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Armageddon, Second Coming,
John Peniel & May 5, 2001

We would begin reading from these Records by mentioning the Hermetic Law that is, "as above, so below," for the reason that the great battle to which you refer, the battle of Armageddon, is a battle between light and darkness. It is not confined to this planet, but to the entire system -- which you would refer to as your solar system, in which the sight itself is the cathedral of light and this planet a manger.

In that perspective, know that the spiritual forces of light battling darkness are far greater than you can see, and more meaningful than the gathering of armies, however powerful and however disposed against one another in the flesh.

At the same time, we point out that that which manifests in the spiritual, that above, is also reflected in that which is below, or that which is material. And in that light we would answer a very certain, "Yes."

This is an initial phase of the war of Armageddon -- as it manifests itself in the shadow of the real.

By the shadow of the real we mean that the physical manifestation of that which occurs in the spiritual, or in the heavens, is outmanifesting as a war between men. Is this the literal battle of Armageddon? What you see before you being played between the forces of nations with armies in the physical is a physical reflection of the spiritual war which is already begun, and has been for the time since the prophecy was given -- specifically since the time of the appearance of Christ as Jesus of Nazareth, as he ascended the Earth and left to every man responsibility to become the Christ as he is the Christ. In the moment he ascended, the war began.

We do confirm that the alignment of forces that you are seeing in that place in the Middle East, gathered around the plains of Megiddo, is in fact a physical outmanifestation of the spiritual battle. However, we would carefully point out to you that this is only the smallest manifestation of this war.

A far greater battle is raging -- far more dangerous. That is the battle of man against the host planet, the Mother. A far more serious war is the war of man asserting his will over nature, to manipulate nature to his purposes, rather than harmonizing with the forces of growth, which are the manifestation of the Living One on this planet. Far more serious than the array of guns and tanks is the array of man’s consciousness divided within himself, outmanifesting as his attempt to manipulate the world around him -- believing that a man himself might better control his destiny, than could his Lord, his God.

To the extent that any man would give over the control of his destiny to the source of his life, the Christ, he will be lifted beyond the attempts to manipulate the environment -- and will understand that, left as it is intended, this Earth will provide for all your needs.

Through the egotistical nature of man, man attempts to control weather, climate and balances of nature, denaturing the surface of the planet -- so that you are involved in the battle of the forces of the heavens, the heavenly system. And mankind becomes, rather than a guest on the planet, a parasite on the body of the Mother.

It is a far greater war than that fought by petty despots or a loose coalition of self-righteous nations. This war fought with missiles and guns is a small portion, but it is in fact the sounding of the trumpet for the beginning of the orchestrated action of Armageddon, as it would appear in the physical.

Do be careful to remember the words of the Master as he spoke and said, "What you see in the physical is like seeing the movement of leaves on the trees. But what you do not see is the wind that moves the leaves." When you see the tanks and armor and guns, you are seeing the movement of the leaves. The real battle is in the air, but not among missiles -- in the air in the sense of being in the subtler dimension of heaven, within you, between you and about you.

Whoever will end the war within himself -- that man or that woman has joined the forces of the Sons and Daughters of Light against darkness. Your love must be for your Source from which you came -- both in the creative dimension and in the physical movement of the play itself, of Earth. Your source is both from above and from below. Your source is the creative, the Father, and from the dust below, the Mother. So are you joined between Heaven and Earth.

Know the formations that are given to you, even as the diagrams in the Book of the Changes (I-Ching). Man stands between Heaven and Earth. If you would understand the writing of that one and those who gathered to create the Book of the Changes, so you would understand the relationship between heaven broken and heaven aligned, man broken and man aligned, and Earth broken and Earth aligned. In the triad, and in the hexagrams, so you will see the forces that fight the battle of Armageddon.

Then, expand your consciousness beyond your concern for this current battle, for it is only an initial battle of the way. The war itself in the greater sense, will be fought between this time and the year 2001. It will begin to involve all nations of that region and beyond, to virtually every nation in the world.

It has been spoken by prophets before that on May 5, 2001, you will see a dawning of a new day. It is meant that this war should come to an end when the Christ is born in the hearts of those who are able to receive him.

