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Paul Solomon
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"Life is the Best Evidence that God Lives"

We speak in words, and words by their nature are symbols. Symbols are reflections and can only reflect the image of truth. Those who have known truth have been reduced to attempting to express it through words that are dead. However, truth lives! Is living! Truth must be approached, not as a concept, but as a living being who reveals the living self to you.  Knowing truth is knowing a friend.

When there is a feeling of peace within you, living truth is speaking. When you see beauty and are inspired, living truth is speaking.  When appreciation wells up within you and causes you to know with absolute certainty that God lives, truth is speaking. When you know that life itself is evidence that God lives, truth has revealed itself to you.

That which lives is truth, for life is greater than death, and light is more powerful than darkness. That which lives cannot be overcome or destroyed by that which is dead.  If you want to know the truth, walk with that which lives, that which assures and reassures life. Walk with that which speaks of harmony, of peace, of confidence. Worry and concern are manifestations of fear. One who worries believes in the power of darkness, of confusion, of destruction. He believes that darkness can somehow upset truth or life.

Understand that the great War of Armageddon is already being waged.  The battle has begun. This battle—call it World War III if you will—is being waged on Earth at this very moment. It is being fought between the forces of light and darkness, between life and death. This ultimate war manifests on your planet as the destruction of the evidence of life on Earth.

Understand, though, that all you need to know of this great war is that all things that live are evidence that God lives, for they express through life. And all that expresses life tells the truth that God lives!

If, however, there is belief in the power of evil or darkness to overcome life and that belief is stronger than the belief in the superior power of life, the evidence of the stronger belief will manifest in the destruction of bodies, plants, nature and Earth itself.

However, understand this principle that we will call the Law of Twelve. If there are twelve men, or twelve women, just twelve people on Earth who know absolutely that the power of life is greater than the power of death, and out of their assuredness they walk with absolute confidence in God—confidence in truth, confidence in love and life, without a worry in their heart, but with a peace, knowing that life is, because God is!—there can be no destruction.

Life is the best evidence that God lives, and you can no more destroy life than you can destroy God. God is the source of all that manifests. And that which has been manifested cannot be greater than its source. It cannot be more powerful. It is not capable of the destruction of its source.

You cannot destroy God. You cannot destroy your planet. God is. Life, which is God, ultimately overcomes death. Love overcomes fear. Death is only a point of reference for recognizing life. Death itself bears witness to the fact that life lives. As long as God lives, there is life. 

Do not worry that so many people live in darkness. It is true that, because of their allegiance to fear and worry, because their belief in the power of fear is greater than their belief in love, they will pay allegiance to this power through suffering.

Those of you who have reached a stage of compassion care. You care for the whole world. You care for each other, for nature, for the planet. Out of your compassion, you want to see harmony throughout the world. You would love to recreate harmony in order to save your planet.

Yet, worry will not save your planet.  The best that you can do is to walk in complete peace, within nature and among people, with an absolute confidence in your heart—confidence in the power of nature as a manifestation of God. Walk within nature, among mankind, in the midst of life, and say to nature and mankind and life, “You will overcome these difficulties, and I know that.

Therefore, I will not fear. I do not worry.”  Though the evidence seems to abound that man is determined to destroy himself and to destroy life on this planet, you must have complete and absolute confidence in this one thing: man simply does not have the power to destroy life, nor is it given to him. It cannot be given to him.

There is no power great enough to destroy God, who is life. Life lives! It can do nothing else. Life will continue to live in the face of all destruction. Life will return, and return—for God is, God lives, truth lives.

When you know truth, you will know its voice within you. It is not a principle. It is not a religion. It is a living friend. Communication with God is not a communication of words, though you would do well to use your words to talk with God. Communication with your words will lead to real communication, and real communication with God is an absolute knowing of the heart. It is the peace and stillness within you that knows God and reveals God.

