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"What is Our Greatest Lesson to Learn on the Earth?"

Source: And even in this day, so many centuries have gone by, and there are so many on your plane that would cry out for the understanding of these disciplines and do not understand those stories that have been given from the beginning.

There were bodies made available to those Sparks of Life that they might understand those disciplines of manifestation and creation, those disciplines of polarity and magnetism. There are those things that you have come into this world to learn concerning balance and the use of these instruments,  you call human bodies, that have been given you that.

There are still even in this day the attitudes, the tendencies of being caught up in the desires of the flesh, even as that first day when those sons of God became sons of man and sons of beasts, and were caught even up in those bodies that were not perfected for the use of man. They were intrigued, even in that day, with the pleasures that might be felt through those divine senses, those things that you know as nerves, that were given as they took on the use of those mechanical instruments.  Those things that you know as sensory devices, that even in this day you have.  And now, they are much a curse to man. How much you are bound and chained as you walk upon this plane of Earth.

And even in this day, you consider those things that you have been advised to overcome, to understand the operation  and to subject them to your will rather than being subjected to them.  You cry out as if you were being asked to give up this or that, or being punished or being deprived of something worthwhile.

Can you not understand that you are children of God, not children of man?  You are caught up in the bodies of beast.  Can you not understand that as was given, even in that day, by the one John, the Beloved, as he tried to help you understand the vibrations of man or the vibrations of the beast. (Book of Revelation)

Will you not understand the symbology that was given even then?  Can not you understand and even conquer these bodies for a short period of time that there might be the conquering of those centers of energy, those seals that cause the child of God to be caught up in the temple of flesh?  If those seals were open, would you not be loose, would you not be made free?  Do you not know that those seals are truth? And if you would understand the truth, each of these truths and put them into operation, would you not be made free? 

If you were not caught up in the self, would you not understand these truths and even loose them that you might be turned away from the human body and see it as an instrument, a mechanical device, that might be given for the operation of God, even Jesus Christ, in the Earth?  And would you not understand His second coming?

Will you not know that if you would conquer the seven chakras, the seven centers, those seven seals, those seven energy devices that hold you sealed in this body, will you not understand that if you were freed therefrom, that even the son of God might return in this day to His people.  And this world might be loose from those problems that are so close in coming, those changes that you have looked forward to with wonder.

Those New Dispensations might come in that which you have referred to as the rnillenium might even begin in this day.  But if there is not one among you who would give his Body that the Son of God might return, then look at your Earth and understand those things that will happen.  For if these chakras in the human body were opened without that control of the Higher Self, or the Divine, would not this body be racked and even torn to pieces from not being able to except that energy that might flow through it? 

Would this not happen, as well, with this Earth upon which you walk.  If the Earth were given to the power, to the energy of the Son of God Himself, would you not see that those energies that have been caught up within be released.  This Earth must be free from the chains of man and returned to the energy of God.

But if the Earth be not ready for those changes, then what would you see upon this   Earth?  As been given, that the sun will turn black as sackcloth of hair.  Your moon, as has been given, will turn to dripping blood.  Those men, those Saints, who have given themselves for the Gospel of Christ, will they not be turned loose from their chains. And those, even that this channel has seen, will they not be turned loose upon this earth, for have  not they begged for opportunity to return to the children of men and tell them what it is like on the other side of the veil?   Would not the veil be rent in twain, even as it was on the day that He died. And even as in that day, those Saints, those children who were not in the flesh were loosed from their graves, and would not those bodies be reassembled even in this day. And would not the grave and the sea give up their dead, and would they not walk this Earth free?

Now if you would see the graves opened, if you would see the dead walk, if you would see those who think they are alive begging for what they think is death, and if you would see those people on your planes crying to be loosed from the bonds of the flesh, then continue to be caught up in what you call pleasure and what you think you want from this life.

Now chose you this day whom you will serve, and if it will be flesh, then flesh, but if it would be Christ, then give yourselves to Him.  Then, accepting the Truth, shall you not be made free?

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation for the Paul Solomon Source Readings,  ,
All Rights Reserved

1999, Daniel Emmanuel/
Wisdom of Solomon

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