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"UFOs and Armegeddon"

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Question:  Please tell me the relationship between our human race and the extraterrestrials on UFO’s.

ANSWER: There is considerable influence, even now, with these vehicles, and even Beings projecting into incarnation to walk among men. And there is, at the same time, a law which disallows interference in the perception of reality of this planet except by inference through inspiration and projection of consciousness and assistance.

Not doing the job for mankind, although there is a marshalling of forces in that great spiral of light that is known as this home galaxy [the Milky Way], which has ability to.... what is the word? To concentrate itself, to shrink, to miniaturize itself as a great ship, or vortex of energy.

For you see, this that you call a galaxy, is in essence, a chakra of a greater universe.  And in the contraction of this, it would appear as a turning light, focused on the heart center of the environs of Jerusalem, where interdimensional Beings, or extraterrestrial Brothers, as it were, have formed a plan for ascending and descending to influence the learning of man.

And these Shining Ones, the army of Michael, wait only for the commitment of one who should open, or activate, the instrument that you know as the pyramid. Or might likely attempt the building of such on Mount Moriah, calling these forces to assist in the evolution, or revolution, which gives birth to the New Age.

Then, there is, as it were, a waiting for John to act. And yet, there is, as well, a plan to intercede should John not be brought to that level of commitment of action, of taking the step.  And there is no means of predicting this time of the step, other than to say John has, at best, a period of twenty, or so, years for the opening of the instrument before the descending of the wheel as described by Elijah (Ezekial 1:16+).   And the activation of what can be the battle of Armageddon, or the descent of the Holy City.

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