And if even twelve would stand pure before the Lord and receive his power, then you would find the power of love and light able to conquer the forces of darkness, which are powerless against that love. Then, you will see the manifestation of the Christ himself.

How will he be seen? All over the Earth, by all men, all women, all eyes, at one time simultaneously. How will this occur? It will occur when all looking at one another, in one another’s eyes, see the presence of the returned and victorious Christ, having returned and claimed his Kingdom -- for his Kingdom is not of the Earth itself.

The Earth already expresses the kingdom of the Christ, but standing between Heaven and Earth is man. The return of the Christ will be in the form of man and womankind. He will be seen throughout the Earth at one time, by all people, when the consciousness of mankind is lifted to the point that man is no longer ruled by a cleft brain but by a Crown of Enlightenment. So will the earth herself become the woman enthroned with a crown of stars, her feet resting on the moon.

This then is some small description of the nature of the battle of Armageddon. As to this beginning of hostilities in the Middle East, you will find that the war has begun that will involve the nations in what might be called World War III, or the Great War of Armageddon. So shall it be a war to end all wars. For there is a rising consciousness in mankind, a conscience of people who can no longer support the concept of hostility for the working out of the interface of wills and egos among men.

Those of you who would change the face of this war must learn that love is not simply passive. Not in the manner of those who protest against war, for protesting itself is a negative activity. But those activists against war who build bonds between men in a meaningful way, one helping the other -- this is love in action.

Love that is passive and afraid, quiet as a lamb, withdrawn, will not win a battle. But love that is alive in action, and healing, this will win a war. You must learn to make your love alive and active. Understand it to be as great a force as it is -- for there is no force of darkness which can stand before light. Thus, you must shine your light in dark places.

Shining your light in dark places must first mean the dark places within you. Seeing yourself as you are, that you might become who you can be -- without fearing what you have contained within you, revealing it so that you might be cleansed as a vessel for the manifestation of Christ. This is the concern of the battle of Armageddon!

Man is fascinated by war because he is divided against himself. This race began with a brain that is a single unit. That unit was not for the purpose of creating thought. It was not for the purpose of expanding man’s ability to relate to the world around him. It is quite the opposite. The brain is not an instrument to extend man’s consciousness into the sensory world around him. It is instead a filter, if you will -- a condenser for the purpose of taking the magnitude of what is happening around him and reducing it to a level of tolerance which the physical body can manage.

Thus, the brain of man is a reducer, not an expander, of consciousness. It has become separated upon itself, as man confused his rational logic with his intuitive mind and began to argue within himself, stepping from the androgynous being -- single-minded with single purpose, an extension of the Christ -- to the time of the fall when man sought to see himself as separate and individualist, and became a champion of free will and separation from God. So did his brain separate, one part from the other.

It has been his very nature, from that day until this -- except for those who learn to join those hemispheres by creating what you might call neurons, or passageways, of light, electricity of thought, communication of one side of the brain to the other. Not only integrating one side of the brain with the other but transcending it by creating a cap, a Crown of Enlightenment. You can see it symbolized by the crowns, the caps, the skullcaps, the yarmulkes, that worn by Islam as well, of several nations, that symbolize the desire within the heart of man to unify the brain again.

Man’s true mind is not located in the brain, or even resting on the brain, but is resting in his center, closest to the heart. The heart as well is not a pump, as would seem, but is responsive. It is in the heart of man, only in the heart of man, that blood truly is not pumped by that organ, but rather, in that organ blood stands still for a moment. In that standing still, that quiet, that tiny death in every breath, there occurs the stillness. For this reason, the ancients have spoken of the Christ coming into the heart of man, not the brain.

In that opening of the gateway that is the heart, man has access to the higher world and the Crown of Enlightenment that man finally receives at the mountaintop, which is the crown of man, the aura which radiates above his head. So man can be joined to his source of light from above, while linked as well to the Mother below thru his feet.

