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Knowing the Christ Every Moment of Your Life
with a little History about Mary Magdalene

QUESTION 1: Why do I have such a strong impression about Jesus Christ when He walked on this Earth as a man? Do I have a mission for the will of Jesus Christ?

ANSWER 1: Blessed are those who saw Him, those who knew Him when He walked among men. For you were among those, a group of women, who were rejected from the orthodox community. Understand that in that time, a woman, who was set aside by her husband through divorce, became an outcast, as it were. And in your attempt to be of service to your community, you were persuaded by the authorities of the Temple in Jerusalem to serve, in a sense, as a spy against the Romans. Having little future, as you could see, as a family woman, mother of the community in that time, you were among a group of women who used their charms to elicit information from the soldiers assigned to Pilate’s hall.

Among those were included the woman you’ve come to know from Scripture as Mary of Magdala. It was the man, Jesus, who liberated you from this kind of life. For Mary Magdalene formed what might be thought of as the first sisterhood of women who had given their lives exclusively to a spiritual mission.

These women established a house that might be thought of, in a sense, as a convent or a nunnery, a house of Essene women. Some have called them the Holy Women of Jerusalem, and you were among these, liberated from that life of servitude. And it is because of the influence of the Christ upon your life in that time, that though you may live a hundred, even a thousand times in different cultures, different places, different periods of time on the Earth, a soul so personally touched by the Presence of Jesus the Christ can never forget that influence, though ages pass.

Now you ask concerning the prayer of your heart. Your heart cries out to know Jesus the Christ in this day, in this lifetime, as fully and completely and as personally as you knew Him then. This is the way that we would read the sincere crying out of your heart.

Then speak to Him. He is not so far off. He is here. Let yourself within yourself speak to the Christ and say, "I am not my own. I do not wish to be my own. I wish to belong to the service of the Christ."

Let your heart say, "Take me. Use me, and let me be of service in this time so that some others may come to know the Christ in a personal relationship."

Let that be your service, your purpose in this lifetime, to make introductions of individuals to the very, very real Presence of the Christ who can be known.

And let this prayer of your heart begin a running conversation so that as you think, as you walk about the day, that you constantly carry on a conversation within you with the Presence of the Christ, speaking your feelings and your prayers, asking and listening, a full-time, personal relationship.

9184, 3/6/88

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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