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"Please Explain the Importance of Being Awakened to the Christ Force Within."

Source: Know the importance of being awakened to the Christ force. Never let it become small with thee. Know the importance of this lifetime for these are the last days and there is much to be done with one with such great a talent, there is much to be accomplished. Be about the Father’s business in all that you do. We bring this not that this one would be a missionary or teach those things of religion or spirituality but that which is thy service to thy God is that which is given as talent. Then what you know to do and what you are given in creativity, develop them well; not only the understanding in music, in writing and creativity, but the ability to inspire others and particularly to show forth happiness, content with peace within.

Learn then meditations. Those periods of quiet and relaxation and bring relaxation and confidence within the self. And project confidence into the child. There is a great ability here to teach and should be developed. There is a great knowledge here, an awareness that there are two levels of existence or that is, that not all about you are in flesh and in body. But there are many on this plane that would seek to grow - seek to contact those not seen by your physical eyes.

Know that at any moment at any day there are hundreds about you. Some of whom may learn from the manner in which you meet situations tasked. One is never alone, and you could not learn a lesson upon this plane, without being observed by others and without teaching those who are about. Even those not in the flesh; those discarnates who need to be aware of your light and so directed to higher planes, higher levels.

Then be aware of the necessity of walking each footstep that he would have thee walk. So will you be aware of the master, the teacher, the guide who will work with you and being aware that there are so many that hover about at all times so will you come to know that one and and he will be very real. So will you commune often with him and know his answers. And they will become the more clear as you are so often aware of his presence.

Seek not to contact him, seek only to follow and understand that which he would teach for the contact is already established.

April 30, 1973

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation for the Paul Solomon Source Readings,  ,
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1999, Daniel Emmanuel/
Wisdom of Solomon

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