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"The Future of
the Black Race"

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Q:  This entity asks about the future of the black race.

A:   The important question is the question behind the question, or why was the question asked? The question then, as we would see it, is how must I feel toward my black brother? We would see it in this manner.

In the manner of Christ teaching on this plane, we would offer you a parable. There was a southern farmer, a very wealthy man, who had living on his land, in a shack, a very poor black man.

This farmer attended church every Sunday, and to outward appearances was of God. The black man knelt in a glen daily and worshipped God.

Now the farmer came across the black man one day as he worshipped and, in seeing him worship when the sun was up and the fields could be worked, he abused him and said, "God doesn’t look on your kind anyway. Forget your praying, you’ Il never get to heaven."

Now we would find that there came a pestilence in that land, and both became ill and died. They were caught up, then, to meet their Maker. And as this white man was caught up past the clouds, he caught a glimpse of his black neighbor resting in the arms of a form clothed in white, and the head and the face of the glorious form was wreathed in white.   And he passed through the clouds expecting his judgement, when the light cleared and faded, and he looked into the face of a black God. Knowing his own judgement, he walked away sorrowing.

Now how would you look upon your black neighbor? Look upon him as you would look if you knew God himself was black, for He is. God lives in the heart of the black man as He lives in you.

As to the future of the black race as a race, that will depend, then, upon how you, as a white man, look upon him. "For as you do it to the least of these my brethren, you do it unto me." God seeks out and takes care of His own. The future of the black race, and your race, is in your hands and as you would treat those, so shall you be treated.

Paul Solomon Foundation 1994

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