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More on John Peniel, Second Coming,
Hall of Records, Old Age Senility & May 5, 2001

You will have before you the Records and the inquiring minds of these people gathered here, the nation of Japan and the Records related to World Prophecy. You will give relationship to Universal Forces and comment on purpose and direction. Please allow for translation by stopping after each sentence. Please answer questions as I now ask.

Q-1. Please relate the growth of the soul to the growth of the Universe.

A-1. Yes, we do have these records and may we say that in answer to relating the growth of the individual to the growth of the Universe, that all of our answers to these questions taken as a whole will allow more clarity than we shall give in the immediate answer.

We will say in the immediate answer that you should think of an individual on this planet as a cell, a single microscopic cell with the Earth, the planet itself being the smallest portion of a small gland in a great body. Even that you consider your solar system should be taken to relate to nothing more than a small organ within a much greater body.

The planets in their orbits, in relation to the Sun, might even be seen on such a small scale as the elements of an atom, a single atom in a great body. From that perspective, see that the body itself, that is greater than what you know as a Universe, the Universe of Universes, is a body which grows and which has initiations of its own.

As there are initiations in the growth of each soul, so the planet itself, herself, has initiations. Thus all that happens upon this Earth is of relative insignificance to the growth of the entire Universe of Universes.

With that comment as a basic pretext or theme, we will continue with other questions.

Q-2. We are told that in the near future, after worldwide disaster, that a savior will come. What kind of person will that savior be? Please describe in a specific way, when will the savior appear and how to distinguish a false savior from an authentic savior.

A-2. Yes, first, as relates to disasters or catastrophes which occur before the savior comes, we would have it seen in this manner, that there are three witnesses to His coming. Two of the witnesses or brothers, that symbolized by the swastika and the feminine side, and that symbolized by the sun have come.

And we must warn you here that we will answer these questions on both symbolic and literal levels. So you must consider that there are also three individuals who will come.

Those which have already come, and to which we have referred, are world events of the nature of destruction and catastrophe. The coming of the third witness also bears a relationship to a world war, and you will look for the signs in these ways.

That is, there is destruction on the Temple Mount and the beginning of reconstruction of a temple. And as there is a worldwide religious war, you will know that these events are upon you.

There will come two, then, who appear as saviors. This, then, will be the difficulty, to distinguish who is the world savior. During the time of this bloodshed or confusion, look for another event which will distract the attention of the entire world. This is a celestial event, the coming of a light from the sky. This event will be so great in magnitude as to distract the attention of the world from war and from fighting. It will give to all men common cause, greater than that which is the concern of the war. For it will seem to every man that the very existence of the earth will be endangered.

His light as it comes in the sky will be brighter than that of the Sun. Because of the magnitude, the Sun will appear to turn black. It will be as if it had collapsed giving its power to that which comes.

Then two will stand, one drawing attention to himself as it he were a savior of the world.  He will seem to have answers and means of protection. His approach will be one which will attempt to destroy the incoming object.

Then you will know the savior by the fact that His attention is turned to the individual. It will seem foolish to most that man will be invited to accept and to welcome the incoming light. But keep in mind the ancient prophecy of His coming. You are warned that when others say, "Lo, He is here. He is there," you will then know, it is not correct. For to point here or there is to point with-out yourself, outside the self.

As the true savior comes, He comes within you.

This does not mean that there will be no presence among you which can be identified. It means rather that your identification of Him will come from inner recognition rather than looking without to some other man. For He is the embodiment of the light which will come, and He will establish a new manner of living, a New Order of the ages.

And His manner will be one of living together in peace, harmony, not only with one another, but with the heavenly bodies on which you stand.

It would do well that you understand the nature of a space vehicle or space ship. For many will interpret the incoming light in that manner. It has been seen by some as a great ship over Jerusalem.

For your better understanding of that you might call a space ship, think of this planet itself as a great ship. For that celestial body which comes will be similar in that manner. Not as if it were a craft, but as it were a celestial object, having more similarity to a meteor than that you think of as UFO.

This will be the coming of His light in the sky, and will bring the dawning of a New Age, a new Eden. The earth will be renewed.

Look toward the building of the temple as your most important sign of the coming of these events. Perhaps further clarification as we continue with the questions.

Q-3. Will the world disaster come as prophesied by Nostradamus at the end of the century in July 1999. If it occurs, how can we survive it?

A-3. Understand that according to the prophecies, the three will come, the true White Brother and the two witnesses. Should they succeed in their missions, the destruction of the earth will not occur, but rather a rebuilding. Much destruction already has come and more will be seen. That final event you speak of, the heralding of the Second Coming, will be at the end of the century.

Would be difficult to date as July 1999, for the reason that many events occur. Understand that we speak of a great war as well as a celestial event. The date to look for the building of the new is May 5, 2001.

Then you will find the beginning of a period of peace.

Q-4. By the prophecy of Edgar Cayce, in 1998, Christ will visit again, but exactly when will this happen? Where will he descend and what time?

A-4. Understand the nature of the prophecy of Edgar Cayce. He did not say the Second Coming of the Christ occurs on that date or that time. He spoke rather of a visitation of the Christ.

Keep in mind that this same prophet spoke of a visitation of the Christ upon the President Woodrow Wilson at the time of the founding of the League of Nations.

Understand that according to the prophecies of the prophet Cayce, there have been times when the Christ has entered a particular individual and caused that individual to take an action which would change the course of history. The visitation of 1998 should be taken in that same manner - a visitation.

This is to be distinguished against or from the Second Coming.

Q-5. What is John Peniel’s work in relationship to the Second Coming of Christ? How does it involve Japan?