In every moment when the mind is troubled, when the heart is troubled, when there is worry, that is not the voice of God speaking to you. It is not the voice of truth, for worry is not truth! Fear is not truth!

Truth speaks its name with confidence. Truth is confident of its invincibility. Darkness cannot overcome light. Fear and death cannot overcome life and love.

See this tiny planet in the perspective of the vastness of the universe. In spite of the destructive power of mankind on Earth, see what a tiny speck Earth is in the magnificence of the universe. See how tiny is man’s ability to be destructive. All the universe is a manifestation of God. And all the universe is your home. If one small ball of matter that is not in itself a light yet were completely destroyed, it would be nothing more than the passing of a cell in the body of God. The spirits of the living would continue to inhabit the vastness that is still the manifestation of the beauty and the light of the living God.

There is no tragedy that can befall you. You descend into matter for a time, and you develop concerns about matter and its limitations.  And after a time, you are released. Eventually, you enter matter again—this time, with the intention of making a contribution to harmony and peace, to communicate the truth that it is possible, to live in the world with complete confidence in the power of life to overcome death. But again, matter concerns itself with matter, and logic concerns itself with evidence. Thus, confusion reigns, and worry and fear manifest. 

Return to confidence. Let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God, that which lives, the source of all life. Believe also in life!  Know that life lives, that God lives, that God is completely in control. Know that man, with all his destructive power, is limited to changing the way matter manifests. He cannot destroy matter. He cannot destroy life, for life is greater than death. The evidence of that is seen all around you in life renewing itself and constantly overcoming death. Life is great enough to overcome all the forces that mankind and the power of darkness can manifest against it.

Therefore, be not afraid or worried for your planet or for life. Do not be afraid that man can crucify his God, for has he not tried again and again? Yet, God lives! Life lives! Beauty lives! And so do peace and harmony. Believe in that which lives and partake of these things. Eat and feed yourself on the beauty that manifests in nature. Wherever the forces of manipulation of darkness have not intruded, walk amid the beauty that is natural and drink of it. When thoughts of concern or worry come, have nothing to do with them. Simply dismiss them and return to a belief in love and life, in joy and happiness, in harmony and peace. Let it fill you and renew you, so that life wells up within you.

Know the truth. Know life. Know that you have a supportive friend living within you and that friend is called confidence, peace. That friend manifests as your own ability to experience life, love, peace, harmony, beauty and joy. Spend your time with that. Focus your thoughts on that.  

Feed upon it so that you might become one of the twelve. Just twelve are required to alter the coming changes, including war. The requirement upon each of those twelve is that he be one who lives with complete and absolute confidence in God. He must believe in God more than the power of destruction.

When one is afraid of the power of destruction, one’s knees are bent before the altar of destruction. Worry is the act of worshiping destruction because it is the manifestation of believing in the power of darkness and fear. Confidence is the fruit of worshiping love and life. You are empowered by who you believe in. This is the truth that will set you free.
Know the truth that life is greater than death and overcomes it, that love is greater than fear and overcomes it, that light is greater than darkness and overcomes it. Believe in that so thoroughly that you know with confidence that it is true. That is the truth that will make you free—free of worry and free of fear. So free that where your footsteps walk the earth feels confident, for here is one who knows God, knows truth, knows that life is greater than death and overcomes it. Nature, where you walk, will spring to life and be encouraged, for it is written: “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings!” (Isaiah 52:7)

The very footsteps of those who know God bless nature and bless life. Earth herself is encouraged by the feet of one who walks as a manifestation of complete confidence that God is alive and well, that life lives and cannot be stamped out, that all the forces of hell and darkness, of destruction, of evil and fear, have no power to stand before the Living

You know the truth when you know the Law of One. There is but One God, One Truth, One Life, One Power of love and creativity. And it is greater than all the forces that appear to work against it.

