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"The Magic of Salt Water in Healing"
(other interesting topics mentioned -
reincarnation, receiving guidance from the Source )

Source: You had a soul memory of an instrument that you once used when you were a healer in the Temples. They are now called hospitals, but in that time, temples they were. For man at that time, was not separated into mind, body, spirit, with teachers teaching the intellect, and priests for the soul, and doctors for the physical. But rather these were the Temples of healing, of learning, and of attuning to the Source all together.  They were triune Temples -  the Temple of Sacrifice, the Temple Beautiful, and the Temple of Initiation. And you worked in the Temple of Sacrifice. There you worked with the processes of replacing the life-giving blood with the water of the sea, purified.

And so it was that you dreamed of a salt-water therapy which becomes important in this time. Understand this, because of the contamination of the blood supply that is available for the healing of those in hospitals during this time, it will become soon quite essential that you learn a replacement for the contaminated blood. Because of the spread, because of the uncertainty of the development of the virus which has given so much cause to medical concerns of this time, the instrument that you remember from such an ancient time will again become important, the injection of a saline solution into the spine, for two reasons. In fact for several reasons, for the dream was so much more than a dream.

Understand this first . . . Salt water is, as has been called, as has been taught by the initiates of old, the marriage of Heaven and Earth. Water, the creature of Heaven which falls to the Earth in cleansing, and is the salvation of the Earth in the sense that water, falling from the atmosphere is that which cleanses, as nearly as possible, that pollution put so heavily into the atmosphere in this time. It is the water falling from the Heavens that brings this into the ocean.

The ocean, then, is the blood supply of this planet in quite a literal sense. And just as the blood supply of the human body is the container of the body's ability to rebuild itself, to heal, to protect, and is the immune system of the body, so the immune system of this planet is in the ocean water.

As the toxins are taken by the falling water into the ocean, it is here that they best are healed. For the ocean, you will discover soon, develops antibodies to the toxins of the Earth, the planet, just as the blood in the body of the human develops antibodies to that which is introduced as impurity into its body. And yet you are overwhelming the immune system of the planet at this time with pollution.

So a portion of your dream was a remembering, a remembering that a salvation of the Earth in this time is the marriage of Heaven and Earth, for salt is the creature of the Earth. And it might do well that you learn the crystallization of the pair.

You have been given this dream at a time when it is important for the protection of self,  for your house and for the place where you worship, that you learn the crystallization of thought as may come in this manner. As you think, you release the energies of electricity, and if you should bless pure water and exorcise it of all impurity of thought and direction, and take salt from the sea and bless and exorcise that in the same manner, then bring together the salt and the water, the creatures of Heaven and Earth into a holy matrimony.

Then hold a thought of prayer, of protection, of guidance, of blessing, hold that thought firmly while the salt and the water form a crystalline formation. So the very prayer that you pray is crystallized, quite literally. It is contained within the crystal so formed.

It was for this reason, you see, that the people of Israel crystallized the prayer that was on the doorpost as they protected themselves against the angel, which you know (Exodus 12:1). We would have you know that the epidemic that you face now in this time is the same as that one from which the people of Israel were protected when they went out from Egypt.

What you have called acquired immune deficiency was the epidemic that caused the death of the first-born sons of Egypt in that time. And the people of Israel protected themselves by the crystallization of prayer on the entrance to the home, the doorway.

But in that case, they used blood, which is of the same formula, you see. For ocean water and blood are so similar in chemical content, in nature, even in purpose, you see. For the salt water is the blood of the Earth, and as it dries and crystallizes, will hold within it the electricity of your thought, thus becoming a crystallized prayer. And so will human blood in the same way crystallize a prayer. And the blood of sheep and goats was used in that time on the doorway to crystallize the thought of protection of the house from all that was not comfortable with the vibration placed in the crystallized prayer in that time.

Now, we have mentioned all this to call these things to memory. You as a soul, and might we say here just as a point of reference, it is not correct to assume that you have been some other person in the past or that humans come as this person and that person. The philosophy, the theory, the idea that you call "reincarnation," should be understood in this manner. That you have never been someone else. You have always been who you are, but you have traveled in various garments in various times, and you were present in that ancient period of a land called Alta which disappeared beneath the sea. But you were one of those who went out with the instruments of healing which were quite sophisticated in that time, and one of those instruments you were given charge and used was an instrument for replacing the fluids of what you would call in this time a herniated disc.

In the dream that you had, you saw the entry of something needle-like into the back for the healing of the spine. And the instrument they used in that time was an instrument for the use of or the entry, the replacement of spinal fluid with saline solution. And also for the repairing of a herniated disc to lift pressure off a herniated disc by filling it with a saline solution or salt water. And so you dreamed of salt-water therapy, and the dream had so many meanings for it related to so many lifetimes. A time, a period in the time when you knew the Master of Masters, an earlier time of the exodus of the Hebrew people from Egypt, and the relationship of your dream to the crystallized prayer. And so salt-water therapy to your soul's memory has much greater meaning than can be explained in one simple process of therapy.

Then you have known of an earlier time when blood was replaced by the water of the sea. So you live at a time now when there is a repetition of the epidemic, and you remember a manner in which the epidemic was prevented from affecting the people who knew how to protect the system by a crystallization of thought. And so you could perform again.

But you also remember an even earlier time when there was an instrument for replacing spinal fluid and for the lifting of pressure from the pain of herniated discs and such of the spine. And let us mention one further application of that period in the Temple of Sacrifice, as your soul might remember. That the enzymatic action from the flesh of fish was used for the softening of bone of the spine that it might be used for the correction of what you call now scoliosis or a curvature of the spine.

We mention these things because they are part of the soul's memory, and all these influences were felt when you gave your consciousness to the Source and then laid down again to listen, and understand that this is the correct manner of giving the first fruits of the thought to the Source. When you rise, give your mind to the Source, and then rest again. Rest again in meditation or even in a light sleep, and so you receive the response, you receive the communication from the Source, having given your mind to it. And so you may remember and recall.

And in response to your questions, "Is this something of an invention that you have been given, and can further details be given?" Might be well called such, for even though it is an instrument which existed in antiquity, it can be re-invented in this time. And could be important in this time, for the contamination of the blood supply will reach pandemic proportions, and there will be a search for a means of replacing blood in a safer manner. And so the instrument that you have seen, you can further dream of by following the same process as you used in that morning.

Awaken early. Give your mind to the Source, and lie down again to receive further instruction, memory and understanding. But know, do be aware that even as you remember the use of this instrument, you will have some difficulty introducing it to the medical world which is not yet ready to hear from those who have not credentials for the creation of such. And will seem a bit foreign until there comes the time of sufficient desperation for a replacement of the blood supply, until you will be heard. And so again will be introduced the use of the blood of the planet to heal the body of man.

#9328, 9/16/90

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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