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"Is the Bible
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Word of God?"

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Q:  Is the Bible, as we now have it, actually and verbally inspired, faithfully reproduced and the infallible word of God?

A:  Inherent in the question you ask are actually several questions.

First of all, we would correct your wording in this manner: The Word of God is not written on paper. Consult your own Scripture. It is written thus: "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us." There, then, is the inspired, infallible Word of God. His Name was Christ. That that ye have is the record of Him, of His life, of those things of Him which were from the beginning, and those things of His Apostles who walked upon this plane.

As to whether it is verbally inspired, faithfully reproduced and infallible, we would answer thus: Verbally inspired in the original manuscripts—they’re coming to you from not infallible soul entities who knew Christ and knew God and were inspired of them.

Now because they came through these channels, there are errors, and because your Bible has been translated, and retranslated, and portions lost, and portions added. And if you would see your Bible without God it is fallible.  It is sown throughout with mistakes, and errors, and untruths. However, no man of God, no man in contact with God, no man with God living in His heart would see the Bible in such a manner.

What are we saying is that what you have, taken alone, is simply a book. It is reproduced by commercial companies for commercial purposes. Can it then be Holy? Inherently Holy in itself? Yet, that record that it carries is the record of an Holy One. It is preserved, protected, brought to you by the Father Himself.

Then, when and how does your Bible become verbally inspired and infallible? We would answer thus:  The Bible you take in your hands to read, immediately becomes verbally inspired and infallible as you open your heart to God and read through His eyes. It is not, then, the book that you read, but He who lives in your heart that is infallible.   Now seek knowledge from your Bible in this manner, and in this manner it will be infallible regardless of words written, misproduced in translations, reprinting, and other acts of men.

All knowledge is of God.

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