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"Many Candles about the Earth"

It is possible for any one of you to become consciously aware that there is always a divine desire inherent within you that impels you toward good, toward God. There is a spirit, or a presence, or a consciousness within each one of you. It causes within every man, woman and child an inherent seed of desire to be what you might call an expression of good, or of God.

There is inherent within you a portion of yourself which desires to be the best that you can be in all aspects of endeavor. It is a seed of your source that desires to germinate and to bear roots, and boughs, and fruit—to grow and to mature into that possible being, that one you could be, who through complete harmony would be an expression of the highest and the best that you might have potential to express in the earth.

In moments of quiet and peace, there is often a consciousness in your heart of the existence of such a seed. And you desire to feed, to water, to nourish that seed so that it might express. In other times, desperation within you drives you to awaken that seed of consciousness in order to establish a communication between that seed and its source.

It is the nourishment and the awakening of this seed of source which allows and causes the experience known as “regeneration,” “metamorphosis,” “transformation,” and “the new birth.”

The first step in this experience of transformation is a moment of evocation. There are times when you desire to express totally that which is good, that which is unselfishly of God within you. There arises a need in you to express perfect love, harmony and peace. The dreamer in you dreams of being all that you can potentially be, as an expression on Earth of the Divine Creative Principle, the Creative Fiat.

In those times when you experience that desire or quest, those moments are called the evocation of the highest or the divine to be in you and speak through you. You seek the highest that is within you—the creative nature, living love made manifest. You hunger for the true nature of your heart of hearts, where the only desire is to express on Earth as a presence that will contribute to life on Earth—a light extending from yourself to burn as a candle in the darkness.

There manifests within each of you a presence which is the seed of your source. When watered by your expression of desire and prayer, there is awakened a need to express your holiness. This is the transforming experience. The seed that is planted in you is fed and watered by the transformation of all else that has been self. As self falls away into insignificance, it becomes like compost to this seed of the divine. The seed, sprouting as it were, reaches for its source, for it is a seed of a tree that is planted in heaven whose boughs, leaves and fruit extend into the earth.

The seed of God in you cries out to its source for the creative awakening spirit, the Divine Fiat. It is the extension of God that allows the spirit of creation itself to germinate that seed in you. And in that moment in which the best and the highest in you, that which is good and of God in you, that kernel or seed of God himself that he has planted in you, begins to awaken, there is the calling toward you of all the beings of the universe.

There exists a Great Cloud of Witnesses, which has been spoken of by the Apostle Paul as those who have gone before you from Earth’s experience to become the heavenly witnesses of the times when the Source of Creation reaches its points of love into the hearts and activities of men, to empower life in a man or men, in a woman or women, and even in children, to express themselves in such a way as to lift the entire race a little closer to the perfection of the expression of God on Earth.

This Great Cloud of Witnesses surrounds the earth with its presence. These witnesses to the power of God are responsive when any one of you cries out to know the Spirit, the Presence, the power of God. These witnesses are drawn to the light which occurs in the moment of evocation of holiness, when self seeks its source so that it may germinate and express its potential of allowing God to live in and through the body. In that moment, the seed becomes active through the intentional evocation of that which is of God, of creativity, of good and growth.

A light is created in dimensions hardly known to you, but which are occupied by this Great Cloud of Witnesses. This light, or spark of light, comes from the intent of one individual to know his Source, to discover his Creator, to discover the source of love in himself, the source of motivation to turn away from alternate lovers, distractions of the earth that keep the mind bound to things, that allow the mind to be so occupied with things not of God that there is left little room in consciousness for this seed to have that bit of attention that it must have to become activated.

This tiny seed, which is of God, is surrounded by a boundary, born of the insistence of God himself. Your Source, your Creator, has insisted that this seed be surrounded by a barrier that consists of your own freedom of will, so that you might live your life according to a will that is separated from the natural fruit of this seed of God within you.

In those moments when any man gives up his separate identity, when any woman gives up her will that is separate from the will of the source contained in the seed of God within, when the barrier of self-centeredness and self-interest is pierced to explore the presence of light, of love, of goodness in self, when the consciousness is turned in full desire without reservation, when all other things become insignificant in comparison to the discovery of the potential of this seed of God in self, when evocation has occurred, invocation takes place.

The seed of God draws to itself its source of divine nourishment.   There is created between the individual being, the human, a living link between the seed and its source. This, in turn, creates a light in dimensions hardly known to you—a light which draws to itself that great host of the angelic kingdom, the Great Cloud of Witnesses. There is drawn that presence that has been described as the spirit of holiness and that presence that has been called the expression of God. There is called ultimately to this flowering of God in a man, the presence, the wisdom and the nature of the divine source itself.