A-5. The work of John of Peniel is to end duality and separation. It is the work of this enlightened one to build the capstone of the Mystery School, the re-establishment, as it were, of the capstone, the crown stone of Giza. And the return of the capstone is also the returning of the Crown of Enlightenment to the mind of man.

Thus the work of John of Peniel and those who work with him, including this channel and others in establishing such a school, is the work of making available to every man the Crown of Enlightenment, brain transcendence, the mending of that which is rent in twain, the rending of the veil.

We would have you understand that the tablets which you ask about, the tablets to be brought together again from the prophecies of the Hopi, the tablets can well be said to be the left and the right hemispheres of the brain, which when brought together again by an enlightened initiate, can be made one tablet of wisdom. These are the same tablets brought by Moses from the crown of Sinai. They are the same tablets spoken of by Joseph Smith as Golden Tablets.

Now in the physical dimension, you will also find such tablets of wisdom written, engraved, Smaragdine tablets in the chamber of Records at Giza. Understand that Smaragdine refers to emeralds. The emerald tablets are the tablets of the heart of emerald green.

As the chambers of the heart are one, the hemispheres of the brain are one, a change in the nature of the species to androgynous. Much of these occurrences are beyond imagination at the moment. But understand that all refer to the end of the appearance of duality and the establishment of the Law of One.

Would you continue.

Q-6. Is it true that John Peniel is the reincarnation of John the Apostle? Is John the Baptist reincarnated now? Is Peter reincarnated?

A-6. John of Peniel, as a physical individual, is an incarnation of the one who was called the Beloved, the Apostle of the Christ. The Peniel experience is the experience of each man in his encounter with his Source, with God. Thus we give you interpretation on two levels, an experience and an incarnation of an individual.

As to the appearance of John the Baptist, he is, was, Elijah. It has been said that as the Savior will come, as the Messiah will return, Elijah will appear. We would compare this experience, the appearance of Elijah, with the appearance on the Mount of Transfiguration and Ascendance of the Christ. Understand His appearance with Moses and Elijah, and understand this meaning that John the Baptist had completed his cycles of incarnation and does not return born of woman, but returns in descension of the heavens as he ascended to the heavens in that experience.

There is, however, one who will act in a role similar to John the Baptist, a harbinger who will work together with John the Apostle, Paul the Apostle, who is before you, and Peter who is incarnate on your plane in this time.

Understand that these three will come from three distant corners of the world, and their coming together with one from these environs of Japan will be three witnesses who will usher in the dawning of a new day particularly through the establishment of the Order of Initiation allowing the Crown of Enlightenment. Thus will be fulfilled the dream of restoring the Temples of Initiation, and this must come within the generation.

Q-7. Will an ether generator be discovered in the Hall of Records in Giza, Egypt? Please describe the principle of this device.

A-7. An ether generator is particularly difficult description. Understand that your physicists, your scientists in this time have developed some small understanding of ether. The elusive bodies theorized, not precisely proven, perhaps referred to as neutrino, come as near to the understanding of ether as man has come.

What you have seen in dream or vision as an ether generator, is rather an instrument which gathers this energy of the ethers and because the structure of the ether is, in comparison with other structures, small and round, can pierce between those spaces which are described as separating the particles or the charges of atoms, molecules. Thus an instrument so energized, may move freely through what you think of as atomic structure or matter.

It is rather such a ship or instrument which will be found, which you have seen, in dream and vision.

Q-8. In the prophecy of the Hopi, is the True White Brother and his followers the three people who enter the Hall of Records. It is said that one will bring a swastika on a stone tablet and the other a symbol of the sun. Where are those two tablets brought by the followers of the True White Brother?

A-8. Yes, we have described these both as the hemispheres of the brain which can be brought together as one tablet. Massed together, they become a key.

That self same key is the only key which will open the Hall of Records, and within that Hall of Records, literal tablets, the Books of Wisdom, the Laws of Hermes.

Q-9. Is it wise to control the genetic code now or in the future?

A-9. It is not possible to overcome the genetic code in the most literal sense. Even though gene separation and gene splicing is possible, the genetic code is a record, a book, a tablet of karma. The slashing of a page or a part of such a Book of Life or karma can only delay or complicate the karma of a soul.

Thus the attempt at controlling genetics by tampering with genetic code can only complicate the karma of mankind.

Q-10. Please explain age-related diseases that cause mental deterioration, memory loss and senility. How should medical science treat these?

A-10. Best to understand age-related disease, particularly senility as the attempt of a soul overcome by fear to escape reality. Rather than a dis-ease in the truest sense, such should be understood as a technique of the soul for managing or relating to reality by attempting to escape it.

Should be treated with kindness and with love. Sufficient application of relaxation of fear, of the application of music of light, of color and of peace, will often allow for such a soul to heal the self and be willing again to encounter what you think of as reality. Better that you learn to prevent it by learning early to bond the soul with love and to overcome fear.

See the revolution which comes in medical science in this time, in the understanding of the relationship between thought and that which is embodied, that which produces dis-ease of all kinds. For the process known as aging is, in itself, a dis-ease process that, in itself, may be healed by the overcoming of fear.

Now, what will you do with that which you have been given? You are given here keys. If you will apply them to the situations before you, you will create the opportunity for the opening of the Hall of Records.

Thus rather than asking the role of John of Peniel as an individual, let each one ask, "What will I do to accomplish the Second Coming?"

The task that is given is yours, not his. The reading from these Records for him will be given to him. The reading of this record this day is given to you.

Always consider that you ask before you ask it.

That is sufficient to the reading of this Record. We are through for now.

Reading # 9460, Tokyo, Japan

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation for the Paul Solomon Source Readings,  ,
All Rights Reserved

1999, Daniel Emmanuel/
Wisdom of Solomon

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