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We would consider that astrology began as the world began. That is, it began as awareness in those first entities that manifested on that which you know as the earth or within this plane of existence.

Now in order to explain or in order to understand that which would be the astrological science relating to these entities, it would be necessary that we present an entire discourse on the creation, or that which caused the world or the human life as you know it.  But suffice it to say for the moment that those who came as thought forms in Atlantis and those who manifested in Eden as the first to take this body that is the vehicle of the higher primates and to inhabit these bodies in the sense of being a physical manifestation, were aware of the relationship between themselves and the universal forces.

Now we would find that that which you refer [to] as astrology operates in this manner and was the awareness even at this time. There was no birth of astrology in history, for it evolved with man— for the awareness was there before the world began. That is, each position of stars in the heavens, each position of the planets, the relation of the bodies, the planetary or solar bodies to one another, were the pattern of that which manifested under that influence. That is, we would see it in this manner: The positions of the heavenly bodies as aspected to one another—not just the eight planets that you use or those bodies that you now consider in erecting that which you have called the horoscope chart—but. . . all bodies in your solar system are a pattern of the bodies through which you manifest.

It was understood by those who came into manifestation on the earth plane that the vehicle that they chose to manifest in was a carbon copy of the position of these various bodies in the heavens at the moment of inception, or that moment in which the soul came into the physical body.

We would further explain the same concept in this manner:

That as an atom is the tiniest part of the human body, so the planetary body or the heavenly body as you would see them are part of a larger body, and as they move through this larger body they form aspects, angles, relationships one with the other.

Now see the universe as one large human body, for purposes of example; and this would be given only metaphorically as illustration, that you would see that as this body or that moves into a certain position within this huge body,. . . there is this manifestation, this state of health, this state of character, this state of personality, because of the arrangement of the atoms, the molecules, the organs, the relationship of the body functions between one another.

Now if this manifestation, this movement which is a constant force throughout the universe were stopped in a single second, that which came into being in that single second would be a carbon copy in miniature of that which was the universal manifestation. This was the original understanding of astrology and this was the manner in which it was used: As a soul would seek to manifest in the universe, it would see the universe as an overall picture and it would choose that moment when these certain bodies would come into certain aspects one with the other to give character to the vehicle through which they would manifest. Therefore the question as is recorded here: How old is astrology? It would be said it began before the beginning, for those very first souls that manifested were well aware of the relationship of the stars in the heavens to the body, the vehicle through which they manifested.

One of the problems in the original manifestation or that which was called the fall of man was that these superhuman bodies as might be called, or these parts of God, these creative forces who looked at these vehicles from these angles were not aware of that which would happen as they manifested through this smaller copy. Or, that is, they were unaware of the trapped condition within the body, or the inability once they inhabited the body to be aware of that which they were aware of outside the body. Coming into the body placed them under the limitation of the smaller copy of the universe. We would see that this began as a study, as a valid science on the continents of Atlantis and Mu. And it was in these situationsthe hieroglyphs were chosen. Now the hieroglyphs as were originally given were attempts to recreate the movement of this particular planet as was seen from the outer positions before the manifestation in the human body.

But for now we would deal with those questions [such] as the place and time that astrology as a science began. In this sense we would see astrology as a valid science: that is, that these forces manifesting under a certain pattern adopted that pattern. As the pattern changed in the universe, it became a law that those changes manifest as well in the human body that corresponded thereto. This however has not been constant throughout the evolutionary history of man. For it was given of God that man should have free will. Therefore he was freed, as he practiced his will, from these astrological influences, thereby nullifying some of the laws of astrology, thereby ceasing that which would be a valid science, had it not been for the interference of the will of man.

Now we would see that as manifesting in this manner: that those aspects of astrology would rule a man’s life if they were left unattended, that is, if man’s will was not exercised.

That which was given as the will however, is the most powerful influence in the universe, and even the stars in their paths can be influenced, that is, can be thrown off track, can be moved to different aspects between themselves by the exercising of the will in the smaller aspect or the smaller copy, the miniaturized depiction of the universe. The vehicles can change that which it is the manifestation of, by the will of man. This was demonstrated by the Christ force, for the manner in which He lived His life changed the positions of the stars in the heavens and thereby created the end of the old dispensation, the beginning of the new.

Now there has been questioned whether there was a difference in Him who became the Christ, and those others of the masters who seemed equally as great. This would be the answer to that question: that never has there been another who by living his life ended one dispensation and began a new. This has only been done by Jesus, the man of Galilee who became the Christ. There have been other masters who expressed the Christ force and thereby brought salvation to their people, and brought example to their people and were great in every sense, and it is being given from these planes that we should not encourage that these be separated or thought of as different or one greater than the other. But they all are one, they all are the manifestation of the one force. It is only that this one brought a new dispensation.

This will occur again in that which has been called the return of Christ, the Second Coming of Christ, or the return of the Christ force. This will come not through the manifestation of a single man, but from the attuning of the hearts to the Law of One. When the Law of One is expressed, that is, made manifest in the hearts and lives of men—that is, when the will, the soul, the purpose of man is brought to one—the planets will line up one behind the other and express the Christ force in the world. This will be the second coming of the Christ, and the man from Galilee will appear and be made manifest throughout the world at all times, in all places at one time. This will be the expression of the Law of One, this will be the bringing together, the ceasing of the duality between God and man. This will be the ending of the ages, the ending of the earth as you know it, for this will be a higher manifestation of all that is. Now these are the laws of astrology, these are the laws of God. These are the constant universal laws and these are the expressions of the Law of One.

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