So as we speak, we attempt to explain who we are. We are that in the unseen that are attracted to a prayer, a request, a commitment, a dedication—an emptying of all that is human self, presenting for a moment only that seed of God, with all else of the self lying dormant, unconscious, having given up its own thoughts which remain contrary to one another because of the nature of the cleft brain of man. And going beyond that mind, the seed of the source opens communication with those gathered here who are all presences, dedicated and committed to that one who has before him the records, the book and the books, as called in The Revelation. These are opened before him—the books giving the thoughts of the source of creation itself in the Creative Fiat when the worlds were spoken into being.

His purpose in so doing is recorded here, and the history of the development of his creation is laid before him here. We, the witnesses, are gathered to be a part of this divine experience, to contribute to it and to bring our strength as witnesses to affirm and confirm to you that it is possible for the mind of man to be influenced and directed by the spirit and presence of God.

We would draw your attention to the prophet Daniel and the manner in which, by entering a sacred sleep, he allowed the communication of divine source to fill him with inspiration of the instruction of that source that he might then be a channel of the guidance of the divine.

This process has ever been available to mankind, and is. We seek not in this moment to describe for you some special gift, something that you would think of as supernatural or psychic in nature. But rather we present before you that which can happen and does happen when any one among you enters a moment in time when your very heart seeks to know experientially and personally the presence of good and God—the manifest presence of Holiness of the Universe, available to you, that you might attune to His Presence.

The seed in you is awakened through experiences such as this, in moments when you set aside all thoughts and opinions, all appetites and expressions of the body and the mind separated from its source. It is awakened as you enter into a time of utter stillness, listening with every part of the self to the expression of the Source, listening with a request from the heart, not the mind, but from the very depth of self, the soul, the heart of self crying out to know its Source and to be an expression in perfection of that Source so that It may reach Itself into Earth through you.

That experience of awakening is called by some, “transformation.”  By others, it is called “metamorphosis of the human spirit.” By others, it is called the “experience of the new birth.” All of these link the consciousness of man with its Source and produce potentially what has been spoken of through this Source and this channel as the Meta-Human. It is the birthright of all mankind to know, to be in tune with, to be an expression of and filled with the presence of, the divine to the extent that the limitation of what you can experience and express through human life is not the limitation of human possibility or capacity.

We have attempted to explain that what is occurring in this moment, the words that come and that you record, is not a phenomena for entertaining the fancy, for channeling the words of consciousness of an ancient being who will give his opinions of that which occurs on Earth today. We do not purport to be a psychic source speaking through this channel or individual through whom we speak. We express ourselves only as a response to proper prayer—proper prayer being the setting aside of the self that is a distraction from the perfect inner desire to know God and the crying out sincerely from that heart of self that seeks to know God and asks, “Will you respond through me?”

Our words are a response to that prayer made possible by the setting aside of the limited consciousness of the brain’s activity, ideas, prejudices, opinions and beliefs, that there might be produced a clear channel for all that is of God, all that there is of good and living love, to operate the consciousness and speaking mechanism of this one to speak words of divine guidance. This should not be any more uncommon among you than the practice of the ministers, the preachers and priests who claim to speak the words of God before congregations of virtually every religion and creed about your planet.

It is in that spirit that we come before you. If there is a single message which we are commissioned to speak through you and to you, it would be as simple as this. When the voice of God rang forth in the origin of what you know as Creation—when the supreme primal voice that was the first stirring of vibration, sound and light manifest in the utter darkness and emptiness before the worlds were—as this sound went out to create light, which is units or quanta of potential energy expressing in darkness, darkness having no resistance to it whatsoever, no power over it in any manner, so there went out one, and only one, original Force. 

This vibratory Force is best likened to the quanta of light called photons, having neither positive nor negative electrical charge yet having the potential to become charged negatively, positively and neutrally. So that if there were in the beginning of time nothing more than light, you must understand from the point of view of your science of physics that that expression alone is sufficient, that all else that is created and manifest is possible from that one expression of the Divine. But this divine expression, being a spectrum of vibration, allowed that creation be of both light and sound, and so provided the seeds of the energies you know as electricity and finally magnetism.

That that which was sent out originally as light and sound had within it all potential to become gases, liquids and solid matter. And the ability of the light responding to matter in the presence of water gives you an image of all that was necessary for life itself to spring forth from this Creative Fiat.

