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Purpose of Any and Every Soul

It should be understood that the purpose of any soul and every soul entering into incarnation in this particular Earth school is for the purpose of developing the faculties of the mind, the spirit, and the soul, which make the self complete.

The cycles of return are taken for the purpose of adding to the skills of the body and the soul to influence and harmonize with the environment of this planet, which is in essence a teacher of the harmony of the soul with creation.

Now, if this seems to mean little, let us look at the challenges of the soul in particular, specifically, in the manner that it has sought to sharpen the tools of expressing God in the environment. For as we have spoken, it is the challenge of every soul, and it is the soul intent to become more like God in the sense of being able to use the instruments of mind, of body, and spirit, to produce harmony in self, in health, in a sense of accomplishment and influence over the environment.

And at the same time, produce harmony with the environment, for as the laws are more highly understood, it is understood that the ability to manipulate or influence the environment must be in harmony with the best purpose of the environment. Then one is also developing an ability to be effective in ways that are harmonious with the Laws of the Universe. Reading 9201 3/18/88

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