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A Sleeping Man
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"The Great Crystal and More on Armageddon"

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Wonderful imagery on the Great Crystal of Atlantis.   As you read the information concerning Armageddon, remember that these spiritual principles introduced to this seeker concerning how Armageddon could happen are universal and must be applied in all of our lives.  I have also left some interesting history in this excerpt.

Those of you who are aware of Nikola Tesla, may notice in the first paragraph a function of the Great Crystal to disperse electricity in the air similar to a device he supposedly invented to allow all people on Earth to have free electricity from the air via an antenna.

Q: I had a dream about a dark blue crystal with points and spheres which were highly magnetized. I feel it is a memory of a lifetime in Atlantis. What is this crystal and how shall I discover this in my inner and outer life?

A: Yes, you speak of the great crystal which has often been described as a crystal made partly of lapus stone and of hexagonal shape with that described as spheres, or balls, being the containers of magnetism. The laws of optics of light and magnetism were focused through the crystal as a source of electro-magnetics, which could give to the atmosphere the presence of electricity and would require only the use of antennae here and there to ground this force and make it available to those who would use it for light and for various purposes.

The crystal had many properties, including the ability to bridge the hemispheres of the brain, giving an integrated mind which had abilities of channeling from the Records about the earth and from the mind of the Divine. These instruments were later replaced by the Ark of the Covenant which was similar, but not the same instrument. The crystals then being separated became the stones of the Breastplate of the High Priest. This could be thought of as a lesser version of the crystals of Atlantis.

These crystals having great properties both as a great gift and the ability to be used as a weapon by some of those of the dark forces. (The Great Crystal)  was focused to such a high degree (that it) caused some of the destruction of Atlantis. (There is) a danger of the reawakening of that energy today with the nuclear force being a force of destruction. A source of earthquake and volcanic activity which can be a danger both to these islands (of Japan) and to Jerusalem.

For that which has been spoken of as an earthquake in Jerusalem is likely to be the mystic’s interpretation of a great explosion of nuclear force in the Holy War which has its seeds already in the antagonism between those of the Hebrew and the Palestinian, or the Arabs, the sons of Jacob against the sons of Esau.

And know that much of your world, as it were, still stands today because the most recent expression of Esau, as President Sadat, attempted to go to Jacob and make peace. So was forestalled some of the events predicted by the Prophet Cayce that would have caused great destruction in the Mideast at that time, and in effect, that would have triggered destruction even in these islands of Japan. That event then was delayed or stalled by the coming of Esau to Jacob, though Jacob did not receive Esau and still requires the intervention or the coming of Ephraim to Judah.

If there can be the neutralization of this attempt to reawaken the strong nuclear force of destruction, there might be the opportunity to prevent the evoking of eruption of volcanic activity of these islands. But the determination of Syria and others to introduce such an explosive force into Jerusalem on the Holy Mount would provide the excuse to be claimed by Israel for rebuilding the Temple on the Temple Mount.   Thus beginning a Holy War that is what your prophets have seen as World War III, or in fact, Armageddon.

The only step which can prevent this slaughter in this time is the reintroduction of the Law of Love. The challenge is that men must be made to see that the power of Love is greater than the power of Fear.

This is a practical step to be taken and can be taken either by the intense focus of prayer, which is a basis of support for John to discover the simple formula of the access of energy without destruction, the Law of Love as opposed to the Law of Fear. Or, can be possible to invoke a cooperation of brotherhood from beyond this planet.  A cluster of great light, as if it were the great spiral of the Milky Way, descending upon Jerusalem, where the ships of that spiral then will be allowed to communicate their influence.  The energy of construction as opposed to destruction, that which this one to whom we speak has seen in a vision as the interaction of an extra-terrestrial brotherhood in the affairs of man.

Now this involvement has been forestalled because of the Law of Divine Will. That is, these forces have not imposed themselves from without this planet because of the reluctance to interfere with the will of the people of this planet. That reluctance can be overcome by the invocation of the forces of the Laws of Light and Love into the affairs of man by those enlightened ones of Earth asking for this participation from the Universal Brotherhood of Light that is the Force of Light and Love existing in your planetary spheres, your solar system, your universe.

Invite the forces of harmony to work through you so you may have opportunity to avert destruction and to introduce the New Jerusalem without the fiery annihilation of the planet and of these islands. It is this you have seen in the vision.

Q: I firmly believe that my mission is here and guiding others by the love power. How could I live in love eternally?

A: Now let us attempt to say it in this manner. In your heart, you know God. In your heart, you know that love is greater than fear, and yet have been lead to believe that fear is a powerful influence, and men have bowed their knees to worship at the altar of fear.

This is the source of all weaponry on your planet. It is even more basic than that. In that early time of manifestation on earth, when there was first introduced the concept that my interest can compete with yours, in that moment all plants, animals, beasts, birds, insects and man, all living things on this Earth took on forms of protection. Bees grew stingers, roses thorns, cactus spines. The animals took on abilities of destruction, one of the other, and became threats to one another. And man began to arm himself and protect himself from one another. So was introduced the Law of Fear and man has bowed his knee to the Altar of Fear eternally ever since that moment.