We would lay a foundation for understanding that surely may be communicated to men, women and children of every race, creed, nation, religion and even science. It is of such consequence that, understood appropriately, it could possibly restructure consciousness and human nature to the extent of creating a science and technology based upon this simple truth that would reawaken Earth to its natural productivity and expression of the Divine Source.

Now coming from that which we have referred to as Creative Fiat, the sending forth of light and vibration which come first as light and sound, then combine and recombine as positive and negative and neutral particles result from the travel of the photons. There is the basis for all that is created. And the extent of Creation might be understood as having come from this force which does not wholly disagree with your current theory called the Big Bang.

Now, we would have you understand that in the sending forth of this energy which is light and which, as you have seen in the combination of the elements through the simple conversion of light into electricity and thus into the building blocks of atomic structure, might then simply by changing rate of vibration and varying combination of the positive, negative and neutral charges, lay the groundwork for atomic structure and thus following molecular structure, and having these, have the building blocks of the expression that you know of Life. Life itself having preceded the expression of Life which came through photosynthesis, as these energies we have described combined to form light, color, sound, and then gases, liquids, solids and matter. And light upon matter, combined with water, gave forth photosynthesis and the building blocks of Life as you have discovered them to unfold.

We wish to say then that there is the one energy that is Life itself in expression. This which we call Life also has qualities which in an ancient time were referred to as agape—Life which, by its very nature, seeks to expand and to share. Life which desires to share is known as love.

It was the desire of this original Creative Fiat to share that went out in light and sound and all other things. It was its desire to share itself that allowed life forms and other expressions to participate in its own liveliness.

Now, we wish to make the point clear that there was and is only one primal energy from which all other energies are components, results, expressions of this one. Here is the basis for your unified field, if it be understood that there is not, at the ultimate point of expression, flowing forth of energy and vitality, even in your theory of big bang, a positive and a negative force and counter force. At the beginning of all that is created, there is more simply a pouring forth of light, which is something, which is living, in fact, which is something which exists as evidenced by the fact that it can travel in units called photons, quanta of energy, as compared with its counterpart, darkness.

Darkness in truth, exists not. There are no quanta or units of darkness. There are no such expressions of darkness that travel. It does not travel. It has neither substance nor reality in any form other than its appearance to be a point of reference for the existence of light.  And so it exists only to that extent.

That extent is the extent of nothing, which allows the fact that something exists to be known. That is its only purpose. And even as we speak of darkness as “it,” we speak in improper terms, for it is not “it.”  Rather, it simply is not.

If this is true of light and darkness, it is as well true of life and death. You can demonstrate for yourself that death is not the annihilation or the disappearance of something which has expressed or lived. You do not know some force or form which you can appropriately identify as death for such does not exist. Experiment as you like, and you will find that you can cause nothing to permanently cease its existence, whether of consciousness, light, plant, animal or any other expression of life. Should you seemingly extinguish it totally, it simply will cease its expression for a time and then return to express itself again.

There is no death. Thus, the word serves only the purpose of a point of reference to express a positive. Death is appropriately used only as an expression of the fact that there is something which is, which does exist, which is an opposite of that which does not exist. That which does not exist is called by the name “death,” but which is a name for something that is not. Yet it serves a purpose in expressing that there is a counterpart which is, which does exist.

May we offer then a third? We have referred to agape as the tendency or the need in that which lives to live more abundantly, to share its life, to share and share and share, in combination and recombination of expression. The force of agape is that force which causes all living things to wish to re-create. Re-creation is the ultimate expression of love. It is the desire in the soul of all that lives to give life and to continue the living of life by spending the life force of itself, for the purpose of giving that life force to something that will continue the expression of its existence.

Love is so inherent in life that life itself might even attempt to extinguish itself, or sacrifice itself, for the purpose of giving new life, to continue the living of life.  Life cannot be caused to cease to exist. If you created of your planet a barren place, totally annihilating the expressions of life upon it, you would find that for a time it would seem to be barren. Perhaps ice would form, and then eventually, begin to melt away. With the melting, a sprig of green would appear in photosynthesis and build the process of ever increasingly complex forms of life again to repopulate this place.

There is no sphere, in all those spheres that you know in the Universe, that are without life. The life on these spheres does vary in its expression. On many of them, you would not encounter life with the limitation of your senses, for they are peculiar to your planet. You are not well equipped to interact with life from other spheres.

There is only one Force which is in fact real. It is original, creative Force. It is logoic or logoidal energy. It is, in the terms of the writer of the Gospel of John, the Living Word. It is the expression of God gone out to reveal itself in many different forms so that the broad spectrum of its expression might be known. 

