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A Sleeping Man
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"Love & Light"

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Q: Did the Source say anything which suggested that Love and Light  were interchangeable terms? . . . John Moir

A:  You are not in a position to recognize those about you in spirit. If you would be able to see, if the veil were lifted, you would find about you, even at this moment, those many multitudes of (people) who have left your plane as you know it.

Then when you come seeking, when you come closer to God in love, there is within the (physical) body that which . . . is referred to as the astral body which each of you possesses even at this moment. That is the spirit body, that is the body which lives on when the fleshly covering is dropped.

Now in that (spirit) body, when there is love manifest toward the Father and toward the world, there come . . . vibrations that produce a glow.

Now those in the world of the spirit are able to see you in your (spirit) manifestations in much the same manner as you are able to see them.

They are, however, more aware of your presence than you are of theirs. But we would have you see that when you are drawn close to God in love, there are those vibrations that produce a glow . . . like a light.

Now this is no accident. This is the act of God Himself, . . . . those who produce light on this plane, leading one another to God, would produce light that . . . might be seen from the other world. And those who are the discarnate spirits who have not found the way, (who) seek instruction and seek knowledge of God, will hover about that light.

When even you, in your plane, kneel to pray and speak those things of God, they are drawn as close to that light as moths to a flame.  In being so drawn, they are made aware of those prayers. And in being made aware of those prayers, they are being made aware of God, and are being lifted to God.

Know that every time that you kneel to pray, when you kneel in sincerity and love toward your God, you kneel in sincerity and love toward all those who are seeking, even the discarnate spirits. And through your act of seeking God, they may be lifted.

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation

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