When you fear one another, when you fear anything, even the powers of the dark forces themselves, when there is the slightest inclination to fear to the extent that you entertain that fear, (then) you worship at the altar of evil, destruction, death and fear.

This can only be overcome by invoking the Law of Love.  The words of Christ, "The power that is in me is greater than the power that is in the world. The power that is in me, the Law of Love which is the Law of Life, that which sustains life, that which overcomes death, that which rules over every disease, that which is the law of harmony, is greater than the Law of Fear, destruction, and death."

Become the Apostle of Love, the teacher of the Law of Love, and so introduce healing and harmony, and the Law of One to people. Speak to Love.

Be aware of the source of your thoughts, for the conversation that is your thinking either comes from heaven or comes out of hell.  Hell being the kingdom of fear, love and light being the kingdom of heaven.

As long as the thoughts of love rule your thoughts, your thoughts come from the kingdom of heaven and you live your life in that kingdom. The kingdom of heaven is within you. For as long as that kingdom of heaven that is love and light rules over your thoughts, your emotions, your body, your consciousness, you become a body of Light, an influence of Light, an Initiate of Light, and give that Light and Love again to the world.

Let yourself be a channel for the re-introduction of the simple formula of energy from Love and Light as ruling over the energy which comes from the destructive forces. Save this planet.

Q: Suddenly I found that I loved Paul Solomon after a meeting with his conductor. My heart strongly stimulated and I cried. I could not explain the feeling. Could you explain the relationship between Paul Solomon and me?

A: The one who is this channel served you when you were Pharaoh. His name in that time Ilkamon. Ilkamon, the priest, served many pharaohs for he lived, as you would count time, for more than 700 years.  He influenced the reign of Menes almost to the reign of Akhenaten, and was an initiator of many of those who came in that lineage in that time. So you knew him in that expression when he was the lineage of the priest initiators and you were an initiate pharaoh.

The roles were somewhat reversed when you were the teacher of the Therapeutae, and you taught Paul the Apostle, who then went out to teach and preach Christ. You’ve a strong heart bond with the channel and a responsibility for making him known for his communication in this time.

Q: I often weep after I meet certain spiritual people, I experience a light and feel blessed, yet I feel a gap between going out to the world and meeting these people and living the life of a hermit and striving to make a living. Please help me to bring these things to balance.

A: Yes, we’ve spoken of this as well, haven’t we? Your tendency to prefer to be in spirit, out of the body, away from the clamor of the masses and away from the influence of those who live under the Law of Fear, Death.

For so many of you who have been initiates, there is a tendency toward a preference to be out of the body and in spirit. Even this channel, through whom we speak, can scarcely face life in the body without these times of being out of the body as he is now.

Find in this a renewal of the spirit. Find in this time when his body is used for communication with you, that he walks with the Cloud of Witnesses, with those who’ve gone before.  And so his spirit is renewed, and so he can come back into the body and tolerate a time again of manifesting in this plane.

This will be changed when there is the dominant force of Love alive again on your planet. It will be so much less difficult for those of you who are Apostles of Love to be in the body. It is naturally uncomfortable for you now, for you who are committed to harmony are forced to live in a world of duality and fear. But you must overcome that reluctance by bringing the Law of Harmony and Love into manifestation so that there is not a separation between that kingdom that you seek, that kingdom that you visit in your dreams, in your altered states, in your meditation, in your mystic experience, in your withdrawal into the life of the hermit, the monk, the priest, the prophet, the mystic. Bridge that gap so that you live in that state of Love even while walking among those still committed to the Law of Fear and duality.

Re-introduce the Law of One, the Law of Love to the people, thus overcoming the destructive forces and building the New Jerusalem, the Holy City, building a new heaven and a new earth. The new heaven and the new earth do come. They do descend, even now are descending upon you.

There is only one question. The question being must Armageddon be a destructive experience? Must the forces of fear and destruction destroy the planet before the establishment of the Holy City? Or can you, in peace, cause the Holy City to descend by becoming instruments of Love on Earth.

You see, there are many prophecies of destruction before the introduction of the New Age, the age of peace and of wholeness. But these look at one of two possible scenarios, one being of a great battle fought in the air, fought about the environs of Earth which will cause what has been described variously as earthquakes or nuclear explosions, or what have you? They are in essence the same. They are seen as the same in the eyes of the prophets who look, seeing these forces of explosion from volcanic activity, from earthquakes, from nuclear explosion. One cannot be discerned from another.

When seen through the eyes of the mystic, they simply are seen as a rain of fire.  Been described as the sea burning like tar, the moon turning to dripping blood, the stars falling like cinders. All of these descriptive phrases refer essentially to the same thing, to the possibility that man’s commitment to fear can destroy life on this planet.

Or, there can be brought down, descended upon Earth, the Laws of Love and Harmony which bring the New Jerusalem through prayer, through attunement to the force of the Divine.

Those among you who are becoming aware of the Law of Love have the responsibility for attempting to communicate the truth that the greater force is the force of Love and can overcome fear. This is your challenge. This is the purpose that is set before you.

We are through for now.

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation

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