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 A Sleeping Man
      Speaks on . . .
From the
Beginning of Time
to the Second Coming

Current Excerpt From
Source Reading Japan #32,


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This is one of the most amazing reading excerpt I have ever read.  It gives a wonderful discourse on the development of a soul through different sojourns in the Earth and other planets, some information about the history of the Earth and then closes with a call for Global unity.  This is a very detailed excerpt and was hard to convert to the written word.

Q: Please describe the highlights of my past lives on this Earth, Venus, and other planets in this solar system.

A: Yes, we have the cosmic records of this soul before us.

We find the journey of the soul beginning with a self-consciousness upon a sphere, or planet as it were, which no longer exists within this system (*see footnote).  It continued to exist until there was an expression of separation, a movement beyond androgyny on this particular planet, so that this (new) planet (Earth) became one of duality, or of cause/effect, one of light and darkness, which did not exist in that previous experience (planet) which could be referred to, perhaps, as (the planet) Vulcan.

Then, from the outermost reaches of this system as it exists now, the great record of the soul was begun in that time and we will give only a brief comment about the nature of such a book or a record.  You will find descriptions concerning this in the Book of the Revelation as written by the Apostle John, the Beloved.   For he spoke of a Book of Life and also spoke of the Books of Wisdom, seven of which are contained within the body akasha of any entity within this system.  He also spoke of a Book of Life which contains the soul name of all those who have entered through this system at any time, and, in addition . . . concerning each soul, sojourns on each different sphere or school of this solar system.

For that reason, as we find our approach to these records, we are faced quite literally with eight great books of Life Records or Akasha for this soul, quite an amount, as you might gather, quite an enormous volume of information about the experiences of this soul.

Now, we will speak only of those which are highlights of development. We will also advise you that upon entering into the Holy of Holies within yourself, the Crown Chakra, you will find a Hall of Records which contain all these books. The Books of Wisdom, are however , opened one at a time by angels guarding each of the books.   So that the information is protected and is known only when the soul is prepared for encountering the experiences for accomplishing the initiation concerning that particular record and attaining that wisdom (that will allow the soul to) move on to higher levels of initiation.

Now, with that preface, we will say the soul has experienced all of the known schools of this solar system and, as we say all the known schools, we refer to those known to you within your system.  Many references could be made to lessons learned here. We will concentrate in particular upon that of Jupiter and of Venus, which are relatively recent times of experience.

Jupiter is a school of expansive creation. It is, in many ways, the school of unconditional love within this solar system.  Though we realize, of course, that Venus is often referred to as the sphere of love, it has a different meaning.   Jupiter is that school which causes the expansion of consciousness. And in your experience upon that planet, there is a seed planted in you which causes a desire for wisdom, for consciousness, for initiation, for knowing all that can be known, for knowing all things. For, like the consciousness of man, Jupiter is a sphere of expression of expansion, of generosity, of giving to others, of selflessness.  And (it is) a school of power as well, but an unselfish power that is not used against others.

From that to Venus, we find developing in this soul of what we will refer to as the fires of passion, which are often turned toward love, (which is) often misused in the over-expression of the passions (and) must be balanced in the experience in Earth, which is the school in this system of cause/effect relationships.

. . . It is the experience of entering into Earth, as you came to this sphere in what has been described as chariots of fire, perhaps you would refer to them as ships.  Though these chariots of fire, which are very much like a meteor, brought the many who entered into and began to build the age of Atlantis.  And in that time, in the early periods of this development, the souls inhabiting this sphere were quite busy in exercising co-creation with that Source as apprentice gods, if you will, learning to use the power of creation.

. . . Each soul was aware of the ability to create and for as long as that awareness was maintained, there was never a thought of competition. For as long as life-forms on this planet were creative, there could not be a thought that if one should take more, that another would in turn have less.

Thus, there was no thought of competition but there was curiosity, a curiosity of understanding the relationship between life and darkness, and what is called love and fear or good and evil. And, though those inhabiting this school were warned against inquiring into such knowledge, the compulsion to know was too great for many to resist, and so there was the reaching into self, what is referred to as eating of the Tree of Knowledge, good and evil. (It) was actually a partaking of self or selfishness and the separation within self of the two sides, the two hemispheres, the two energies which, as you would see represented in the Tao in this time as yin and yang, are perfectly balanced; there are not two in actuality but only one.

