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A Sleeping Man
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"A School of the Prophets, Like Unto Carmel"

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Source Reading 0854

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This is the Source's description of the establishment in this day and age of a School of the Prophets, like unto Carmel, the Essene Community.  

...Now do understand this, children, during this period as the changes are upon you, men all over this earth will seek His face as never before. There stands not a single one who has not heard, for all men alive in this day have been touched by His message, and that they know of God and of His Son are written on the tablets of their hearts.

As His Light becomes seen in the sky, as the Earth begins to groan in travail, men will cry out in great, great numbers. Let those who are enlightened speak, and God will give them utterance. You will see prophets as this Earth has never seen before. The mouths of men will be opened, and from their lips will fall, will tumble, the expression of such great truths that you have never known. The manner and beauty of expression, the life within the words, the opening to Divine understanding will be great in this time among the prophets. Prepare ye for it.

It is a part of the Divine Plan that His people, called by His name, set themselves apart, turn from all other things, and focus consciousness upon knowing Him so personally, that He would come with the touch - even to the raising of the dead. Do know, that as you set yourselves apart to study and understand these things, establishing a community of people, a retreat, a place to come for healing and attunement, a School of the Mysteries, the School of the Prophets, so you will cause to happen in this day all that you have called miracles that happened in that day. Men shall call you Therapeutae, Healers. Be used, then, in His name. Prepare in these last days to separate the self from all that is of lesser consciousness, focusing the mind and the eye on those qualities that will last through eternity, wanting nothing else, accepting only that, until all become that.

Prepare, then, a community of those who have set aside all other things and look to learning of living from the land, but the land as impregnated by the Presence of God. Meeting the challenge of becoming masters over it, they will cause the land and nature to respond to their presence, their wish, their touch. Prepare then, a place that is as a hospital, but more than just that, a place where those might come for attunement of all levels of self, for treatment in manners that will lift the soul as well as the body. Then, build a community, a school, hidden, apart, untouched by those uninitiated, a cloistered place of those who set themselves apart for all hours of every day to be attuned solely to the message of the Master until such message be established to the point of channeling, teaching, becoming the prophets, the School of the Prophets itself, like unto Carmel.

Blessed children, know, know that when that school is set apart on sacred ground and those who will give their lives as surely as to spill their blood, all their lives, to His teachings, when that school be established, and those words be spoken of the dedication of that place, that hallowed ground, surely know that that one who established that school, Elijah himself, will return. Elijah will touch that place and walk among those who give their lives without reservation, a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, their reasonable service. And John will come to Elijah just as surely as he saw him in that day, and John will be drawn to that blessed place. And blessing it, he will invoke in that place the Divine Presence of the Master of Masters. And so, that place of the mysteries will be alive with the Presence of the One whom John saw and touched.

Peter will be drawn there, will walk among you. Matthew will stand in the place and teach. Nathaniel will grow to touch those ones with his presence. Philip will be drawn from across the water, and Thomas will bless the work and the Order. Holy Women, as they were called in that time, will be drawn to you. And the place will be known for its reputation of healers, prophets, Therapeutae. And yet its place will not be touched, will not be desecrated by those not dedicated in sacrifice, but it will be set apart - not avoiding the earth or the masses, but as the Heart of Hearts, the Holy of Holies. Such a relationship will it bear to the remainder of the community there, and it will continue until a man walk forth from that place doing all things that ever the Master did, and greater.

And it shall dawn then, a new day, a kingdom of peace, living first in the hearts of the believers. Then, let us speak of the beauty of this day, for those from that Sacred Mountain will go walking forth into the world, a world that will then have felt the pains, the sorrow and hunger, fear, darkness. These will go out and will heal the land. And the Light will be the Light of Beauty. The Sons and Daughters of God will rejoice. The morning stars will sing together, and, as if a new creation, the earth will be born again. His Light will be seen in the sky. His message will be carried to all men of all nations. There will be established, then, a new heaven and a new earth. Then be about it.

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation

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