Part of man’s condition of separation is his attempt to separate himself from the Earth out of fear, separating himself by any means, whether by concrete or steel or glass or brick. So afraid to put his feet into the Earth, his Mother -- afraid that he might be joined to her again. So even the bodies are buried in vaults in your attempt to keep from the Mother what she gave to you.

There is much conflict in the mind and the heart of man, and shall remain, until that is ended in individuals, even a dozen or so. It would not be the first time in history that a dozen have changed the path of mankind in his course. Let there be a dozen among you who, through absolute purity, will rejoin with the Heaven above and the Earth below, and stand in between, as one joined. Then, man will not be fascinated by war, but will learn of true love -- that is not the attempt to satisfy his appetites to accomplish this, but a love that is giving from one to the other, without fear that the other will take advantage.

All these steps in growth must be accomplished, that you find even one body in which the Christ might manifest, alive and complete. That body would have no identity of its own -- would only be a vessel, a vehicle of the Christ. So would that one be as much the Christ as Jesus himself. If that could be accomplished in two of you, then there would be two on Earth as powerful as the Christ has ever been, whether in Jesus or another manifestation.

If there be two Christs on Earth, it will change the consciousness of the planet. If there be three, you will join the greatest portion of this planet to its source. If there be four, then you will have joined the four cardinal directions into one single point in the center of this solar system. If there be five or six, or finally twelve -- only twelve are required to lift the consciousness of mankind beyond the nature of this planet, so that the imbalanced movement of the planet would be corrected.

Earth’s relationship to other bodies in the celestial systems would be changed. You would see those phenomena that are referred to as the stellar events -- as if the stars have fallen, the moon turned to dripping blood, the Earth renewed and wrapped in a robe of light, shining to rejoin the sun.

These things may be difficult to visualize, or even to understand, and even frightening if you knew their implications. But it will come as a result of the war that is being fought this day. This planet Earth will be so destabilized that virtually every mountain and valley and sea will be changed in their geographical nature quite literally. Earthquakes, as have been prophesied since the beginning of time, will change the face of the Earth.

All these conditions are the labor pains for the birth of a new Eden on Earth. Then, you will know that mankind would never have appeared on this planet were not the planet sufficient to his every need to live, to survive.

So it shall be again -- when all that is false, all that is manipulated and denatured about the face of the Earth, is broken down and returned to the Earth. Then, shall Eden bloom again, and man shall live in harmony. There shall be no more war. There will not be a dark side and light side of Earth, even in the literal sense. For light will shine on every side. There will be no more night, nor need of sleep. Sleep is not needed when the brain is not bicameral. When these things are healed and man becomes whole, then shall we find a new Heaven and a new Earth established.

You will see many more such changes before it is time to get yourselves to a high place. As far as safe places, always look to the mountains -- not the young mountains of Earth, which are high and dangerous, but to the oldest of the mountains and the valleys between them.

This is not to suggest that you at this time should flee to the mountains. Be not overcome by fear, dread or concern. Be not motivated by this in any of your movements.

The safest place on Earth is where God has sent you. If that is to the plains of Megiddo, then go without fear. If it is on the coastline of Virginia, then be there without fear. If it be in the midst of California, then go there without fear, carrying the message of the Christ. So shall you be as safe as a physical body can be on this Earth during these times of change.

John of Peniel already plays a greater role than you might guess. He is an influence behind the diplomacy that exists, which has kept Israel from responding thus far. Single-handedly, John of Peniel has stayed the hand of Israel to this point.

He will, however, become a leader of light only when that one appears who is the Antichrist, who appears as a savior. John will appear as his adversary. It will be difficult for you to know at first one from the other. Perhaps the greatest indication of which is John will be his opening of the Hall of Records and revealing to you the ages past, the Earth before this Earth, the time that gave birth to this civilization. That one who came from Emelius to Adam, and whose son was John, and who returned to be the Beloved, and who was Benjamin with Joseph -- this one has returned and becomes one who will help the establishment of a kingdom of peace over which the Christ will reign.

Then, train your hearts that they may build, step by step, stone by stone, a temple to house the spirit of the Christ, who is more powerful than the Antichrist. As long as any one of you believes that, by the force of "anti-anything," you can overcome love, which joins to conquer rather than divides to conquer, you give energy to that power.