Now, we would offer you a prayer which can be understood by adults and children, people across all racial barriers, cultural barriers and religious barriers, which are artificial structures. Let us give this.  It is well that each of you enter into a time when you seek in quietness to confirm and affirm that there is something in you that is good, that is of worth and of value. There is something within you that has a desire to express good, to contribute to the world in which you live, to contribute to life itself, to be a participant in co-creation with God.

When you find that part within yourself, speak to it. Speak without fear that you will not be heard. Speak to the heart for it will hear. It is the very source of your ability to speak, thus it can hear and understand.  Speak to the highest, the holiest, the best, the good, the Source of Love itself within you. Speak to that and say,

“Please, please, You are the most Godlike seed of expression within me. Please, will You become activated and grow within me. And will You grow to such an extent that there is pushed out of me all energies that are not You, the good in me.”

Would you request that of yourself? This is the first step. Let each of you, man, woman and child, speak to yourself, within yourself, and say to the highest, the best, the holiest, the good in you, the living seed of God in yourself, that which makes you wish to be good and kind, saying,

“Please grow in me until everything that I don’t feel good about in myself, everything that is not divine, everything that is not loving and kind and creative, everything that is a misuse of my energy and a seed of dis-ease, everything that is of the nature of fear, falls away. Will You grow in me until I am filled with Your Presence, the Presence of Life and Love, the presence of all that contributes to joy, laughter and wellness? Will You, seed of God in me, seed of holiness, of wholeness, of healing and health, of joy, allow me to want to be kind? Will You continue to grow and occupy my senses and every cell of my body, occupy every part of my being, until I am no longer me, but You, until I am You manifest, holiness and goodness, and there remains nothing of me that is unlike You.”

As you pray that simple prayer, reach one step further and say,

“Seed of Good and God in me, seek your Source, your Father, for You are the child of God in me. Child-God in me, seek your Father, that You may be about your Father’s business.”

You will become so filled with love that you can reach out to make contact with Living Love, with God alive in the world. You will become an extension of God in the world. In so doing, you create a cord, a spiritual cord of communication, and contact, and healing that allows you to be connected with God, God-connected.

Allow the force of God to flow into you and fill you with His Presence and His Being. Allow your words to quite automatically be his words. So will your personality become one of strength, of wholeness, of confidence and of love. So you will begin to know yourself in a new way, having confidence in yourself, knowing that you are filled with love and with kindness and with power, a power over which evil has no effect and cannot befriend.

Know ye that all things that are not of God have an inability to affect that which is of God. And as you are filled with His Holiness, you become invulnerable to darkness, death, threat and evil. Then, may we offer this last simple prayer:

“I speak this day to the Highest, the Holiest and the Good in me. I speak to that in me that is capable of unconditional love, that in me that is capable of giving life. I say to you, ‘Please grow in me until I am filled with You.’ And reaching beyond that which I find in self, I reach to the source of all good in the Universe and I say, ‘I want to get to know You better. As Your Seed grows in me, I reach out to You to be filled with Your Divine Presence, and so become an incarnation of love alive, of life living, and of light shining in this world of darkness.’ And I pray that through my communion with the source of creativity, that we may become many candles about the earth creating one great Light that allows for the healing of our suffering Mother, the earth.

“We know that those who have attempted, in their hearts and in their ways, to commit deicide, those who have attempted to kill in the minds of men the Father God, have never succeeded. And those who attempted to crucify the son of God, only multiplied his presence. Now, we attempt to crucify the Mother, and in this attempt, we may come closer to  accomplishing the death of an expression of God than we ever have in the past.

“Let us then as men, women and children of Earth, awaken to the need to soothe the skin of our Mother Earth, to bless her heart with our prayers and our caring, to clear the air which she must breathe of the toxins, that we may through prayer and listening find a way to eliminate from her breath. And may we live on Earth, not as parasites upon this great host being, which tolerates our presence and even provides for our needs, but rather than parasites, Lord, teach us a symbiotic relationship, that Earth may become fuller, stronger, manifest more completely, in a healthful, peaceful way, because we have lived gratefully upon her surface and placed ourselves deliberately into symbiotic relationship with our Mother host.”

We are through with this which might go out to affect, having been blessed by your hands and hearts, the consciousness of those who have ears to hear about this globe.

So let it be.

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

(This Paul Solomon Source Excerpt was edited by Grace de Rond.)

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation for the Paul Solomon Source Readings,  ,
All Rights Reserved

1999, Daniel Emmanuel/
Wisdom of Solomon

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