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"How May I Recognize God Within and Overcome My Feelings of Inadequacy?"

One would never feel inadequate, jealous or have a tendency to compare self with others on this plane if the judge of life Himself were within. One having found God then, having found self to be God, would be judged only by the Godself within and would feel so totally adequate, that there could not be that friction with others nor the comparison with others, as to accomplishments and growth on this plane.

Such feelings then, such at-one-ment with the Father would produce peace within.   If there is criticism from others, feelings of jealousy or bickering here, one so attuned with God will show such pleasantness in response, that these will wonder what has occurred in this life.  And then, in amazement, would likely follow suit, that God might be born in these, also.

Now this is the mission of all on this Earth in this time, that you would realize the self to be of the Father. Not comparing one with another on this plane, producing the friction, the jealousy; but comparing the self with the Father and seeking to be all that He is. So would you set the example among others.

Now it would be well for this one to realize in this time, that as there has been the attempt in this life at finding religion adequate, the attempt to pray and to find worship satisfactory within self, yet has been little success.  Yet when there is the prayer, that prayer is an attempt to communicate with one afar off or above.  Instead, sit and practice prayer in this manner for a time, using the phrase I Am, and I Am that I Am. Make the prayer only this, for a period of time, that you would begin to realize I Am God, and I Am all that there is.

So that God that I would seek to communicate with is in the very center of myself and as I attune the self to this, I become this. I become more and more of God, less and less of that one who has failed in this and that in the past, and less and less inadequate, more and more of the very nature of the Father, the Creator Himself. This one will find the prayers to be powerful and of use to all that are about. This one will attract others to self for counseling, for assistance, for that competence that is found and that confidence in the ability to communicate, to contact the Father.

Then as this nature of God is so born within me, I become familiar with the feeling of God in my breast, His feeling in this place, I will worship, for this is His church. His church is His presence within me, and I seek to make it more and more known. And as I share, then there becomes that church, as this is born within the breast of another, and we have formed that union with God.  So that union is the church of God, the Bride of Christ, that that would bring satisfaction and the Prince of Peace to this world.

Then consider this thy mission in this time. And so much happiness will be found within the self, that it will be radiated and bring happiness to those others, so many about.    Consider it the blessing that He would give you such a task.

We go for now.

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