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Several Excerpts About Soul Mates

Concerning a twin soul, sometimes called a soul mate, we would describe it in this manner. In the early manifestation of souls in this plane, androgynous souls often split into two beings of opposite gender. These often became twin souls with an affinity for one another, and a tendency to look after one another in soul growth, evolution, and development. However, it should not be thought that a twin soul is meant to be a life mate or a soul mate, in this sense, as it is commonly used.

Rather each soul completes self, not by joining again with the soul mate, but by joining with Source and becoming whole in self. Though twin souls can often choose to influence and assist one another in that soul development to the advantage of both. So your soul mate is about you in this time as a guiding presence, an influence, an assistance, and help.

However, this soul is not meant to be born to you as a child in this time, although that could have happened. The Lords of Karma consider that that would not have been best for either soul. Thus, at the time of reentry into this plane an agreement was made between these two souls to maintain a relationship in which both could grow from the experience of the incarnated soul mate, whose records we examine now. Both could benefit from the experience and learn.

Reading 9411, 8/14/91


The term soul mate is not so appropriate here in the relationship. Life partner would be a better term. The soul mates for each of you is in the inter-between, or the beyond, and would be best known through the Higher Self.

You even came in this time considering that the joining together with a life mate might hamper your freedom to accomplish all that you came to accomplish in this time. Yet it need not be so. You must only remember that you and the helpmate must be totally committed to that you must do in building the Word and carrying the Message.

Reading 9325, 8/16/90


Question: What can I know of any soul mate? Is he present on this plane? Can I benefit from knowing him, or have I known him?

Answer:  The feeling of a need for the soul mate is the feeling of incompleteness within the self. And that soul mate is on the inner plane, and is ever in communication with you, and is often identified as the higher self, or the highest that is of me. This is thy soul mate.

That that you have found on this plane and is attracted to, and felt a response to as if a soul mate in this lifetime, was rather one who was so close in the past, and was the life mate. It is one to whom you had been married, and still carry a love and an empathy, a feeling of closeness, yet not the soul mate in the greater sense.

Reading 0341, 4/25/74


We will comment for just one moment about the remark that we made concerning your soul mate. It is to say that the two of you, when you entered into this earth in the first time, were twins. Even better it may be said that before you were twins, you were one soul coming out of the Light of Glory. And as the energy began to turn in those wheels which allow spirit to express in matter, those sparks then began to turn one against the other, providing two vortices of energy for the expression of one soul, and you were then male and female, twins.

You’ve returned often for the purpose of assisting one another, feeling comfortable with one another. You’ve returned in several different relationships, and so it is comfortable for you to feel the depth of the heart inspiration for one another. The challenge, now, is to have that security in your relationship with your life partner, a warmth and a depth very nearly equal to that you have had with your twin, with your soul mate.

It is important in your marriage, in this time, to become so clear about your commitment to the marriage that it would cause him to feel secure, not wondering, not suspicious, not jealous. Do not discuss such fears, but hold them in your consciousness to be so ridiculous and to not give it attention, not to give it a moment’s discussion. Make your relationship so secure that these thoughts and concerns are cast aside.

While the two of you did not enter as soul mates, you have entered this particular life as life mates. That is just as important as the soul mate for your expression and life purpose in this incarnation.

Reading 9124, 11/4/86

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