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A Sleeping Man
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"Developing Teleportation and Psychokinesis"

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Q. What is the key to developing teleportation, psychokinesis and telekinesis?  What other senses do we have and how can we develop them?

A. Yes, inherent in this question,  there may be given individually those universal laws pertaining (to) the disciplines of mind over matter.  But for the purposes of those seekers who would attempt spiritual development for the sake of spiritual development, we would have you understand this law - that in mastering the human body so that (it) is brought under control, the (physical) senses would be subjected to the control of the I AM (part of your being), so there would be the understanding and control of (those) other (spiritual) senses.

Now for the understanding of such disciplines as psychokinesis, we would have you see that (a person) who cannot control that body given for the physical manifestations, could not control those things not connected with the body.

Realize that mind is the builder.  See this temple, not as (a) limitation, but as (a) tool for service.  As you have overcome the temple, as you have overcome the body, so you will realize that in the same manner as the body which you inhabit is controlled, so may any and all other matter upon this plane be subjected to your will.

We would have you see it in this manner, that even as your soul took upon itself to manipulate, to operate that piece of clay that you call your body, it applied those laws of psychokinesis or the movement by sheer will of inanimate matter.  It is the application of the breath of life.  It is that law by which man became a living soul.   Would you see yourself as God, and has it not been given so often that you are the expression of Him? 

If you would take a piece of matter, a ball of clay, a piece of rubber, a piece of pottery or whatever you would move or levitate by the power of mind, by the power of will, would you, in looking upon this piece of matter in the Universe, look upon it even as the Father God looked upon the body of man. 

In so doing, He said, "I am God, I am the Creator.  All power is given unto me in Heaven and Earth.  I will love this piece of matter that is the expression of the Universe, for I am the Universe.  I am all, in all and through all, and because I am not separated from this piece of matter, I can cause it to move as it is a part of my body.  It is a part of the expression of that which I am.  So I may apply the energy that is me to this (matter) and seeing myself as surrounding this piece with the energy that is (an) extension of myself, I realize that I am not limited to that that is the denser body.  (That) I may project from the body and surround this piece with the energy that is (me), and in doing so I may levitate, I may teleport, I may move (it) in any manner which I chose."

Then what law would be applied?  Consider carefully and realize that all laws reduce to one, the Law of Love.   For if you look upon a piece of inanimate matter and see this as self, would you not apply to it the love of self?  Would you not feel it?  Would it not take on senses, feelings, the characteristics of self, and in so identifying with a piece of matter, would you not give it life?

See the manner in which the Father God applied the same principle, the same law, as has been given.  Up from the bed of the river God scooped a handful of clay, and shaping it, he formed an inanimate object and into it he blew the breath of life.

Now if you would apply these laws where are the limitations?  You have asked questions out of idle curiosity that would not, if given scientifically, be beneficial to your spiritual growth.   We have chosen to give answers that would be beneficial to your spiritual growth.  Would it not have been better had the questions been formed in such a manner and with such ideas in mind of how will you grow by realizing such answers?  Will you not grow by realizing your identity?  If you would attempt telekinesis, or any of these applications of psychic law, will you not, in doing so, be forced to say I am God?  Then learn of Me, for I am meek and lowly of heart, that if I be lifted up will draw all men unto Me.

As you seek to do those things in this world, glorify the One who so spoke.  For if you could transport this or that object from one location to another, would you not do so in the name of the Father?  And if such would glorify Him and would cause His Light to be known,  to be seen in this world, would He not cause such laws to be at your command.  As He has given, learn of Me, then your interest will turn from studies of psychic sciences to the studies of Him.

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation

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