself as a vessel, an instrument through which God can express. Believe that. Have confidence in it, without a shadow of a doubt. Then you will have all that is necessary to give to those about you—to heal, to teach, to lift, to build. Be the builder of a place in which Light shines, and then go forth to all the world.

You will be able to help those you care about. Your caring about them need not take the form of worry, but quite its opposite. Demonstrate confidence that they will overcome. This is your means for lifting all to a higher level of consciousness, especially the children who have come through you into this world. You have been a channel for their life. Now, they look back to you. They see the struggles you have had, and the successes as well. They see the fears and the worries you have had, but also the new life within you as you grow before them. As you begin to experience life as a joyous, happy, secure experience, they will be reassured.

Be their inspiration. You can only accomplish this by having faith in yourself, your Source, and the ability of your Source to speak to you and through you.

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