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"A Possible Cause of and Treatment for Cancer"

Source:  Understand that it is the nature of cancer that there is an inner altercation between the forces of light and darkness, or the forces of life and death. A portion of the self is experiencing the death of a personal relationship which was contributing to life. And could be seen as a sexual imbalance.

The death of the tantric, or reproductive force, as the foundation to the stimulation of healing through the cells of Lydig, the Tan Tien, the Greater Omentum, and the Thymus—the systems of protection, the defense systems of the body. These systems are under the control of the mind, but when the mind has experienced a sense of death of a part of itself,  a death of a source of dependency, then there is the growth of cancer, or the unprogrammed cell growth that becomes a growing death, or a creeping death.

And there are two primary keys to the successful treatment of cancer. One of these being the ability to induce brain wave rhythm function of twelve and one-half cycles per second (12 1/2 cps), mixed with the sounds from nature, whether of ocean or soft rain, the sounds of nature recorded effectively as possible. Overlaid with music that is alternately soothing and stimulating, but not so as to lift the brain wave rhythms out of that most effective state during the period of therapy, you see?

Then, overlay these recordings, sound recordings as it were, with a voice describing the victorious battle, as it were, between the forces of light and darkness within the body. Using both descriptive, imaginative, mythic terms, and scientifically or physiologically accurate terms as suggestions to the mind, direction of the mind in an hypnotic manner to take control of the body processes.

Now, underlying this in layers with the audible voice suggestions, descriptions at a pleasant level, underlaid with music at a subtler level, and the sounds of nature at yet a subtler [level]. Then, underlying these, subliminal suggestions of the same manner. Both at a normal speaking rate or hearing rate of language, and then same words, or suggestions, speeded on a subliminal track to ten times the rate of normal speech.   Laying these, as it were, on an 8-track tape that allow for the absorption of the sounds, suggestions, to influence the consciousness.

And this one more thing. With the permission of your patient in your subliminal taping, use suggestions as come from a tantric principle of reawakening the sexual vitality, for herein lies the greatest key of marshalling the body’s own forces for fighting this kind of illness. And can even include, subliminally, the recordings of a patient’s own erotic fantasy.  And for those uncomfortable with such an approach, speak in more symbolic terms, mythological terms of that same such arousal, tantric terms, kundalini terms, mythological terms, and such. And this completes, then, our commentary on this therapy.

#9211, 3/24/88

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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