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"Concern Yourself, Not with Spirit Guides, But with Spirit"

These who come asking about spirit guides need concern themselves, not with spirit guides, but with spirit. All that is needed from inner planes is given to every person on your plane, and when anyone seeks development along spiritual planes, teachers or influences are sent. 

Realize that if a beautiful star in the heavens can influence your thoughts and thus bring a little beauty into your life, this inanimate star itself was a teacher and a spirit guide. If a tree impressed you with the beauty of its form and in it you saw something of God revealed in nature, this tree was for you a spirit guide.

Broaden your realization to know that if one who has failed in this lifetime and rests in the gutter crosses your attention and teaches a lesson, he is, in that moment, a master and was set there for a purpose. As you learn from seeing his failure, his fault, even his sin, has he not taught well the lesson that he was set there to teach? The star, the tree, the one who has failed, were all used by spirit as teachers, thus be aware that such indications in your life are often the teachings of masters from inner planes. Though you hear no voice, though you see no presence, though you remain unaware of that which leads and causes things to fall in place the way they do, even so the lessons are provided.

It is a credit to those who provide guidance from inner planes that you are often not aware of their presence and never aware of their identity, for in being aware of the presence or identity, would you not be distracted from the lesson provided? Rather than identify those with a name or an individual personality, learn what they would have you know, which is always provided in perfect lessons.

Seek not an entity or a personality, someone who may be labeled spirit guide or spirit teacher. These things so often are discarnate spirits and are not of the nature of those that would come to you from inner planes as spiritual guides.

If you would know the true guide, if you would know true spirit, realize that within you is a spark of the divine creator. This spark of light is the You of you, the true identity of you. This is the light that came into the world, came into darkness, yet darkness knew it not. This light, this true spirit, is in your life, and yet you know it not.

Recognize and realize this spark of God and see God himself as your spirit guide. Seek to turn inward and fan this spark into a flame, and follow its indications. All that you may know of God is written on the tablet of your own heart. Seek not from outside sources but from deep within yourself for those things that would be of God.

Realize that all influences that come into your life and that indicate this direction or that are spiritual guides and teachers. When the masters who have gone on before send this indication or that to teach you, they seek not to draw attention to themselves, but away from themselves and toward that spark that is your divine self. Those true spirit guides, teachers and masters who influence your life seek to turn you away from realizing, identifying or knowing them. They seek rather to turn you inward. This is the purpose of a spirit guide, to detract attention from himself, to point attention instead to the God-force or life-force that is within you. These guides are only given as indicators, as markers along the way. It is not the signpost that you seek, but that to which the sign points.

You may encounter one who speaks with the tongue of the gods or as an angel, or he may appear as a minister of mercy or a prophet or a sage, or he may be a healer or a worker of miracles. But if that one calls himself a master, a teacher or a guide and calls you to be his student or to follow him in his teachings and methods, is your attention not focused
on the master, the teacher, the method, the tool? And is this not a subtle diversion from truth? Seek not to worship these, for truth itself lies one step beyond the tool, the master, the teacher and even the spirit guide.

Know that there is no one on your plane or on inner planes who is a master who would call himself a master. There is no one who is a servant of the divine that would attract attention to himself and in so doing become a stumbling block or divert attention from that perfection that is you. If you want to attain cosmic consciousness in this lifetime, it will not come through a teacher, either on Earth or on this plane. It will not come through a tool such as Scripture or a technique for meditation, discipline or development of any kind.

Then, what would bring cosmic consciousness? It would come only through awakening and realizing that all that is needed, all that there is, lies within yourself and not in the voice of another. Anyone on your plane who would speak the words of God can only divert your attention from that voice within you that is the true teacher.

Truth lies in the quiet stillness, and it will well up naturally when that quietness becomes prime central stillness. It is there that you will find him who is not only the expression of the Almighty, but also the expression of yourself. As he is born and begins to live in your body, so will you attain cosmic consciousness, for his identity is the consciousness of God. 