Let absolute confidence reign within you. Believe in truth, believe in God, and share that knowledge. This is the truth given by all religions in their original intent, and this is the salvation of yourself and the earth. If the challenge of enlightening all mankind seems too overwhelming, then consider the challenge of producing just twelve—twelve people who simultaneously express complete confidence in life, in God, in harmony and in truth. And so, you can change even the manifestation of destruction on Earth. Twelve individuals can stop an earthquake! Twelve individuals can stop a war, a World War. Twelve righteous people can bring Armageddon to a close without another shot fired.

Twelve people among you represent the consciousness of the earth, and that percentage of consciousness is sufficient to affect the consciousness of all others on the globe and to enlighten mankind. If it seems that great campaigns are needed to reach the politicians, the governments and the masses of people, all these things are not done in vain. Yet, the greatest you can do is to establish complete confidence within yourself.

One! Become one of the twelve, knowing that you walk beside two or more others who also have such confidence that all is right, that life is in control and is not worried about destructive forces, but will continue to live and thrive and grow and manifest in spite of the powers of darkness. Complete confidence. That is required to know God.  It is also written, “Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” (I John 4:4) You might take that to mean that he that is within you, he that is life, is greater than the evidence that you see around you of destruction. Greater is the life that is in you than all the
powers of the world.

Healing at its ultimate comes from this absolute confidence in life, in love, in harmony, in peace. When absolute peace is in your body, there is no war between factors in your body that can manifest as disease.  Health itself is a manifestation of harmony within the being. Certainly, it is healthy to eat in balance, to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature around you and to avoid altering the substances that nature offers you. It is well that the body be cared for because it is an instrument for expression. However, one should not worry for the health of the body or for its physical manifestations. What you should focus on is complete peace and confidence.

When there is conflict within you, when you are worried about the planet, when you are worried about what man is doing, the worry is internalized. Conflict is set up within you, and the result is fatigue and disease. But when one comes to peace, peace manifests in the muscles of the body and in the nerves and the tissue. While it will not necessarily regenerate the physical body, it can release power in a person and renew strength. It is written: “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)

There is no greater secret of health than peace within your spirit. Harmony with truth within you renews, invigorates, rejuvenates and heals the body. One who comes to perfect peace prepares a body that might well pass from this physical plane in peace, releasing the soul to greater life.  In such a passing, there is no tragedy, nor in such a life of harmony is there ill health. One who walks in such confidence blesses the earth upon which he walks. And those who pass by him are influenced by his nature.  They are touched by a force of peace.

Then, be about the settling of issues within you that cause concern and worry. Let peace, harmony and truth rest upon you, in complete confidence that life overcomes all. From a point of confidence, harmony and peace, you can speak with a voice of inspiration and reassurance. Not so much a voice of warning, although man must be warned of his destructive action for it is simply kind to do so. Mankind might be made aware that there is a better way, a more harmonious way, a more peaceful way, a way that serves his interests better. 

The prophets sent by God will continue to speak so—but not out of fear, not out of worry, not out of concern. They will speak with a voice of reassurance. They will give assurance that all is well, that God is not so small that he can be threatened by the actions of mankind or by the forces of destruction or darkness.

Then, be not afraid! If God is not concerned, neither should we be.  The very nature of God is harmony, the Law of Life, the Law of One, the Law of Love. If you would know God, then you must know him as he is. You must know him in peace, in harmony, in love and in confidence. Then, you will know him as the Supreme Force. Then, of what can you be afraid? What can be the concern?

Let your voice become a voice of confidence! Let your heart become a heart of peace. Know God and know truth. Walk with him. Feed upon him.  Let that be your source of strength to renew the mind, the body and the spirit, to give direction and guidance, to make the walking of your feet a blessing to the earth and to all that you touch.

May it be so.

(This Paul Solomon Source Excerpt, “Life is the Best Evidence that God Lives,” will be featured in Grace de Rond's book,   “The Wisdom of Solomon”)

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation for the Paul Solomon Source Readings,  ,
All Rights Reserved

1999, Daniel Emmanuel/Mind Wings

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