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John, the Baptist, His Greatest Lesson

Let us begin to share in this manner . . . If you could see the souls gathered here of those who have been involved in times past with these two (Paul Solomon and the person receiving the reading), who have been called the teachers here.  For these two have worked together in times past in such ways as might become evident in this sharing. There are students gathered about these two who, in times following, have became what you might recognize as great ones or servants.  We have already spoken from these records concerning the role of this seeker, in this time, as the harbinger, or John the Baptist, in relation to the work to be established.

And we might, as well, speak of an earlier time when this one was a prophet, a teacher, a gatherer of men, and sought to establish a school, a school for the prophets. This one, through whom we speak, was in that time his assistant, associate, apprentice. And it was through the work of the apprentice, that organization came to the school, though the prophet, himself, had that which was to be taught.

Now see it in this manner, this one was in that time a man of thunder in the sense of being demanding and not always caring of the students. A powerful man himself and had little regard for the opinions of others. Was single in mind, directed toward a point. And it became the concern of the apprentice whether others learned or not from that the teacher had to give.

Now, in times of return, the apprentice then became the one given commission of God to establish a work.  This seeker, who had been teacher, was returned then as the forerunner, the harbinger, the one who would gather those to the school of the apprentice.

We especially ask that you look to the life of Elijah and the relationship to Elisha. Then look to the life of Daniel and his relationship to the three who were with him. Then look to John, the Baptizer and his relationship to the Christ.   Let us say more specifically, this one once walked as Elijah, once walked as the harbinger, John the Baptizer.  This one through whom we speak was not Elisha, but was among the prophets in that time, and was he who anointed Saul  (book of Samuel, Old Testament) and David.  This one through whom we speak returned then as Daniel, and this seeker was called Abendego.

This one then returned as the harbinger, the forerunner, of the Christ.   And in that time as forerunner, carried much of that same personality as had been Elijah, preaching hard things, making demands, that many had difficulty to meet.  He was sure of one thing, that he had agreed to play this role as the prophet, the forerunner, the harbinger. He had recognized the Christ, and paved His way.

Yet, when he saw the work of the Christ, when his own students walked away from him and followed the Christ, questions came in his heart and he asked, "What about the great teachers of the Essenes and my teaching?  Is this to elevate one man?"

And when he was then imprisoned, he said, "How is it that he be so strong? Even the Christ can heal others, can raise the dead, and I am left in prison? Does he resent me and my influence before others? Is he jealous of those great crowds, thousands, that I baptized in Jordan, that he leaves me here in prison while he continues his work? If he is the Christ, can he not bring me forth from prison? And should not I teach beside him?"

And he sent then a communication questioning all that. "Art thou the Christ? Or shall we look for another?"

And the Master of Masters then did not change His work. He was aware, well aware of great teachers among the Essenes. He was well aware of the ability of John, the Baptizer, for he was a great teacher in that time, an initiate, who had much to give. He was aware of initiate teachers in Egypt, in India, in Greece. He was aware of his own mission.

Now be aware, the Christ, Jesus, said to those who followed him of John, he said, "There has not a greater walked among men than John." But he did not bring him forth from prison, and why?

It was the task of John in that time to awaken the people, to stun them concerning their former beliefs, to introduce the Christ, to prepare the way and to say, "Listen!"

In his heart, John desired to go beyond that. He desired to teach alongside the Christ. Might do well to understand, that if John had not lost balance in that moment, allowing himself to wonder, allowing himself to entertain thoughts akin to accusations concerning the Christ, thoughts that said, "He must be jealous of my work, else he would not keep me here in prison, away, limiting my influence. He would bring me here with him." How much the Christ longed to bring him there to teach, but recognized the divisiveness of that.

We declare unto you from these records that had John responded in prison at that moment appropriately, he would have returned in this time as the Christ. But his moment of weakness, questioning the wisdom of the Christ, questioning the motivation of the Christ, caused him to return in this day cast again in the same role, as the harbinger.

We do not, in saying these things, intend to cast this one through whom we speak into the role of the Christ, not at all, but rather suggest this. This channel has been given a commission. That commission, that plan, is for constructing a school and spreading the word in such a way as to prepare the consciousness of the masses for the Christ who comes and comes soon. To him are revealed the methods, the plans, the ways, and it is for no other purpose. In walking together in times before was made a pact together to accomplish this together in this time. And you might well consider this: Great teachers will gather here, the greatest on Earth at this time. But if you have disharmony with the carrier of the plan, then that will take a longer time. (* see note below)

Your commission in this time is as your gift in this time, that is, teach those who would learn to listen. That gift is not given to this channel. That ability is not his nor has he sought it, but is yours. Nor is his gift yours, and it is not working separately that you should have a group of disciples and a school. and that he another group and a school. But rather that you might prepare the consciousness of those who will then be passed on to him for further work, and back to you again to prepare for the next understanding in that to him. This role, of course, will require communication and honesty in communication.

Now, as to life purpose, consider this. Your purpose in this life and others has been, and is, to become the Christ, to master, to lift yourself to that highest point of attainment, to usher in the Christ. It must be done in this day through the perfection of that not quite perfected in that day, and surely it must bear some study.

You must come to know the consciousness of John, the cousin of the Master of Masters. And especially study  his relationship to the Christ, and make that relationship in this time to this channel, though as already given, this channel is not seen as the Christ for this day, for he as well is harbinger of another. It is his commission to prepare the school before John come, for John the Beloved, that other John, the Apostle, will introduce the Christ, and in this time will usher in His day. And it is for Paul to prepare the way.

You will see in your time all of the Twelve from Judas to Peter. You will be gathered together for the ushering in of the Christ in His glory. But do understand that John, the Baptizer, would have given all to be an Apostle, but was not.   He wanted to stand beside the Christ and teach, was not allowed. Was given the responsibility, the opportunity, to make known to the masses who Jesus was. If you could accomplish that in this time, you will have accomplished that you sought.

The work of the Lightbearer, the work given to this channel, has always been a lonely work. It is not difficult to see those other teachers, those who come about, who recognize his reaching out and feel compelled to keep him in his place. If you allow that others should so desecrate the work, the intent, the commission, then you would have failed in that task in this time.

January 7, 1979, Carmel-in-the-Valley, Virginia

(* Final note:  This seeker and Paul were not able to reconcile this situation, as described by the Souce, and went their separate ways shortly thereafter.)

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