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A Sleeping Man
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"Attracting the Messiah
in the New Age"

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In an earlier time, there was a chosen people. Chosen not because they were special in a particular way nor because they were better, but because there was a need for a vehicle or channel through which the Messiah might come and the message be given. There is again such a need. How would you become the chosen people, the expectant ones in this time, the new Essenes? How would you become the vehicle through which the Messiah might enter so that peace reigns on this plane? You have gathered for no less purpose than that. And you must lift your sights and your understanding to that purpose, beyond the concept of organizations or boundaries of any sort, to a common mission, an ideal, a purpose.

In this time, we have called you Israel and asked that you become Israel. In the lower or higher meaning of that term, each of you is Israel.  You are either one struggling with God, resisting and fighting against him at every turn. Or you are the prince of the Lord, one who knows his rightful place as a child of the King and his responsibility to rule the

How would you become Israel, the chosen? How will you create a network of individuals, a vehicle, a communication opportunity, a receptacle, an instrument that John the Beloved, the Harbinger, might pick up and use as a means for communicating with all the Earth? How would you become such a people?

First, become a fellowship, a family. There are still those among you who would say, “I care for this group and its work. I respect the ideals and the purposes. But I don’t want to be tied to one group, or organization, or project. I care for most of these people, but not this one or that one. I reserve my right to go here or there, to give my attention and money and caring to this or that other group or work. I want to be a part of many things.”

Could you be a little bit pregnant?

You are committed, or you are not. You are Israel, the prince, or you are contending with God. As Christ said, “You are either for me or against me.” There is no middle ground.

As John wrote, “Would that you were either hot or cold, but because you are lukewarm I will spew you out of my mouth.” Until you have become a family, a strong harbor for those who are troubled, you have not become the prince, taking responsibility.

It is true that there are many organizations about the planet that are paving the way for John and for the Christ. It is true that one could serve here or there and perhaps there as well as here. It is not true that one can be somewhere in between. If it is there that the message is being carried best, then get you there, and make a total commitment of yourself to there. If it is here that the message is spoken best, then be here, totally committed to the work that is before you.

Become a family, become a nation, become a fellowship, a company of individuals who are recognized by their supportive relationships to one another. Let it be said of you, “See how they love one another.” It is a kingdom of peace that you are to usher in. It is the dawning of a new day, a new age. Learn love and respect for yourself, and love and respect for one another.

You have all that is needed. You have been chosen for a purpose.   When you have developed love and respect for yourselves and for one another, and when you totally enjoy being together and being about the work, you will begin to be effective in creating the dawning of a new day.

People will begin to say, “See how they love one another,” but will also begin to say, “See how effectively they work with one another.”  There are many facets of the work of preparing for John and for the Messiah. The facets of this work are so all-inclusive that they touch every institution that supports your civilization and culture, including education, justice, government, religion and communication.  All these areas that affect your life are areas to be touched by this work because there are so many tasks and challenges that are a part of this work. There is much to be done, and you have much to give.  Do not be ruled by those parts of self that are yours, but not you.

When you are hurt, when you are caused to feel fear or resistance, examine it quickly and ask, “Where does this come from within me? Why am I harboring fear? Do I want my life to be ruled by fear? What fear is there in me that makes me vulnerable to this hurt and pain?” Eliminate that and let yourselves be ruled by love. Become the Sons and Daughters of Light in this time. Become different from the rest of the world—in it, but not of it. The Children of Light must establish themselves now, for the time is short. You do not have time to waste, but must be about this.

Build the New Age first in the higher planes of consciousness. It must exist there in completeness before you bring it down to your level of Earth. Begin to create it there and see it at work. If two minds among you see the same model, operating in the same manner precisely, the same heaven on earth, it will occur on your plane. That is the law. Begin effectively seeing the same vision, for in that moment that any two of you agree perfectly, as touching any one thing, it shall be. This is your creative potential. Then be about it.

Can you begin to visualize a group of individuals—so committed to identifying themselves as an international fellowship or family, in one country and another and another, drawn together and communicating with one another regularly and effectively—that the antagonism between the governments of those countries becomes erased by their action?

You will have won a war without bloodshed—a war fought by love and peace for the first time in all of history. You will have overcome darkness with light, and you will have proved that love is stronger than fear.  You must prove it first within yourself, within your daily lives, between yourselves and each other, between yourselves and the people around you. If the love within you can conquer the fear within you, then you have won the first battle of the war of Armageddon. Let it begin this moment.  Take up your swords, and let this be the beginning of a strong nation of individuals who will claim that “prize of the high calling”—the preparation of the way for the Messiah, the introduction of the Prince of Peace into this Earth in this time.

That is the task that is set before you.

Paul Solomon Foundation 1994

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