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A Sleeping Man
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"Seeking Answers From Within, the Foundation of Inner Light Consciousness"

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The information in this Source Reading helped initiate the development of Inner Light Consciousness.  The first ILC course was given in December, 1972.  I was there.  Learn more about ILC through the Paul Solomon Foundation website

Source: We would seek that there would be (this) understanding in (your) hearts: That all you may know of God is written already in your own hearts, that as you would turn back to your source of origin, you would realize that you came from God. That which gave you life and breath, that which breathes the breath of life into your own body was God Himself.

Now you may prove the truth of this to yourself in this moment by asking self, “Is it true what is being said,” for thou knowest (within your own heart). See and realize, then, that all that may be known of God is already in your own heart. We can only teach you to turn within (to) the source of God.

. . . . And though we operate through this channel audibly, there is no more . . . of the Spirit available to this channel, than is available in your own heart.

Realize that no one is closer to God than you are, for He lives in your own heart. It is not possible that another could be closer.

Now see yourself as the perfect expression of the perfect God in His perfect world, and as you strive to be, it shall be so.

Know that all you need in instruction, in knowledge, is given, as you face the need

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation

Topic Posted 4/14/98

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