Still the experiment with the curious souls was toward the separation of this yin and yang, which in turn allowed the separation of the masculine and feminine, the impregnation of the one (from) the other, which (also) resulted in the parting of the brain (into) two hemispheres of the brain, or the cleft brain, as we would refer to it.

This was the beginning of all thought of competition, of recognition of darkness, it was the birth of fear, it was the beginning of all things that a soul must graduate in consciousness in this time. This is the purpose for the establishment of a Mystery School, providing techniques, encouragement, assistance in releasing the appearance of duality, and allowing the individual to experience only light without darkness as a point of reference.  The ability to experience light without needing dark to make a point of comparison.

And so it is with love and fear, good and evil, with all things you think of as separation and duality. It is the purpose of the Wisdom School, then, to bring back together that which has been separated in consciousness and to create wholeness.

In an expression of wholeness on this planet, there cannot be, in any way, any form of disease. There cannot be any form of harm one toward another, of war, of crime, or of what you think of as life and death. Nor is there a separation in consciousness between one side of the brain and the other, nor is there a separation of the consciousness of mankind with the consciousness of God.

This, then, is the return, the Second Coming.  The coming to Earth of God-consciousness.  It is an experience which is available, even in this time, in this day. But (it) may occur only when there are a sufficient number of individuals so absolutely and totally committed to losing this illusion of separation and committed to emptying both mind and body of all experiences of fear of any nature. Which, of course, necessitates an absolute and total relaxation.  So that these embodied thoughts of separation, good and evil, sickness and health and such, these thoughts which become embodied and are as knots or crystals in the body, these are broken down and passed away from the body . . . will cause the hemispheres of the brain to function together.

And when there is, simultaneously, the commitment to empty the mind of thoughts of separation, competition, fear and such, when the life force which maintains you is no longer drained away by the negative emotions, experiences or thoughts, there is the powerful force, the all-powerful force that has been called the Rod of Jesse.  It has been called the Staff of Moses, Erin's rod that buds and so on. This light  joins the consciousness of the soul of mankind in a stream of light, in some ways similar to what you speak of as a laser of light, this is the connection between the self and the consciousness of the Source or Christ-consciousness.  As this occurs, Enlightenment or Christ-consciousness comes into the expression of life in this time.

Now, we are responding with such a description because of your combination of questions relating to your experiences in many different spheres of (this) solar system and of your request, in particular, to find the opportunity to graduate this system and exit through that gateway, or doorway, which is the sun itself, that you may go on to other schools, other work, other experience and growth.  And it is well that you should so desire to grow beyond duality and selfishness.

You have questions concerning the times of your appearance in Atlantis and we have mentioned the earliest time when you arrived there by a ship of fire, or that which we would call an inter-dimensional craft.  Not so much a space-craft as would travel through time and space, but inter-dimensional so that one arrives even at a distant, very distant destination, at precisely the time that one should leave from the point of origin with no lapse of time.

In such a manner you entered into this sphere (and) understood much of the Law of One which ruled at that time without separation and such. You also saw the deterioration of the race as duality was discovered in what is called the Fall.  And the use of the great crystal which gathered, concentrated, magnified forces of light and universal force and then was able to focus it in many different ways to provide for travel along the beam of focus, allowing, of course, travel at or beyond the speed of light. It also allowed to produce a pathway of focus through matter, through the Earth so that one could travel in such a way through matter, for time and space were not considerations.

However, the instrument was finally attuned in such a way as to reveal the separation of light and darkness and the beginning of the understanding of separation came into the consciousness of man. This was the time of the Fall, of competition, of all that we see now and use as points of reference for good and evil, right and wrong, life and death and such. When there was, then, the collapse of that community, that life, that temple that was Atlantis, you were among those that went out to assist in repairing the work.  And, upon entering the area which you now call Egypt, you realized then what had occurred to the native species of this planet, for you were, even in that time, still considered a species of Venus, whereas those of Earth needed to be awakened to self and to God-consciousness.

For that purpose, you and others created three schools, or temples, as were called the Temple of Sacrifice, the Temple Beautiful and the Temple of Initiation.   A purpose of these schools (was) to awaken a species without self-consciousness and certainly with no concept of a Source, Creator or God, without an awareness of love and such.

