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"Human's Distorted Relationship to the Earth"

Source:  And would you understand this . . . From the earth you have come and have been born, and to the Earth you return. But human's relationship with this Earth, this planet, has become so distorted, that humans are afraid to return the physical body to the Earth, to entrust it to the Earth.  And so in this time, you have devised such instruments, such ridiculous attempts to keep the Earth from receiving your body again unto itself.

Such a separation, such a selfishness, has occurred in human's relationship with the planet so that a person is afraid to allow the bones, the flesh to return to the Earth from which it came. In this deep desire to overcome death, to deny the death of the physical, so were bronze, wooden and even concrete bunkers created to protect the body from returning naturally to the Earth.

There must be a healing here. And until there is the re-introduction of the life force of the planet into the body and the willingness of humans to return the riches of the physical body to the Earth, until the relationship between people and this planet are healed, there will be no healing of the body of humans.

#9328, 9/16/90

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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