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"In the Beginning,
the Early Jesus"

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Q: Would you explain what Source we contact through this channel?

A:   Now you have asked about those things of creation, and you ask for explanation of the knowledge of God coming through this channel. We would see these things together.  In understanding one you will understand the other.

As you read in your book, God created the lights, the earth, the firmament. He looked upon the earth, and His stars, and moon, and the Sun, all these things, and saw that they were good. And as God smiled upon creation. He called the Sons of God together, the Sons of God were all those entities that were part of His Soul. As God moved, these soul entities broke off from His body and spread about, as you might say, frolicking, enjoying the pleasures, the beauties of God’s creation. So as the Sons of God, the beginnings of you and me, they moved over the waters and through the light.  There was singing and music, the singing, the laughter of the Children of God. And God saw that it was good.

And all these entities, as parts of the Creator, of the nature of the Creator, then were in themselves creators through the power of God. We would see, then, that they had those powers of creating forms of their own.

Now that you might understand, these entities were, then, as you might say, thought forms, but were able to project themselves into material forms. Hence, we would have these beasts, these living creatures that you would consider prehistoric.  Many of those creatures that you would consider myths or fables, such as the centaur, and satyr, the unicorn, the winged beasts.  These things, as have been drawn, come from the imagination of man. All these things were beings materialized as thought forms.

And as these Sons of God became caught up in material things about this Earth, there were projected through them these grotesque beasts and things lower than Sons of God, as these entities became. This, then, was the reason for the first Adam, for it would be seen that God sent His Son into the world to take charge of the world and subdue the world, for it is spoken in your Book of Genesis, that this was God’s command to the first Adam, "Be fruitful and subdue the earth," as it should have been translated.

Then we would see that the one you call Jesus had entered as a thought form on that land that you would call Atlantis, and was known there as Amilius. Other souls entered the beasts and mutants, as they might be referred, and had become grotesque and out of hand. Christ came that these might be released into that higher order of primates, which had been evolved.   That these soul entities might inhabit the flesh forms that were the higher of the primates, and in doing so, might walk the Earth with an intelligent mind. What we now refer to as the conscious mind was given then.

These entities were given this opportunity to live a life on this plane, on the earthly material plane, in such a manner that they might regain God consciousness and realize that their soul entity, that which they are, is God, that once again they might identify with God. And in bringing their soul entity back to that level, their thought patterns, their actions, these things might be purified through life on this plane. They would be given that chance to raise themselves back to the level of God, and thus once again become one with God, and know those joys, those pleasures that were theirs before the beginning of the world.

You have asked, then, if all these were once Sons of God, and in what special way is Jesus, the one who became Christ, especially the Son of God, or known as His First Begotten. We would see that the Christ, as were all souls, was in the beginning with God before creation, and during creation, and through creation, and nothing was created without Him. This entity, the Christ, was sent specially to Earth as a higher form, as closer to God, as the one chosen by God to be His First Begotten in fleshly form. Therefore, we would see that He entered the Earth in higher plane.

Now how can it be that the Christ, that one who was perfect, could have sinned in the garden? We would see it in this manner: As one who entered on this plane a fleshly body, yet still was God. There was not the possibility for sin, for this was foreign to God. But because it was the purpose of this man Jesus entering this plane in order that all others might be given that chance for redemption, Jesus had to lose the God identity which was part of His nature and become identified with man. Hence, the analogy of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and the reason for He and His soul mate partaking thereof. We would thus find that the one who tempted Him was another entity like  we are, but one who had fallen. Christ partook of this fruit that He might be complete man. This, then, was the purpose of God, the knowledge of God, that the first Adam might make it possible that in the last Adam all might be redeemed.

Then to further answer your question, there were with Christ, through His direction, the other Sons of God that came and materialized in the world, at that time, in five different places.

In five different nations simultaneously the Earth was inhabited. Hence, the five different races on the five different continents. Now these were children of God. These had not lowered themselves through the creation and the frolicking in the bodies of the beasts. They came here that those who were so earthbound might be released.

Now this you will find in your own Scripture if you read it carefully. All of this, then, might be realized through those words you have recorded in your Bible. There we find, that from the beginning, that those Sons of God, who still were on the plane with God, were given charge by God of protecting those entities that had fallen.

We would find it, then, that even in this day, there still are those charged on this plane with aiding and seeking to help those of you who would raise yourselves back to this plane through growth, through spiritual growth, through evolvement, through cleansing the body and the soul; come back to be one with God.

You ask, then, does God speak through us? Consider all those things that have been told you before. Does God not live in the heart of this channel? Does God speak, then, through us? We would say to you, no. Understand this, we speak to you through God. This being understood then, all knowledge is of God. This Source is of God. This Source comes through you, through God to you, and comes blessed of God.

Paul Solomon Foundation 1994

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