You set about in the creation of these temples to expose these creatures, or beasts as you might see them now, to beauty in forms of music, light, rhythm, dance and such.  When these beings would respond to such an expression of beauty, then, you, who were of a priest-like status, would explain to that being, although there was not language, the understanding that the beauty that they experienced was a manifestation of God in them and through them.  That God had entered into them and was producing beauty, rhythm, emotional response and such through them.

They were taken, as well, by others of the priest-like group from Atlantis and were brought into a temple in which their bodies, which would seem so strange and primitive to you in this time, were manipulated in quite a number of ways. This was the origin, for example, of yoga, of Pranayama, of martial arts, of all forms of exercise, medicine and even surgery.

Also introduced in this Temple of Sacrifice (was) one which you might find quite strange.  (It) was here that the death of the physical, or human species, first occurred.  It was accomplished quite deliberately, by the priest-like Manu of Atlantis, of which you were one.  You helped these beings to literally die to the physical bodies they lived in and they, with your assistance, (would) build a new body, more perfect, more effective and so on.

And, so it was, that the cycles of life and death on this planet, initiation cycles of incarnation were established by that temple in that time. Then, the mind of these lesser beings were still single, but with what you call an instinctual or reptilian brain.  And, it was in the Temple of Initiation that the Manu, the priest-like elder brethren from Atlantis and from other spheres within and beyond this star system, worked to create a brain which could acknowledge itself.  By separating that brain into two halves, (it) would have an ability to communicate with one another, even to argue with one another and have a conversation within the mind. And so (was) created quite a new method of thinking, which also produced reproduction in combination with the Temple Sacrifice.

. . . But because the brain now operated in two halves and largely against itself, there was a warp inside each person.  (This) continues to this day, until one attains the Crown of Enlightenment at which time there is experienced then peace and no conflict, no inner war. 

For as long as mankind maintains war within self, war and crime will exist, and what you think of as disasters, and such, will exist.  Earthquakes and volcanoes are not natural expressions of the earth.  They are rather a means of Earth ridding itself periodically of the accumulation of overwhelmingly negative and selfish energies.  Even such expressions of anger, as the current rioting in California, is only another form of earthquake occurring in this time (due to) the nature of man.

What we call for in your life, and in the lives of those who are ready and prepared to awaken, we ask that you call together all those of separate groups who can hardly avoid some feelings of competition with one another, although we must overcome it, (those) who seek to know only love and not fear, never fear.

. . . It is of critical importance, because of the rate at which life is being jeopardized on this planet. Although man cannot exterminate life, he can, however, exterminate the human race and can render this sphere, this Earth, this planet uninhabitable by the race such as the current human race for many thousands of years, an ice age or more.

. . . Create a consciousness as broadly as possible in this land that there is a time and an opportunity now for building a school of global family, global cooperation, planetary kinship, kindred spirits about the planet and the end of fearing one another, the end of ethnic strife and racial divisions until we know that we are brothers and sisters one with another.

And not only with one another, as human beings, but also with those blessed and very sacred beings who once existed with arms and legs, as you, who were able to use instruments of war and through their higher evolution became mammals as you know them of the sea.  The great whales, the dolphins, the porpoises, these are innocent but profoundly wise, exceptionally loving brothers and sisters of human kind on Earth. And not only those, there are other species.  The lowest of which you might consider and yet one of the highest in contribution, is the very lowly thought-of figure of the earthworm, which is the only creature on Earth which leaves more than it takes from the Earth. Consider that.

You have these beings and the Angels working with you to lift the consciousness to a new and higher experience. Do so, do it with all your heart, all your strength, all your might, withholding nothing, but establishing a new Heaven and a new Earth.

That is sufficient we believe in the reading of these records. We are through for now.

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation

*Footnote:  It is believed by many researchers that there was another planet in the position that the Earth currently maintains called Maldeck.  The legend is this planet exploded and its core is our current moon, as a reminder of the duality we have created, and the asteroid belt is the remnants of that planet.  The race of beings on Maldeck were called Lucifer and the exploding of the planet was the fall of Lucifer from the Grace of God.  They then inhabited the planet Earth and started to affect that race.  This is described in the Old Testament, Genesis Chapter 6, as is described that the Sons of God mated with the daughters of men.  This set up the story of Noah and the Ark, one of the greatest Earth Changes ever recorded.    Again, this is one legend.

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