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Soul Purpose in Relation to Life Purpose

It is most often a more direct and valid question to ask, "What is the purpose of this lifetime in its contribution to soul purpose, and is there a way, a means, a choice and intent of my soul to express in a particular way with a particular talent, task, job, career to contribute to the completion of soul purpose?"

When anyone should ask soul purpose, virtually the only answer that can be given is that your purpose is to awaken completely to enlightenment, to knowing self and Source and a complete realization. May we use that word in its best sense by saying, "To real-ize the completion of the soul’s journey, to make it real, to make it not a belief, understanding or acquired knowledge, but experiential—to real-ize awakening."  This is ever and always soul purpose, with ever so few exceptions which apply to awakened souls who enter as a completed master for the purpose of contributing to mankind. Now take that simply as a comment on the wording of the question. Soul purpose is to completely awaken, to complete self in knowledge of self, relation to Source and at-one-ment.

Now within that soul purpose is a life purpose which specifically speaks to this incarnation and the soul’s intent, the soul’s map or plan for using this lifetime to both contribute and to have the best possible effect upon self in meeting the purpose of awakening, the soul purpose.

Then, if we may, we shall address life purpose, and the life purpose for this soul in this time might be stated in this way. You intended and mapped a course for self to enter at a specific place on the planet. This was a choosing of time and place appropriate to purpose. Now that is to say, you chose an ideal time for the entry, which to be effective, must be combined with an ideal place, as both are of considerable importance to establishing the conditions for the entry and for the opportunity of purpose. Thus you chose a time and a place.

Now the place was chosen for two reasons, one of those being that the specific place on this Earth for the focus of influence of heavenly energies (astrological influences). The place was chosen for that purpose to match the time. And secondly, the place was chosen to be in proximity to an earlier time and experience with the intent of using the specific geographical location, of where your own feet, in another vehicle, have walked in a prior time.  It is as if you chose to pick up where you left off,  choosing to come as close to the place of leaving the Earth as possible and still choosing the place most perfect in relation to time and astrological influences for the accomplishment of life purpose.

9315, 7/20/90

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