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A Sleeping Man
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QUESTION: I want to receive the absolute spiritual enlightenment, which can free me from every restriction. I want to give the benefits of such enlightenment to the world and to dedicate myself to the relief of mankind.

ANSWER 1: Yes, we have the Records, witnesses, and we have the Self of the Soul here who would in particular communicate. We would point out that there are few in any given generation of mankind whom, as a soul, are prepared for perfect enlightenment. This is not meant to suggest that perfect enlightenment is difficult or impossible.

We rather comment that the Self of self, the Soul who is you, is, in fact, perfectly enlightened. The Christ, who is the Christ, is alive within you. We refer not to a historical man of 2,000 years ago. We rather speak that the child born of God is alive, is here, and is within you. The veil of separation between that perfect soul of your enlightenment is only a cloud of unknowing. The separation from perfect enlightenment is a veil so thin, so fragile, that in moments of perfect asking without wanting, without wishing, but in moments of willingness to be as enlightened as you are, so that contact with knowing can come.

Now, let’s attempt to say it more clearly in this manner. The perfectly enlightened one is one who knows love without fear. One who is Christ-conscious. One who is God-conscious. One who lives with the consciousness of God is simply one who has attained the ability to recognize good without evil as a point of reference. This is one who is able to experience and express perfect love, which casts out fear.

A Christed being is one who experiences absolutely no fear. One who can live without the expression of fear in the heart, the mind, the life, that one is perfectly enlightened. Perfect love without fear is the life of one who is, in this present moment, one with God and has no concern for whether he was enlightened one moment ago or whether he will be enlightened one moment from now. But in this present moment, knows, "I Am God," and knows, "I am no one else." And knows any voice from wherever within me, any voice which expresses separation from God, is a creative voice of imagination, a false voice. It is a voice of fear. It is a voice of doubt. It is the voice of the veil.

Now, to respond to your questions concerning your earlier appearances on this Earth, you have fascination in this lifetime for things of ancient Egypt, memories of ancient Tibet, and of India, and of the time of the avatar, Jesus.

Now, let us attempt to say there has never been a time when you were not. You have existed as a soul from the dawn of consciousness of God when God breathed His first breath, and from that breath came the Universes. So in that breath, you breathed.

As to a description of a type of soul or the nature of your soul, we would attempt to respond in this manner. That there are souls who yearn for At-one-ment with the Father, and there are souls who yearn to experience and express self as an individual, independent, knowing self to be separate from God.

Those who are prepared for the experience of enlightenment are those souls who no longer have a fear of loss of identity. That is to say, if one is afraid of losing identity of self by merging with God, with nature, that one would lose consciousness of self, this fear of loss, of identity, keeps one separate from God. The Master Jesus in this manner expressed it, for He said, "He who will save his life will lose it, but he who would lose his life for My sake, for the sake of being one with God, he will gain it."

Now if I am willing to be perfectly God, without being self, as separate from God, then I may be enlightened. Indeed that is the experience of enlightenment, to know self to be only God, and not man, not self, not separate.

Who I am is God projecting Himself into this world through a body, and I am not the body. I have a body for the expression of God in the world. I am not my personality, I have a personality for an instrument to express God in the world. But if I am afraid of the loss of that personality, if I am afraid of not being me, that fear will maintain the veil of separation between who I am as God and who I have believed myself to be as separate from God.

Now these things you know. We are very much aware that we have said little in these moments that you do not already know. Yet we have said them for a purpose. We have said them because giving voice again to these words, these ideas, these thoughts, these teachings sets a vibration in motion once again which creates a vehicle for the soul to realize that which you know. Thus the simple repetition of these words heard again and again, listened to, can become a vibration, a vehicle for self-realization as a mantra, a sound for touching the consciousness of God.

Now, the reason that your soul longs for these particular places and times that are part of your memory, is because in the memory you remember particular times of closeness, particular times when you had opportunity to be near to those who walked with God. Let us speak just briefly of some of those moments. We speak of these moments only to help satisfy your memory, to answer your question as you asked, "Why am I drawn to these particular times, particular places, and particular people?"

