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"White Brotherhood"

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Q:  Did Brotherhoods ever exist?

A:  Concerning the question as is brought, we see the existence of at least three brotherhoods that were of the right-hand path. That is, the high development of the masters were known first as the White Brotherhood of ancient Egypt, and developed into that which you know as Freemasonry under which this nation was founded. Their symbolism, then, being the basis for the direction and guidance, that set as protective devices over this nation in numerology, in astrology, and founding symbolically those guards, or guides, as to what this nation would become.  Its use and identity were set to the knowledge of the higher ideals of Freemasonry.

There were other orders such as the Order of the Golden Dawn, and others of the mystic schools and the secret and ancient rites of which you may not know and even the name itself may not be spoken at this time. There are brotherhoods, and realize that those on your plane who have been the initiates of one or another of these high brotherhoods, whether of the left-hand path or the right-hand path, are sought out by those masters of the brotherhoods and are guided from inner planes accordingly.

This one, then, as comes seeking was an initiate of the White Brotherhood and is guided from the inner planes concerning their teachings and understanding of these principles. See that you not be distracted, then, by such teaching, but realize that all lead to the central Father. These only are indications of help from others who have developed along similar paths. Be aware of their ministry throughout this world, for even in this lifetime you have been approached by other members of the White Brotherhood and those who developed in its paths and are of such awareness.  There will often be such contact and such direction, for it is natural law that these gravitate together and develop within groups through the principles of incarnation.

See, however, that your development comes from within. Never be distracted by that of another’s experience, but know and realize that which is true within your own heart of the living God. Realize that all you may know of the Father God is written already in the tables of your own heart. And if you would read from these tables, from these tablets, from these memories, from the very foundation of the Earth, you would turn inside to that silent temple, the prime central stillness within, to read from these tables of stone.   For therein this information is carved even by the hand of God.

Now seek to attune yourself, for often He would speak with thee.

We are through.

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