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"Abortion & Birth Control"

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This reading was requested by two very close friends of mine at the time.  I feel it clarifies many issues concerning abortion, including the controversial issue of whether a fetus/baby is killed through the important choice of abortion.  As you can tell I am pro-choice!

We would delight to satisfy that which is the wondering of all these hearts concerning these matters of birth, of the entering of the soul into your plane. And understand these things, that it be for your spiritual edification, that even through this description you might understand that virgin birth of the Master.

For it was in this wise, even as this one has come this night, that these things operate according to natural universal laws, which are the laws of God. And in those cycles of the woman and in her heart, there are those conditions created by the feelings, the emotions, the thought forms, in cooperation with those natural cycles of the body, so that in production of that which is called the egg or the seed here, in the female body, there is the realization within the auric field, or that field of force, that life field surrounding the body, there is the awareness of such conditions of productivity. And these have been spoken of from these planes as the glow about the life force.

Now such a glow might be produced in prayer. Such a glow might be produced in service, in learning—any of those activities that would cause a change in the electrical force field about the body, as a result of changing awareness. Now there are the changes that are brought about by disease, there are those changes brought about by the healing, there are the changes brought about by those natural cycles of life, and each would produce its glow.

Now understand that from the planes of the inter-between or from those levels in which spirits would exist, that these, which you would know as uncarnate or discarnate, are those awaiting those cycles of life that they might re-enter this birth plane. And those who have passed and are about to go to higher levels—these are aware not of the body, not of the material which you would inhabit, not of the physical, but only of the glow that is produced. Then you might understand that these are attracted to those who produce the spiritual glow, hence some among you are known as mediums or those who would attract the spirit forces.

Now in such a manner such a glow is produced during the periods of prayer, the periods when the heart, the soul, is crying out, calling out to spirit, and attracting those on other planes that they might be brought for service or for comfort. Just in such a way are many among you possessed or obsessed with these dealings of spirit, the knowledge of spirit, the crossing of the veil as it were, or the sudden lifting of the veil, in such a way as might produce fear, as might produce obsession with things of spirit.

Now we bring all these things that you might understand that which happens at the time of conception, for there is, in the female, the glow that is produced at that time that the egg, or that which is the receptacle, would be released in these cycles of the body. Now understand that this will produce a measurable difference in that current which passes through the force field about the body and then would produce the glow. It is at that time, even prior to the entering of the seed, or the sperm from the male, that there are attracted those spirits from the plane of the inter-between.

Then if there be those spirits that are particularly attracted to the mother and with whom there is an affinity, then the mother will feel the glow within the subconscious self, and will feel desire that this egg, [at] this time, during this cycle, would become fertile, or, that is, might produce a field in which this particular spirit who has an affinity with me, this soul, this person with whom I have karmic ties might use this that my body now is producing. So that it is within the subconscious thinking of the mother, accompanied with that feeling of the spirit, who would enter here and would need these karmic conditions or would have an affinity for this spirit. These two then, being compatible, would be drawn together, so that at this time the mother becomes receptive to that seed, that sperm that could come from the male.

Now understand these do not always mean the best conditions. It is no guarantee that a spirit so coming and entering the mother in such a period of time, attracted by that glow produced by this period of the cycle, would be best for that mother. It would only mean that the decision was made by these two souls or these two who felt they had this in common and were compatible one with the other that birth might come. These are the conditions then, under which conception might take place.

Now be aware that there often are the many souls attracted, or the spirit feels the force fields, and know that that field about the mother, about the father, about all, even in the physical body of this plane is that same field of that same nature of the one who would enter from the inter-between. So that three are the same here except that two are in the material and produce those conditions that the third might enter.

Now such a thing has occurred in this time, and such a powerful entity here was attracted during this period of the cycle that the mother began to react on subconscious levels because of her affinity, her attraction to the soul attempting to enter on the earth plane at this time.  So that even though there was not the preparation, there was not the readiness in the physical existence in the mental thinking, so that these conditions would have been delayed further, yet there is one who has been attracted here who was close with both of these in past incarnations, and would seek to incarnate with them here.

It is for this reason that so much doubt is produced in the thinking here, thinking that even though we had planned to put this away, yet I am attracted and I feel a warmth here. I almost feel as if I would like to let this one enter, and there is confusion as a result of these feelings of the soul, of the deeper levels being incompatible with that which has occurred on the mental level. We would help you then in understanding that that soul that has entered here or has, that we might describe it, tapped thee on the shoulder, requesting entry here, is aware of such conditions, and of the need to wait upon these things and to prepare.

Now we would not give from these planes that one should feel guilt for such planning, and there is given from these records no indication that there should be the changing of plans, or the pressure given here that you would continue to carry this and allow such birth.

For, as might be described from these records, we would see that that which exists within this body would be only the cellular construction from the body of the mother. We see this not, then, as a life, as a soul. We see here only a vehicle, and a possibility, an opportunity. The choice then is entirely thine, and we would give from these planes that abortion at this time, or the relieving of the body of this potential vehicle will not be destructive to this system and the bearing may come at a later time, if there would be the desire.

Then pray upon these things and make the decision between you (for a birth), knowing that conditions are right and because you have chosen to do so.   Under such conditions, there would be again attracted such a soul as needs come in this lifetime and would have an affinity with these two, and would share in the spiritual growth. So dedicate the bodies and the thinking to the service of thy God, and bring these in such a manner that you may be of greater service to the Divine and to him who would come, using thy body as a vehicle here.

Conductor: What is the best method of birth control?

A: For these in particular we would find little that would be satisfactory. That which is used might be continued. That best would be the bringing of those instruments that would test the electrical cycles of the body. We find these as coming available now, [though] not so available on the market, that might be constructed. With a little research you will find that there can be brought here the galvanic skin response tester that will show those cycles when this one would become fertile, and there should be the avoidance then.

Now understand that this would not be the rhythm method for these cycles cannot be predicted with that accuracy, but there can be tested the response and the knowledge of the level of electrical activity, or the voltage produced in the body of the mother here, with the indication of those times where there is fertility.

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation

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