It is because you remember special moments. For the first time that your soul had living personal contact with the souls who manifested as Jesus, the Buddha and even of this one, the channel through whom we speak, all of you were present at a particular moment in a land you now refer to as Egypt. But the names you would recognize differently, for he who became the Buddha was known in a time as Enoch. He who became Jesus the Christ was known in that time as Hermes. These were, in this early day, teachers from an older world. They were called the Manu, those who brought light from a world before this one into this age;

One appeared as Buddha. One appeared as Jesus the Christ. Others have appeared here and there among you. They are not human, in a sense. These are souls who project themselves into a body, simply for the purpose of speaking to remind those evolving beings who are human of the fact that they can be released from humanity to be God projecting into matter, rather than man attempting to be God.

Now the greatest disservice that has been done to these teachers is that men have worshipped them rather than emulate them. You would see a pure, realized soul, and with a sense of reverence would say, "I will honor that soul, but I know I could never reach to such height. It would be presumptuous of me to think I could be such a realized soul." And so in your humility, you attempt to elevate the enlightened one while denying that light within the self. This does not honor the enlightened being.

If the very Holy presence of an enlightened being causes another to feel unworthy, to feel, "I am human, not divine." Then the divine one has affirmed the lack of that one who feels humble. Instead of the opportunity to provide a light, an example, a hope, the divine on has reinforced the negative, the separation.

Now, we say this once again to assure you that you can step beyond the separation and be the Buddha, the Christ, and the enlightened expression of God in the world. You walked with Jesus when he appeared as a man, for you were one of the Twelve who sat at His feet and were taught by Him. You were sent out to carry a message even to this land. You have returned here in this time because you were sent here. You were sent here to bring His message, His teaching, in that earliest time.

The Apostles, who were sent out by Jesus, are not those who are responsible for establishing something that you call Christianity in this day. Jesus, the Master, did not teach that Christianity is something other than Buddhism. Enlightenment is enlightenment. Truth is truth. There is not a different truth for Christians and for Buddhists. It is to your credit that you were able to bring the voice of the Christ without communicating that it is a religion, separate, apart, different, or in disagreement with truth spoken in other forms.

And so because you recognize truth without walls, so you are just that single step from perfectly realizing, perfectly remembering, who you are. You were called Thaddeus at a time when this person through whom we speak was called Paul or Saul of Tarsus. As Thaddeus you were sent out to the East to carry the truth of the initiation, the Mysteries taught by Jesus. This initiation is hardly similar to the doctrines and theology that are thought of as Christianity today. We can as well use this channel to sit with you in discussion to compare the memories of the soul of this channel with the memories of your soul. In so doing, remind you of the initiation that was given to you by the hand, the touch, of the Master, Jesus Christ.

You stand at a moment in history when this planet, this mother, upon which you live, has been so scarred, so abused, that it must erupt to shake off the abuse, so that it may be made new. Now this precipice, this critical moment in time, may be experienced as a great cataclysm, for it has happened before in history, or pre-history. This Earth was then, was in essence, destroyed.

There was an age in which man, as you know mankind, did not live on this planet, and so she was renewed, and a garden grew in Eden. That was the dawn of the age of Pisces. That was the time when these teachers came and attempted to teach responsibility for this Earth.

Now you are at the brink of a new age, Aquarius. The gift that you have to give as you attain enlightenment, as you expressed a desire to give to the world a gift as great as that given by the Buddha, by the Christ. The gift that must be given is the message, the voice, which says, "Live in natural, perfect harmony with the laws of this Earth, or you will destroy this Earth and yourselves with it."

We speak not so that you will bring fear to the people of the Earth, but precisely opposite. It is the learning of the Law of Love without fear that is salvation. One who lives in perfect love without a moment of fear is one who does not believe that the environment must be manipulated to force it to provide what is needed for life.

All of the technology of modern science which believes that we must destroy the plants and the resources of Earth in order to force it to provide energy for life, these are those who seek not to know that everything that is needed to sustain life on this Earth is quite naturally present in the environment around you. All is provided by God. One, who knows God, knows the abundance of life and knows that it isn’t necessary to force nature to be denatured to provide energy. All such technology is fear based, meaning that it is born of a fear that God will not provide.

There is created in this moment a unique opportunity for those who have brought themselves within one step of enlightenment to step across that line. A small handful of enlightened beings on this Earth can save this Earth from destruction.

It will take a miracle, but miracles are available.

Paul Solomon Foundation 1994

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