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A Sleeping Man
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"How to Learn to be a Healer"

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One of the purposes of the Source was to prepare Paul for his task as a New Age teacher.  This is one of his lessons presented by the Source that any of us can re-create in our own lives.  The other person referred to in this Reading is Harry Snipes, who assisted Paul in discovering the Source.  This is one of the early Source Readings before Paul went public, given on April 12, 1972, about six weeks after the Source was discovered.

Note: In The Paul Solomon Lecture Series, THE X FACTOR IN HEALING, Paul shares his personal story of the tomato plants.  This is a tape series avaiable from Carmel Voice and Vision.

Source: For we would have you know more of the mind, for mind is the builder. There is much discipline that needs to be learned.  There is much training in the use of the mind, the control of the mind, the control of the heart, . . . development of muscles, spiritual muscle, mental muscle for the service.

We would have you, then, learn this lesson.  And because it must be realized quickly, we will tell you the results of the experiment which you are to perform.   But we would suggest that you perform this experiment anyway, and see those things of God revealed.  And learn how He will use even your own frail minds to perform miracles.

Let each of you purchase for himself two small young tomato plants. Now, you will set these in good earth, both of them in separate containers.  Now, each will have two of his own.

Now, this is the lesson, that one you will love, the other you will despise. You will love one and hate the other. You will say in your mind to the one, "You will grow and flourish and bring forth beautiful fruit that I may eat." And you will say to the other, "I despise you, you will wither and die."

But you will give them both the same amount of water, the same amount of care in other ways, except in the heart and mind. Care for each in exactly the same way. Careful to do this now. Except in the heart, in the mind you will tell the one that it will bear, the other that it will die. And observe what happens.

God has given you power in your mind and you will use it in God's name. You will see it revealed in the two plants and their growth. One will yield for you beautiful fruit, the other, even as you told it, will wither and die in spite of the care given.

Now, how does this apply to your daily life? Look upon everyone around you and know that (whomever) you love, will flourish and will return your love, bearing fruit to you.

Now, he that you dislike, that you do not love, that you would not see develop beautifully, will not develop. It is this one that will abuse you and despise you. Would you term these things good then?

Now, after that experiment is made perfect and you see the one has begun to wither and die, then begin to love it and see it grow, and it will bring forth fruit.

Learn this lesson with thy fellow man. If thou wilt love thine enemies, they will grow and flourish, become lovely and bring forth fruit that God's Name may be glorified. Where, then, is the greater lesson? Remember that has been given, mind is ever the builder.

Now, my young brethren, if your mind, your faith in God, that part of you which is God, can heal a tomato plant, would he not heal one of my own children?

In this lesson learn how healing comes. You are being taught that your own mind through the power of God may be used to heal thy fellow man if applied with love.

Mind is the builder. Love is the tool. Use them in service.  . . . Learn to love, and love shall be returned. Mind is the builder. Use the mind to build faith, love.   These things, these attributes of God, . . . apply these things in thy daily life, and you will find yourself growing.

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation

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