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Creating Supportive Relationships

Answer: The greatest challenges have been in relationships—to be able to support another without competition or fear of rejection, but filled with love and confidence.

Become one who is ever joyous, experiencing and expressing life as a joyous experience. Not a dismal world that so many have described as a "rat race." Do not perceive it that way, lest you create that.

As you experience and express this life and this world as a place that is supportive, joyous, not a place to be feared, the change in your consciousness and your relationship with life will become an example to others. Do not let your children see you worried and concerned, whether financially, or in relationships, or in health, or in any other way. As you experience life as an adventure, filled with joy rather than threat, filled with experience and excitement rather than fear, you demonstrate your confidence, your security, your trust and your faith to those young ones who have seen you as a pillar and a cornerstone of their lives.

Demonstrate to those younger than you—younger in chronological age or younger in awareness—that your Source is always there, that your creator is the Source of your prosperity and not competition with other people. It is not competition that brings prosperity, but rather, it is creation that brings prosperity. You need not take from another to make prosperity or abundance for yourself. Be creative rather than competitive, rather than taking. Competition has never been a foundation of the economic system, whether of capitalism, or communism, or another. Competition is not the cornerstone, in athletics or in business. You need not take from another, or make another’s bounty less, so that yours be more.

Yet, if you internalize the stress of those living in a competitive world, as a response to that, as an expression of your fear, you will worry. And when you say to those who are younger, "The Source of life is there for you, it will heal you, it will provide for your prosperity, it is the Source of comfort to you," your words will become empty, if they see your worry, concern and fear.

Who must you help? It must be all those who come into your sphere of existence. You must look toward all those you become aware of, without limitation, without exclusion. Whoever comes into your sphere of existence, these are to be influenced by you. And you will be influenced by them.

You must see yourself as a column, a cornerstone, a pillar for others. Not dependent upon them, but dependent only on your Source of prosperity. With this assurance, this concrete awareness of the Source of life and prosperity, your actions, your security, your joy of life, your peace—all this will help and will teach those you have come here to help and to serve.

Seek first in your life the establishment of the kingdom of peace, and all these other things will be added to you. That is to say, seek first healing, wisdom, right thinking and right living. Heal yourself first. Depend upon yourself and your Source first.

Then, those who need your help will come to you. They will be drawn as to a magnet. All those who come need help. That is who you must help—with healing, with helping, with preparing a school, not just for a few to gather on a mountaintop. Rather, cast your confidence and truth to the entire world.

Is the task too great? It has been said by the Master, "All the things I have done you can do and greater." How can one do greater than the Master of Masters? Only by broadcasting truth, by teaching strength and truth to the entire world, without the geographic limitation He experienced. In this time, you may broadcast the message to the masses, the message that is for the masses.

Help those who come without limitation. Do not decide that this segment of the world or this group is who I will help. Help those who come into your sphere of influence. If you become aware, offer them your hand, your guidance, your light.

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