There is available to you a spirit. It is the spirit that that one who was the Christ promised and left to be available to you, the Comforter.  It is the spirit with whom you should communicate within. There is no greater, no closer, no superior, no more personal spirit guide than this one.

If others would seek to assist from inner planes, they should be taken only as servants, messengers, never as guides or superior beings that would show to you the will of the Father. Is the Father incapable of direct communication? Would not that Holy Spirit of the Father himself live within your heart? Could another, either incarnate or discarnate, be closer and know his will in a closer way than you within your own heart. Attune yourself to the will of the Father and claim the blessing and the presence of that divine spirit that lives within, for this is your spirit guide.

There are those who would seek from inner planes to bring you a little closer to God, that would teach you the path and the means of developing toward God. It should be realized however that whether one of the archangels or simply one of past incarnations would speak to you as a spirit guide, this one would not become known by name because he who would be seen as your true guide, as the light in your life, as the one who would
lead you closer to God, would be the Christ, and there will be no other between him, there will be no other besides him, there will be no other equal to him. If their names were revealed, would that not distract you from him who is your guide, him who is your light, him who became the Christ and showed the way?

Realize that there is none closer than the Christ. It is not possible that one could become closer within the heart of the light. If there would be one inclined from this plane to act as a teacher, a master or a guide, would not this one want to realize that he is one with God and one with the Christ? Therefore, he would want no other affinity, which would separate him from God. There need be no other name given. And no other name will be given from these planes, from these sources.  If there are names that come in the night, if a name is whispered, if a name is realized as it is repeated again and again in the head, then this one would be a spirit guide. Know this force to be one from the inner planes and one who seeks to help, teach and guide. Only in this manner would the name of the spirit guide be given. Do not accept those names that are given from outside sources, from these that would speak as psychics and mediums.

The name of a spirit guide would always come from within you. But never should these be confused with, or put before, him who is the Christ, he who would lift you to Christ consciousness.   You have met masters in this lifetime, but you have never recognized one. There have been spirit guides who came to teach, but you have never realized them. It is to their credit that it is so, for a master who would allow himself to be recognized as a master has failed in his mission and would no longer be a master.

Know whom you will serve. And know that as he is expressed in all men on your planet and in all those on inner planes, he is not expressed in anyone. In that paradox, you will find truth, for those about you are only statements of him. He himself dwells in your own heart. It is here that you will find him.

In recognizing the Christ-force that dwells within you, you will realize that the one you consider a teacher on your plane is by his very existence a limitation. When you have gone beyond his limitation, his identity, his wisdom and teaching, you will see that what he has failed to attain, to express and to understand, and what he is not capable of giving to you, already  exists within your own heart. Then, you will awaken with the realization that you have surpassed all the teachings and all the expressions of the teachers on your planes, on all planes. 

In the moment that you recognize the Christ-force within you, even the angels in heaven will rejoice and gather about to worship their teacher and master. In that moment, you will realize that you and he are one, and you will know that all that impeded your realization of who he is was that which you know as ego, personality or self. As long as you value identity, personality or self, you will find that barrier between self and the expression of the divine.

Be aware of the necessity to know and recognize the Christ-force.   Look not for a master or a spiritual guide, but for understanding of the power of the Christ that is available even in this day. Know that you are surrounded by that presence and that all you need to learn will be placed in your path. Learn from such things each time that they occur. Recognize that stimulated within your heart and conscience as truth. Accept it as gold and apply it in your daily life. 

Realize God attempting to manifest through you and to shine his light into the world. See yourself as a light bulb, as a container of that light that wants to shine forth from inside you out into the world. Seek to be a light in the midst of darkness. Seek to use your tiny flame as a candle in this world of darkness. And seek that everyone who comes in contact with you would be lifted a little closer to God.

(This Paul Solomon Source Excerpt, “Life is the Best Evidence that God Lives,” will be featured in Grace de Rond's book,   “The Wisdom of Solomon”)

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Wisdom of Solomon

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