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Reconciling the Different Religious Doctrines

Question: Members of my family are believers in accordance with Baptist and Methodist doctrines and dogma. They believe my search outside of organized religion borders on heresy. How do I reconcile this?

Answer: By speaking of it not at all. By becoming that which you have faith in, by becoming strong and joyous. By becoming one who is obviously at peace with self and Source. By becoming such a pillar of strength and confidence, and very relaxed in peace and security, that they will wonder what manner of powers created this. If you are such an example, you don’t need words. Just be who you are, and do not try to convince them.

They cling to dogma and tradition, and are afraid to turn loose. Yet they cling to fear and guilt itself, which are the expressions of destruction.

Do not try to convince them. Do not argue. Be.

What they see, they will inquire about. Answer only as much as they are prepared to receive. Do not preach. Do not argue. Do not be concerned with their fears for you.

You are not conformed to this world, when you have chosen a different set of values. Understand this, as written, "Be not conformed to this world. Be not like they are. Be different. As you are not conformed, yet be you transformed by renewing of your mind that you may prove what is the good and perfect will of God." It is written in the Epistles of Paul. "Be ye not conformed to this world, to their religion, but be ye transformed." And how? By changing your mind—by proving the good, the perfect mind and will of your Source.

As they see, so will they as well change the mind. Renewal of the mind. But do not struggle. Do not fight. Allow it to happen.

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