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Yes, we have here a temple builder.  Again, and again [he] has returned in this work with an understanding that is latent in the memory, but could easily begin to understand from the study of sacred architecture, or sacred geometry, many of the functions, activities, powers of these structures.  For temple builders in these times were Initiates.  Initiates not only of sacred geometry, but of the use of space and matter for the conducting of energy, and the healing of the Earth.

Now, you could turn the thoughts or the studies to temples built, particularly in China,   some of the more ancient in Thailand, as well, and specifically Egypt. For these in particular, as well as the Chaldean, are where the trainings took place in these times.

And some hints of reference to that which we speak might be seen particularly in China, in the disposition of the temples with the sacred poles, or rods, standing pillars of the temple piercing the Earth at meridian points of energy. Used as it were, as acupuncture needles into the paths of the flow of energy for the stabilization of the Earth as one purpose, for the accessing of the vitality (of the Earth) as another purpose.

And even could, if properly researched with the Shinto tradition, but more perfectly in the Chinese sacred architectural tradition, such techniques could be used for the stabilization of these islands [Japan], and for the prevention of earthquakes—literally, for this was one of the purposes served by these temples.

And can be seen specifically in that temple in China where the balls are held in the mouths of the dragons, and in response to the slightest earth change, drop. As it was an earthquake prediction technique of the ancient priests, it prompted the driving into the Earth of a rod into the meridian for the stabilization, the repair of the flow of the chi, or ki, or ka, energy of the planet.

Now, these temples served further functions, in that, built along these paths, which in more recent times have been referred to as ley lines, outlining the meridians of the Earth, we will often find where the sacred ones built these stabilizing points, not only for the healing of the Earth, but for the communication of vitality from one to the other, making energy available to these temples and to those who came there for healing, and even for more practical purposes.

Systems of communicating electromagnetic energy, which could be accessed with the use of gold and gemstones, or crystals, [these] set as capacitors for the focus of light through such crystals.  [They] were sometimes used for providing light in the interior of these stone temples. Look at the pyramids of Egypt, the Zaggurat of Chaldea, and those temples to which we’ve referred in China, and the Pagodas of Thailand.   For their designs were carefully oriented in the times of the Initiates.

And even more recently in restorations of temples in China, proper orientation has been considered. And even in this day in this land, there are attempts among the Shinto priesthood to understand and to orient properly, buildings in this day.   Though the culture has gotten somewhat out of hand and out of their control, and much of the initiatory knowledge is lost to them, [it] might best be recovered, somewhat, from China and from the study of the temples there.

Now, this is the source for the fascination with the power of the pyramid. And, if this were to be understood, contained a core of stone with a capacitor, an outlet oriented to specific stars, or star systems, Polaris being one.  And with an overlaying sheathe of what is being called now, or rediscovered, re-invented, not yet perfected, called superconductive ceramics.  [The ceramics] overlaid again with translucent calcite which allowed for accessing universal energy from beyond Earth atmosphere and was used for a time for stabilizing the Earth, but was misused at a time which caused great catastrophe on Earth.  Such instruments being sufficiently powerful when misused to disturb the atmosphere, the environment, even the climate, the weather, and more.

Then, what do you do with such memories, knowledge, information?    [You] would find interesting an intense study of current works and rediscoveries relating to these materials, and particularly to the understanding of the meridian points, and the healing of the Earth with the sacred structures.

[These] can be built, of course, in smaller forms for the healing of the human body, [by] understanding those same principles of sacred geometry and the appropriate [use of] woods, those containing oil, and of gold, and the materials we have spoken of, including the twelve stones referred to as the Breastplate of the Priest. (see The Bible: Exodus 28:1-43)

Then, the study and research might well allow you to contribute to a better understanding of the current research into what is being called hyperspace, or the dawning upon the consciousness of man that the body physical and the Earth, matter, are not so solid as to defy the passing of one through the other.  Or the movement of the body beyond time interdimensionally into another location without time-lapse, which is the, as yet, undiscovered secret to space travel.  As well as, communication through the Earth rather than around it by satellites and such, and interplanetary, or interstellar communication.

All these things lie just before you, but the technologies currently pursued are being pursued in a somewhat misguided and destructive manner. And such researchers would be well advised to seek the unlocking of the ancient secrets.

For those who attempt to dig to enter into the Hall of Records of the Great Pyramid will find themselves somewhat disappointed. But those who discover the manner of passing through the stone, will pass into the chamber and find there instruments which would amaze those who consider themselves superior in technology in this time.

Paul Solomon Foundation 1994

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