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One of my favorite excerpts is the one pertaining to the Law of Twelve . . . Mike Hammer

Understand this little principle that we will call the Law of Twelve.

If there be twelve men, or twelve women; if there be twelve, just twelve on earth who know and are sure that the power of life is greater than the power of death, (then) out of their assuredness they walk with absolute confidence in God. 

Confidence in truth, confidence in love and life, without a worry in their heart,   with a peace knowing this one thing: Life is because God is! And life is the best evidence that God lives.

Then, if the challenge of enlightening all of mankind seems too overwhelming, then consider the challenge of producing just twelve. Twelve, who simultaneously on earth express utter confidence in life, in God, in harmony, and in truth. 

And so you can change even the manifestation of destruction on earth. Twelve men can stop an earthquake! Twelve men can stop a war, a World War. Twelve righteous men can bring Armageddon to a close without another shot being fired.

For twelve among you represent the consciousness of the earth, and that percentage of consciousness is sufficient to affect consciousness of all others on the globe, and to enlighten mankind.

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation

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