When you learn to use the mighty power of the swords of angels -- those swords that were so appropriately depicted as light sabers in your entertainment media and are a closer understanding of the nature of the swords of angels, for they reach light into dark places and reveal truth -- when you can do that, you will understand that there is massive confusion reigning, even now, as to who is the enemy.

It is not the Arab or Muslim world against the Jews and Christians. It is rather light against darkness. There is no more light in this western land than there is in the east. Nor is there more darkness in the heart of the Muslim world than in the heart of the Christian world. For the Christ is universal. And even that name, being Greek, separates the man who manifest the power of living love from who he truly was, even as an historic being. Then, we must understand that Christians have not a monopoly on the true Christ, for he is known in all men who seek to know the source, the Child of Light that is born within him, the universal savior, whether called the Christ or by another name.

You must be people who carry the light, so that people see you as different. Different not in the sense that you are passive. For those of the pacifist movements are often a powerful and committed people -- yet often their standing against war is not active, but simply resisting. If that were rather fired with the passion of Raphael from the south, and the clarity of Gabriel from the north, and the light of Michael of the east, and the action of Uriel from the West, then you will have brought together these four powers in one and will have a foundation upon which to stand.

You must understand better the vitality, the energy, the living one that is love, and know how to apply it. If you can fire love as directly aimed at the heart of a man as can a missile be directed, then you have understood the force that is on your side. Not a force of anger and resistance, not a force that is intended to hurt or destroy.

The force that gives birth to the giant sequoia tree is the same force that can defeat any army of Earth. Do not fail to understand that the towering heroic trees are beings who join you in the battle. If you can understand all this, then you can overcome.

You have only seen the smallest glimpse of the contamination that man is capable of unleashing in this war upon the environment. It is easy to see before you the darkening of the skies to the extent to change the global temperature, sufficiently to threaten all life on Earth. That seen from this perspective is not a dire consequence, but a time of resting of the Earth, that it may give forth a new shoot of green and a beginning of new life.

If you can be powerful enough as righteous beings to use the force of prayer, then use it in this sense. Pray not in the name of Christ -- but in the nature of Christ. If you pray in the nature of Christ, then Christ prays through you to his own Father. It shall be of the heart, and this is the ruling power of the universe, which no man can stand against.

Once you have understood the power of prayer, you have the power to end this war, to clear and clean the environment, to invoke thought forms that become available to the minds of men and enter their consciousness as a sign of peace, rather than the anxiety which makes man seek outside himself for rescue.

Concerning the intervention of what you would call extraterrestrials, we would simply call your attention to realize that this system, which we will call for now the solar system -- this system of moons and planets, of satellites and such -- is inhabited throughout. But not by forms made of earth, of this planet. These living beings appear in such a manner that, if you stepped upon them with your earth-made bodies, you would not even see or be aware of the bodies around you.

Yet, you are, in this system, all brothers. Virtually all of you have traveled and lived upon all the bodies of this system. Thus, Earth is not separate in her trials and tribulations from the rest of this system.

It is more a matter of dimension than of time and space. Dimensions separate you from the other living beings of this system. When you transcend the cleft brain, you will be more able to be conscious of, aware of the brothers and sisters of harmony and light who will participate in lifting the race beyond destruction -- that you may then descend again upon the Earth to renew it and to live. Then yes, there is cooperation between the beings of the system, but your ideas of spaceships and such are at best naive, a bit ignorant of the nature of inter-dimensional travel.

As you expand your consciousness -- that is, as you be not contained in a physical prison, but expand to the aura that is the greater you, which surrounds your body -- if you can manage your body from without instead of from within, which is the nature of one who has opened the crown chakra -- so then, you will have a spiritual relationship with the body. It will be yours. Rather than your container, it will be your instrument of expression.

Having attained that relationship, then you can join with others who will lift you in what has been called "the rapture" and "the return." So then, shall all these prophecies be fulfilled.

That is sufficient to this study. We must separate from this body now. We are through.

Reading #9366, 1/28/91

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