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"Explanation of the Meaning of the Second Coming of   Christ"

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Q: Can there be given, in a way we may understand, an explanation of the meaning of the Second Coming of Christ?

A:  For the particular questioning entity, it may best be understood in this manner: In this day, in this period of time, in this preparation of the new subrace, there has come a time when that force that occupied the body of the one called Jesus, He who became the Christ, is able and available to occupy bodies on this plane at this time. It is the purpose of this race to be raised to that level, to be used in such a manner that the indwelling of that Christ Consciousness, which was the life force of this Entity, is available in this day and in this time.

There is oft the question as to whether Jesus, who was the Christ, will return as Jesus, as a man on this plane, or is this a consciousness that will occupy all those entities that have acquired a level that makes the body or the soul available for indwelling of this Christ Consciousness.

We would find that both are true. He who was the Christ will return, will rule, and will teach on this plane. There are reasons, there are purposes for this which may easily be understood, that the greatest of the initiates will come in this day to complete the evolvement of those initiates who might be available for the occupying of this consciousness. There are others who will, at the same time of this reappearance, this Second Coming, be raised to this level so that in effect they will become the Christ in their own consciousness, in their own development.  These in this sense will become one together and they all will become Christ in the Christ Consciousness. They will become one with God. This is what we seek. This is what we build toward.

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