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 A Sleeping Man
      Speaks on . . .
AIDS, Part 1

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Source Reading -
Prophecy 1991,
1/29/91 &
Tokyo Reading, no date, ~1990

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A number of folks have requested information on AIDS. I have broken these into 4 parts.  Part 1 examines the causes of AIDS.  Part 2 is a continuation of the causes and some information on cures of AIDS.  Parts 3 & 4 continues to look at cures as suggested by the Source.


Prophecy 91 - For the plague that you have upon you that is Acquired Immune Deficiency was instigated by experiments of biological warfare gone awry in Africa. And this nation (Iraq) played party to the development of it. For that reason to allow the truth to be known would be destabilizing to this government.


Tokyo Reading - What are the influences of cancer and AIDS on humankind in Japan? What is the meaning of this in the course of the history of a planet? What preventive measures can we take?

Cancer is a metaphor for rejection of one's own body. The disease called cancer was not known among man until man found parts of his own body unclean. Cancer appeared in the venereal organs when these organs were determined to be unclean and to be hidden.

AIDS is the manifestation of guilt, wherein the feeling among mankind that the energy of creativity, of sensuality has been misused, AIDS will manifest in the body. It is attempt at self sacrifice.

See in the symbology of it, the immune system, that which makes one immune to all disease, is broken down when one does not feel worthy of life. AIDS is an acquired immune deficiency, not a natural immune deficiency. It is not acquired as a result of particular viruses, and such, these are (the) agents. It is not acquired until there is consciousness of using the body in less than sacred ways.

We do not criticize the sexual orientation of any individual. We do declare that man is  naturally given to the practice of coming together with one other individual. It is his nature to do so.

Wherever nature (is) violated there are consequences. When you violate nature by denaturing food, your body cannot digest it properly. When you defy nature in multiple sexual partners, you do reject the natural desire and ability of your own body to build a love relationship with a partner for life. When you lose the natural tendency of man to be faithful to one wife and a family, you have created on the globe the loss of the family unit which is natural to man.

Understand that AIDS and cancer are very much related in a particular way, and again are opposites in another manner. Related in this way, that both are related to sexuality and sexual beliefs, opposite in this way, that cancer is despising sexuality and feeling ashamed of it. AIDS is the over expression of sexuality and failing to revere it as a holy experience.

Learn to enjoy and appreciate sexuality as a holy and spiritual experience without a sense of uncleanness. At the same time honor and respect all parts of your body and learn to overcome fear and guilt with love.

All the laws are expressed in one law. Love yourself, others, that is your neighbor, and God equally and you will have learned to keep the whole law. All healing can come from this.

Japan is in particular danger in relation to AIDS at this time. . . . It has been associated with unnatural sexual practices. But it is not the guilt of the homosexual which brings AIDS. You will find that promiscuity among heterosexuals is as dangerous, and becomes more dangerous as the days lie before you. Those who maintain prejudice and bigotry among those they don't understand, such as homosexuals, create in themselves even greater danger than those they criticize and have prejudice and bigotry against.

Then love, and forgive, and understand.

Continued in Part 2

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation